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SEO Training Course

Let me tell you a secret: 93% of individuals utilizing Google will never scroll beyond the first page of Google. Yup. So having your website into the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages of a Google search is something you cannot allow. You just won’t make the clicks and traffic you require to make SEO deserving your time and money. So, how do you do this? Below are tips and tricks as to how to perform SEO. And get results on Google with an Award Winning SEO Training Course.

Trick #1: Make sure Google Knows You

google ranking

First things first: Are you even visible on Google?

If you are not, encourage Google to find your content.

The first move to getting your site on Google is to be certain that Google can locate it.

The most reliable way to help Google find your site is to present a sitemap.

A sitemap is a file on a website that informs search engines regarding new or changed folios on your site.

Google also sees pages through sections from other pages. 

Trick #2: Design unique, specific page titles

You should generate a novel title for every page on your website.

A title tag informs both users and search engines whatever the topic of a distinct page is.

The title tag should be put in the head element of the HTML document. 

Trick #3: Formulate good titles and bits in search outcomes

Once a document displays on a search results engine, the contents of the title tag usually are seen in the first line of the results.

The title for your homepage can register the name of your website/business and could involve other important information which may be beneficial for the customer.

Trick #4: Fully utilize the meta tag description space

A strong meta tag description of a page supplies Google and other search engines with the info it needs to know where to put it in the search results.

Sure, a title of a page maybe a few words or a phrase, but a page’s description meta tag can consist of a sentence or even a short paragraph.

Like the title tag, the description meta tag is put in the head element of the HTML document.

seo training course

Trick #5: Build your structured data markup – rich snippets – and schema

According to Google, structured data is a cipher that you can affix to your pages to express your content to search engines, so they can better recognize what is on your pages.

Search engines can apply this recognition to publicize your content in beneficial ways in search results.

That, in change, can assist you to draw in just the reasonable sort of clients for your business.

Trick #6: Watch your bearing in Google Search results

Fixing structured data on your site pages also delivers your page suitable for various special highlights in Search results, involving review stars, deluxe fancy results, and more. 

turn website visitors into email subscribers
seo training course

Know how search engines employ URLs.

Search engines require a novel URL per section of content to be capable of index and crawl that content and referring users to it.

Different content as well as modified content need to employ separate URLs to be displayed in search properly.

Trick #8: Choose an SEO

Recognize that it will need time for you to see outcomes: usually from months to a year from the point you start performing changes until you begin to notice the gains.

Choosing to hire an SEO is a huge decision that can possibly enhance your site and conserve time, but you can also gamble a blow to your site and standing.

Ensure to investigate the likely benefits as well as the destruction that an unpredictable SEO can make to your site.

If you are contemplating hiring an SEO, the earlier the better.

A grand time to hire is when you are thinking about a site redesign or plotting to launch a brand-new site.

In that manner, you and your SEO can guarantee that your site is intended to be search engine-friendly from the ground up.

Nonetheless, a good SEO training course can also further develop a current site.

Request for a technical and search review team for your website to determine what they deem needs to be made, why, and what the anticipated consequence could be.

Yes, you will presumably have to spend on this.

But, your considered SEO should be capable to supply you with practical estimates of development, and an assessment of the work entailed.

If they assure you that their advances will give you the first spot in search results, look for someone else – no one can ensure a number one ranking on Google.

Beware of SEOs and an SEO training course that declare to pledge rankings because there is no superiority or preference to submit for Google.

The single way to submit a site to Google immediately is by submitting a sitemap or an Add URL page which you can make with yourself at no cost.

Some additional things to consider:

seo training course

While SEOs and any SEO training course can present customers with invaluable services, some unscrupulous SEOs have provided the industry a red flag by using overly vigorous marketing forces and endeavoring to manipulate search engine outcomes in unethical means.

Methods that defile guidelines may occur in a negative orientation of your site’s bearing in Google or even the elimination of your site from the index.

Be cautious if an SEO or SEO training course is tight-lipped or would not explicitly disclose what they aim to do.

You should never need to link to an SEO.

Elude SEOs or an SEO training course that speak about the capability of popularity link schemes or submitting your website to hundreds of search engines.

These are usually ineffective practices that do not influence your search engine rankings.

It may even result in a way you would probably regard to be positive.

Choose wisely. If it were to me, I suggest you choose TopRating SEO (click here:

Thinking if the Google SEO course free can help?

