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Our services guide more traffic, leads and customers than any other online marketing tools

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Direct Online traffic will help you grow your business by having a stream of online inquiries and customers who are looking for your services and want to buy from you.

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We are here to help you. If you ever have a question, a concern, a problem to solve or if you need an update, we are happy to help!

We send weekly reports with ranking updates to keep our clients abreast of what is happening for them and their businesses. We also send recommendations to help keep your business secure.

We humbly say that we are SEO Masters. And we belong to a Mastermind group that is composed of the World’s Best SEO. In that group, we discuss strategies, share tips, what’s new, what’s working, what’s not working, etc. We make sure to stay on top of it all to benefit your website/company.

customersMore Exposure
Dominate the rankings in Google by giving your business the exposure it needs. We specialize on leading all the digital roads to you.


Nancy is the ultimate professional and knows her SEO. Her work on our company project has helped us gain more reach and get more conversions. She was key in increasing our sales and we look forward to working with Nancy for a long time to come.
Clayton Turner, Exalon Technologies
Nancy not just has a profound understanding of SEO, but also for providing value and internalizing the customer’s position. She’s very responsive, helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to driver more traffic to their site.
Jamari Sprueil, Atlanta SEO Services
Working with Nancy was a very positive experience for my company, Nancy is patient, calm, focus and extremely knowledgeable regarding SEO and Internet Marketing strategies.
She knows how to rank any business for very competitive keywords and will bring tremendous value to your online presence. You can’t go wrong if you work with Nancy.
Shaun Soria, SEO Ascendance

Selecting an SEO Agency can be intimidating.

Hence, we have put together a few ideas for you to consider to help you choose the Agency that is right for you and your Company. A lot is at stake here, so make sure to do your due diligence correctly. Without Top Rating SEO, time is not on your side for every day that goes by, you are losing potential clients to your competition and saying goodbye to that revenue. Before selecting a search engine Agency, make sure that you know what you want to accomplish with SEO. Have your end goal in mind. Let the success of your internet Marketing project project be defined by you and not the SEO professional.

Here is the list of the questions we think is important for you to consider to select the right Top Rated SEO Agency:

  • Know what your metrics of success are when looking for the right firm: Do you want more leads to your website? Do you want more traffic to convert? Do you want to build your Brand? Do you want to increase your Social Media presence?
  • Selection of Keywords to Optimize: This step is crucial for the search engine bots to rank the pages of your website and thus how easy it will be for the consumer looking for you to find you on for example: Google. At Top Rating SEO, our 1st step will be to do a holistic analysis of your website and get a clear picture of where you are currently on the Web to outline a customized solution. Then our firm will optimize selected keywords and additional keywords may be suggested to help your website rank better. Furthermore, our Agency will happily send you a detailed analysis report that shows you how selecting the right keywords will increase the traffic and leads to your website.
  • Impeccable Customer Service: Make sure to select a Company that demonstrates a strong sense of Customer Service. We all know that dealing with a Company that does not hold this value can be very frustrating and can have a major impact your results.
  • Defined and Targeted Plan of Action: Although not all plan of actions can be shared with the clients because of proprietary methods by the Search Engine Optimization Company, make sure that the Company you select has a precise plan of action specific to how they will conquer your Digital Marketing goals and make sure they can provide you with regular updates.
  • Hire the Best – Hire The ‘Who’ of SEO Agency: This goes without saying… If you are getting a quote for 10 keywords for $750 a month, beware! Not all SEO Agencies are created equal and not all SEO Professionals have the same skills. Some are SEO Masters and some are SEO Imitators…. Just like you have Great Lawyers that you pay $500-$1000 an hour and you have Great Physicians that charge a lot more for their craft that the others do. Why are some SEO Agency ‘cheap’ and others more expensive? It all boils down to skills. Beware of ‘cheap’ prices and quick fixes for there are no pixie dust that applies here. Search Engine Optimization is a process and ranking #1 on Google is destination. Expect to pay a reasonable price for exceptional services with a Premier SEO Agency, not the lowest price and not the highest price either. Lastly, the size of the Company does not matter. The only thing that matters is results. We, at Top Rating SEO, we work from proprietary methods that drive optimal results and outcomes.

