Worst SEO Mistakes in 2020

worst seo mistakes in 2019

worst seo mistakes in 2019 Worst SEO Mistake in 2020

Google controls almost the whole market when it comes to search engines, and is the most visited website in the world. So, if you want to create a successful digital strategy, it’s the best place to start.

When you hit that first page on Google, success is guaranteed for your website and your brand. There are so many strategies you can implement to accomplish this, like Google ads, paid traffic, visits via social media, and others…but it’s all worth nothing if you are not doing your SEO the right way and constantly making mistakes.

Are you aiming to maximize your SEO performance in 2020? If that’s the case, then when doing SEO, you need to do it very carefully. Earlier techniques that used to work can now be a complete waste of time. This is where contacting the Queen of SEO‘s Digital Marketing Agency is to your advantage.

Google is changing its algorithm constantly, and it’s not a surprise if you get lost sometimes in all of that. Many marketers are telling you to do different things, and implement other techniques, so it’s tough to distinguish what is true and what isn’t.

Are you curious and want to find out what the Worst SEO Mistake in 2020 (1) is, and how to avoid it? Then, read this article. At the end of it, you will find an informational video that can help you implement the right SEO and avoid unnecessary mistakes (2).

worst seo mistakes in 2019 First, let’s start with some basics.

Before I begin to explain what the worst mistake you can make in 2020 is, I want you to look at your SEO mistakes from another perspective.

Yes, chasing the rank is essential, and aiming for the first page on Google is a priority, but you should have a much bigger goal in mind. Your website must have a purpose. You need to educate, entertain, sell, provide answers, or solve a problem; it doesn’t matter what is your field of work, as long as you have a purpose. Don’t cheat Google, and don’t try to succeed by skipping steps and using shortcuts.

worst seo mistakes in 2019 Worst SEO Mistake in 2020 – Writing a Lot of Content

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. It may sound silly at first, but it’s true. Not everyone will tell you this, but writing a lot of content and overdoing it is actually bad for your website. Let me explain why.

A ton of people are writing a massive amount of content every day, and most of that content is going to waste. Why? First, there’s a lot of content on the Internet, and if you constantly write a lot of it, in Google’s eyes, it will be considered as weak.

worst seo mistakes in 2019 So, what you should do?

Instead of constantly writing new content, and putting all your efforts in it, making videos, optimizing it…you should consider writing for your website once a week. It’s that simple!

But, that’s not all you should do. Focus on promoting your content, not constantly writing a new one. Do you know about an 80/20 rule? You write 20% of the time and promote your content 80% of the time. That will guarantee you a success.

The 80/20 rule is a golden rule you must follow in 2020. It will not only reduce your amount of work tremendously, but it will also help your website to rank a lot better on Google.

Also, content is worthless if it’s not high quality. Writing a lot of mediocre content will get you nowhere. Copying someone else’s content is a bad idea as well because Google will notice right away.

Create detailed and high-quality articles if you want to be in the top 10. That means everything you write should be accurately and thoroughly explained. Your articles should be at least 2,000 words long. Google doesn’t like short and not detailed content.

Extra tip: Live Facebook class is an excellent idea if you want to rank higher. It will get you into the algorithm if you are consistent with it.

Need Help With Your Marketing?

Many people are not familiar with SEO techniques, and that’s alright, not everyone should know that. But, no matter if you have a small or medium business, you need to have a website. Today, everyone and everything is on Google. If you want to succeed, you should be there too.

A lot of agencies exploit someone’s lack of knowledge about implementing SEO, and in the end, you end up paying for something that won’t work. So, when choosing someone to help you, it’s crucial to select an agency that will get you evident results.

Stuck with low rankings and don’t have a clue how to reach page 1 on Google? It’s okay. We know someone who can help you rank higher on Google.

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If you want to generate organic traffic to your website, Top Rating SEO is the right choice. Don’t let inferior brands beat you just because they know how to do their SEO. If you have a valuable service or a product, you should be seen to.

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Don’t let the Internet beat you, or scare you. It can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it correctly and adapt to its changes.

SEO can be frightening sometimes, and all the adjustments and changes that are made by Google’s algorithm can be confusing for someone who doesn’t have time to follow them regularly. If you need professional help, Top Rating SEO will put things into the right perspective for you, will help you focus on the techniques that really matter in the digital world, and help you never make the Worst SEO Mistake in 2020.

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