Getting a free online SEO Training ebook or an SEO Course Syllabus?

Even a complete SEO course or going to SEO Academy?

I say, choose Top Rating SEO – Free or paid course.

Try it, they got the SEO training course you need with a full money back guarantee.

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How To Qualify Leads

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12 Tips on how to qualify leads

Various businesses have series of methods for producing more leads. Most do not alter their practices for years that result to their success. Changing some things may help you also find that the process of how to qualify leads will undoubtedly lead you much closer to success with lead qualification. Read on to find these tips and tricks to help you step up:

Tip #1: Know Where Your Leads are Coming From

Sales leads could be arriving to you from various places. Some may locate you on social media, while others may have attended a webinar that you hosted.

Referrals are another familiar way new sales candidates manage to get potential agencies or vendors.

Buyers tend to consult about five separate data sources when choosing services, vendors, or products.

Use data sources used by buyers for lead qualification.

A data analyst employee or business intelligence worker should be able to pick and examine wherever your leads are arising from and collect this data within your lead qualification system.

You may be able to use this information to change your tactics if you require to.

how to qualify leads

Tip #2: Identify What Draws Clients to Your Brand

The most manageable approach to get this data is to question your current customers simply.

You may believe you understand why patrons pick your label, but there may be a difference between what you think.

You may recognize what course your leads originated from, but you do not understand what caused them to pick your enterprise.

The insights of your clients can maintain you leverage what you are already outshining to bring in more leads.

Perhaps it was the plainness of your website navigation or an About page that attached you to your patrons.

If you are supplied with this data, you may be capable of obtaining other qualified leads by aiming out these characteristics or combining sections to these pages in your different blog posts and ads.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Tip #3: Comprehend What They Are Looking For

Try letting your client fill out a lead form, wherein you can give them a list of features and have them click as many as they want that are most important to them.

If your agency offers all or most of the features that they are looking for, you know this is a substantial lead.

You can use this data to make adjustments to your strategy and inform your staff and focus on creating additional features.

Moreover, when you may not fit their criteria perfectly, having this data can help you better understand what your audience is looking for. 

The most responsive way to use this for lead qualification is to add a question to your lead form about where the client is in the purchasing journey.

This helps you get to the roof of what the client is looking for and how quickly they are looking to make a purchase.

If they say they are in the research phase, you may want to qualify them as someone to follow up with within a couple of weeks.

If they are looking to find something as soon as possible, you can pass their info to your sales team for immediate contact.

Tip #4: Identify the Priority

Once a new lead reaches you, they probably have a few ideas about what they would like to accomplish.

If you ask them to identify their most urgent need via multiple choice or text response questions on your lead form, you can consider this when you judge their lead qualification.

When they are a promising lead, sales staff may talk to their teammates who handle the feature or product the prospect wants most to get an explanation about what makes your offerings better than your competitors.

You have a solution for a problem, your target client base has, then showcase how you can help solve these problems to draw in more qualified leads.

Clients looking for quick answers may be eager to sign with an agency that can help them right the ship, and if you perform well for them, the relationship could be a long one.

Ensure you are constantly researching trends in your industry to stay on top of issues that may arise.

The creative and marketing team can partner up to create ads or posts highlighting the problem and the solution you offer. 

how to qualify leads

Tip #5: Know The Purchasing Process

To assure you are building a rapport with all the appropriate individuals, you have to discover and ascertain exactly who is included in the process of securing decisions.

You may also want to find out where the individual who is your lead fits within that process.

Unless you are working with tiny businesses, you will probably need to convince more than just one person that you’re the right agency or vendor for them. 

Identifying if you are bartering with the CEO or the manager can significantly modify your leads.

You can get this data by asking what role the lead is and a yes or no question on whether they are the purchasing decision-maker.

Tip #6: Budgeting

The budget is arguably the most crucial part of a new partnership and why knowing how to qualify leads is so important.

What customers want to speak about in the first sales call is how budgets influence lead qualification.

To qualify your leads and spare time, you can attach a question in your lead form regarding how much the lead is ready to pay on your services or product.

Leads with higher budgets will arguably be the highest priority.

Speaking about budget expectations straightforward can help you with lead qualification, as you can disqualify leads that can’t manage your offerings. 

how to qualify leads

Tip #7: Helping Them Make the Decision

Learn to listen to your leads’ individual struggles and fears.