  • Hire a Professional with Integrity: This is very important. Hire someone with similar values, someone that shows a true interest in your project, someone that want to see you win and not just make money… Make sure the Top Rated SEO firm you select has a plan and a solid understanding of what you need them to accomplish. A major reason to work with our Internet Marketing Agency is because we follow through on our promises and we do exactly as we say we do. Although no ranking can ever be guaranteed, our Las Vegas based SEO firm are known to deliver timely results.

Not being #1 on Google is costing you money for your potential clients are being directed to your competition that are ranking ahead of you. Since the internet is everywhere now and expected to double its Global presence by 2018 along with smart phones in almost everyone’s hands, the use of phone book and yellow pages have practically disappeared. People nowadays turn to their local searches for services they need.

Our Top Rated SEO Agency can help you get the organic traffic you deserve and dominate your competitors. It would be an Honor for us at Top Rating SEO to provide you with a FREE consultation, a FREE website analysis and provide you with an assessment of what you can expect to improve your business with our services. Please click on the services tab above to see all the services we provide. And remember to fill out the Discovery Page to get your FREE consultation. You may also contact us at any time at: 888-658-6444. We would LOVE to connect with you on Social Media. Please follow us on Facebook – Premier SEO Agency, Twitter – Best SEO Agency, Youtube – Best SEO firmLinkedin – Nancy DentGoogle + – Best SEO Company, Tumblr – Best SEO 2018, Instagram – Expert SEO AgencyPinterest – #1 Premier SEO Agency and Google – Best SEO Firm 

Top Rating SEO

Top Rating SEO Agency

You’ve worked hard for your company to succeed, so why settle for ranking on the third or fourth page of Google? Our Premier SEO Agency, rated as Best SEO Company 2018 we offer customized search engine optimization solutions that make it easier for potential customers to find your brand.

As a leading Top Rated SEO company, we work with businesses both locally and worldwide to boost their visibility and maintain a virtual edge. Our mission is simple—to establish your company’s digital presence and maximize your visibility where it matters most. To achieve this goal, we integrated a variety of advanced strategies to give your website the digital boost that it needs to rise to the top as a credible industry authority. This means reaching a wider and more focused audience for better conversion potential.

The way that people discover, shop, and interact with businesses is constantly changing, which is why you need an expert team that can keep your website one step ahead with the latest SEO innovations.

If you’re ready to shine a spotlight on your business, our team at Top Rating SEO can equip your brand with the modern digital tools that it needs to succeed and stay competitive. Rather than forcing your customers to dig through search engine results before finding your site, our expert strategists can bring your site to your customers by placing it in center view.

Our SEO Agency recently graciously received a Prominent Personal Recommendation from none other than Bob Proctor – Internationally Acclaimed Wealth Building Mentor to Millions around the Globe. Mr. Proctor recommended Nancy and Jerry Dent, owners of Top Rating SEO, as the Best SEO company. We are very Honored to have been recognized by Mr. Proctor in this manner. We promise to give your Business the care it deserves and keep making Mr. Proctor proud of our work. Please click on the following link: Best SEO Company to view  the video clip of Mr. Bob Proctor recommendation to our Company .

Whether you are trying to connect with clients locally in Las Vegas or on a global market, our cutting edge digital strategies can place your website in the right place at the right time. Consumers trust Google and other search engines to show them reputable results, which is why ranking matters to stay competitive. Our experts at Top Rated SEO can help give your website the digital boost that it needs to create a network that will reach out to a wider audience, increase your traffic, and generate more leads.

Contact us today to see how our search engine optimization strategies can help your website succeed.

Top Rating SEO Agency has offices in Las Vegas, Reno, San Francisco, Montreal, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Jonesboro and Queensland


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