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Who is Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor is arguably the foremost authority on the subject of generating wealth. He is a renowned author and motivational speaker. Many consider Bob to be the preeminent business and life coach in the world today.

However, it was not always this way. Bob rose from what was a very humble and meager start to life in Ontario, Canada. He certainly did not begin life with any distinct advantages that would propel one to these heights. No one would have predicted Bob’s ascension. However, the one advantage that this meager upbringing provided him was a strong desire to have more in his life. His want for more drove and motivated him beyond what is the norm for others that are far more content.

Bob’s early years did nothing to indicate the great successes that he would come to achieve. He dropped out of High School in the ninth-grade. He struggled for several years doing low paying job which paid him only a few thousand dollars a year. It was not until he was in his upper twenties that life began to turn around. He was recommended to read the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and from that point on, his life’s journey took a very positive step forward. Think and Grow Rich captivated Bob. It was as if he not only found a book but found what would be his calling for the rest of his life. You might wonder how much could a single book impact and affect his life? The answer is: it transformed the ‘old’ Bob and into a new Bob that was willing and able to not only take on the world but to dominate it. Bob was a new man because he had learned how to change his mindset.

Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift

His income went from only a few thousand dollars a year to near $200,000 in one year and then over one million dollars a year the following year. What is amazing is not only that Bob reinvented himself overnight but also that his newfound riches were derived from an Office Cleaning Business he started by borrowing $985 dollars from a local banker (who Bob says was God sent because, he, himself would not have lent him money at that time) to buy his first used office cleaning supplies. This $985 investment led his cleaning business to operate in multiple countries around the world including Canada, The United States and the UK with corporate offices in Toronto, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, London, and Chicago.

It was in 1961 when Bob’s life took another turn as he went to work for his mentor, Earl Nightingale. Bob Proctor eventually founded his own Seminar Company and the rest is history.  Bob Proctor became an AuthorMotivational Speaker, and Wealth Building Coach. He has spanned the planet teaching how people can utilize the ‘Laws of the Universe’ to transform their lives for the better. He has written numerous books and was a key contributor of the highly successful movie ‘The Secret‘.

For over 50 years now Proctor has been teaching the masses how they can transform their lives by Appling The Laws of Attraction and the principles of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Bob has become one of the greatest speakers of our generation with countless followers spanning the globe. He has assisted his followers in creating prosperous lives, Spiritual Awakening, and thriving relationships.

Today at 82 years old,  Bob Proctor is still going seemingly stronger than ever. Proctor travels the world preaching to the many that attend his seminars. Just yesterday I logged in an online Sales Seminar called ‘Path to the Agreement’ and the content simply blew me away. There is no substitute for the years, the countless hours that Bob has dedicated to educating himself. Not to mention all the learnings he has gathered over the years from countless attempts, failures, and successes. This is a man that simply will never give up. Pursuant to this, he states that ‘Perseverance’, the quality of never giving up is the one common trait among the most successful of people. There is actually a chapter on Persistence’ in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Bob has been repeatedly reading this book since he was 26. My math is not even close to good enough to calculate how many time Bob may have read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ but I know it is mindboggling that a man can be that dedicated to learning. Based on Bob’s track record of achievement, I bought myself a copy and began my never-ending reading as well.

I implore each of you to make it a must to go to a Bob Proctor seminar, to buy his books, to listen to his recordings. He is a worldwide treasure. Your life will be changed for the better. In the end analysis of what separates Bob from all of the others is that he is egoless. He simply cares about people and wants to impart his knowledge in a way that can help to transform people’s lives for the better.

It is in your best interest to immerse yourself in his teachings!

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