Even if you seek to qualify multiple leads at once, you must make them feel special.

With this, you will know what it may be the client is holding back from making the decision.

Ensure that all your leads and prospects have access to your previous client’s reviews.

Reviews are extremely powerful and can be very useful to a person or Company trying to vet you out.

Here are some examples of useful reviews to display for anyone to see:

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

Whether it is the budget or not being entirely sure what they require, you must aspire to discover the barrier hindering your candidate from drawing out their credit card.

The result can help you with lead qualification.

If you have an obvious fix to the client’s purchasing delay, the lead may be more of a preference.

While a sales representative resolves what is keeping the buyer back from the sale, they can join the customer with a team member that can suitably approach this concern. 

Urge your candidates to speak about what they have already attempted before.

Recalling these will make you see if you can contribute different solutions, and it will also assist the lead to recap what they have previously been through.

By going back and embracing all the things they have attempted and failed, you can reveal what solutions or products you may offer to encourage clients to achieve this point in time.

You can then use this data going forth to give them answers that are more assuring to work or not.

Kindly take a moment to examine and follow the lead’s viewpoint about their own enterprise.

Urge your sales candidate to draft where they think they are good at and where they feel that there are lagging periods.

Understanding how they see themselves can help you comprehend their preferences and how strongly they follow your services or products.

It is unlikely to recognize precisely what obstacles will manifest up when you are serving a new client.

Yet, learning what they could do can assist you plan.

If you anticipate any long-term concerns, address them with your lead.

Sales staff may necessitate discussing with product or content partners to recognize the potential difficulties thoroughly and if they can surmount them.

If not, it is better to disqualify the lead.

If so, extend up these explications to the lead to assist you in closing the deal.

how to qualify leads

Tip #8: Understand the Requirements

Addressing the deal-breakers straightforward can also help with lead qualification.

As you can see, requirements and deal-breakers can frequently be tricky things to talk about.

Mindless of the direction the discussion goes, it is always prudent to be honest and open concerning your product.

If you can’t give solutions or meet the client’s deal breakers, you may disqualify them as a lead.

Trying to deceive the customer into believing you provide the perfect solution will only cause headaches and frustration down the road. 

In extension to being a significant factor of lead qualification, this consideration can help you close deals.

Once you know what might hinder a contract, you can either disqualify the lead or suggest solutions to guarantee that the sale succeeds.

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Tip #9: Know Your Competitors

Challenge your lead which they think their rivals are.

Then question how they imagine their contenders are exceeding them.

By making them recollect about the fields their opponents are performing better, they can adequately appreciate the answers they require to execute to observe comparable accomplishment.

This can provide both of you with a more solid approach on how to qualify leads and to know what measures you demand to implement going forward.

Tip #10: Timeline Expectations

Speaking on goals is fine, but it is more valuable to understand when your leads wish to achieve those aims.

Making a timeline as to when your leads would prefer to complete their priorities can help you properly realize what sort of responsibility they’re scanning for and qualify them as such.

Sales staff should be certain to interact with the team accountable for fulfilling the client’s goal within the petitioned period.

How soon should be the results be?

Understanding and knowing what sort of turnaround your client expects can assist you better grasp when they may be ready to invest.

If they require to see outcomes in just a few weeks, you will need to begin immediately.

But, if they have no plan when they want to commence their course, they are presumably not still willing to make a purchase and can be categorized as a lower-priority lead.

Know outside or external factors that would influence the turnaround time.

External due dates and other determinants can address your sales representative’s tasks more difficult.

You see, external circumstances can determine when a deal can go over.

Whether they hold a contract they require to see by or keep a deadline they are struggling to face, you will need to examine if any external determinants will change your leads’ timeline.

A prospect who is eager to purchase may be ranked higher than someone who cannot for the moment for extraneous matters.

Tip #11: Change and Growth

Be sure that you consider your leads’ goals once you set contact.

A few may simply be seeking additional revenue, while others may desire extra positive customer reviews.

Your sales leads are viewing for an answer to obstacles they have at present.

If you can also present solutions in eventuality, you can support them attain more fluid progress.

Assisting them to understand how their needs may evolve as they grow and how you can stay there to support them solve new predicaments or reach new aims – can further set you up for a long-term friendship.

how to qualify leads

Tip #12: Relationships and the Future

Are they just seeing someone to assist with present goals, or do they desire a long-term ally who can support them succeed in future blockades?

If they intend for something short-term, rank them as a lower priority lead – this is why it is so important to know how to qualify leads.

No, do not neglect these leads completely because short-term settlements can change into referrals.

Also, if you do an exceptional job, short-term contracts may turn into long-term.

Revealing to your prospects that you are pondering how you can retain the connection moving as they rise may prompt them to operate with you over a contender.

Final Thoughts

By prompting you of these tips on how to qualify leads, you can better understand who your possible client is, their lead rank, what they are looking for, and how you can support them.

Do not pretend that you recognize when leads are enthusiastic about making a purchase if you really desire to end blowing out on high-quality leads.

Rather, let them notify you when they can, even if they are not aware that they are doing it.

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Google Ranking

google ranking

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Google Ranking: How To Be In Control Of Google In 2021


To those new to this word like I was back then, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO can help you build better relationships with your audience, build importance and visibility. SEO can improve the customer experience, increase your authority, and drive more people to your site, SEO can give you an edge over the competition, increase conversions, which means more sales. Google Rankings are of crucial importance in 2021. With Google rankings come more customers, more sales, more brand recognition, and more growth for your business.

But with change comes innovation, and some people cannot really keep up with change.

SEO is becoming harder and harder, from the process, to the analysis to the SEO plan.

It takes longer to rank, and you must spend cash to get great results.

The thing is you cannot wait forever to get what you want.

You must use SEO because everyone big CBD Company is doing it, so if you want to grow and have a fighting chance to get known in your space, SEO is a must.

Many brands and businesses know that they need SEO for their digital properties, and the benefits they get from that SEO is their apparatus to get their brands going.

SEO will certainly improve a website’s overall hit and visibility.

Instead of teaching you how to rank for competitive terms, which is so difficult in 2021, I am going to give you a formula that will give you a must faster result, sales, and an extremely competitive environment.

Here are 4 steps of SEO strategy that can help you dominate Google rankings in 2021.


turn website visitors into email subscribers


Attracting customers before they are ready to buy. Customers do not know they need it until they see it or the ads, or clickbait.

I, myself, admit that I am like that sometimes.

The most valuable keywords to go after are buyer intended keywords.

These are the ones where someone types a keyword or keywords and then a product that they need pops out wherein they are ready to lay some cash on it.

Even though sometimes they don’t need it.

That is the case, not just from an SEO point of view but in any pay per click standpoint. So do not ignore these money-making keywords.

Instead, use these to generate more customers and leads.

People usually scroll and search what they need before they buy it.

If you generate those keywords early, then you can lead them to click and maybe buy your products.

Try using Ahrefs or Moz allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others.

So, you can learn and use it in your market, so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

It works like this:

Let’s say you are selling CBD Creams, and you know that the market is super competitive, and you have to wait and use cash to rank.

Ahrefs will show you all the terms people use and search for on Google that can be related to CBD Creams like joint pain, relief, anxiety, pain relief, etc. 

With Moz, you will get a list of queries that have similar trend pattern to the main keyword, and it will show you other terms that match the same pattern.

Try typing in CBD Cream and then click “keyword ideas”, it will show you a lot of suggestions and click “related.”

Here is what I have:

google ranking

This is how most people generate more sales, from content marketing.

You don’t even have to write a blog for publicity, though it helps. Just create landing pages targeting those new keywords.



Even though SEO has a very big ROI (Return of Investment) it is a strategy that truly requires you to have patience.

Everyone focuses on ranking for new terms but did not think of the issue… that it is hard to rank new terms.

The thing is, you can get results faster if you use the land and expand strategy.

Land and expand strategy work on the notion that your current customers are also your best source of revenue.

Upselling and cross- selling engagements will exist when you know your customers well.

This is how it works – Go search Google Search Console.

Click on “performance” and you will see a list of terms that you rank on.

Then click on one of the most popular terms you already rank for and then click on pages.

google ranking

After that you should see reports that show you the URL’s that rank for the term on Google.

When adding the long-term tail phrases, always make sure to adjust your content to be relevant.

Always pick those related to your product.

Long term tail phrases or long-term keywords are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels.

Adjust content and don’t provide a good user experience to searchers. The solution to this strategy is to pick the right longtail keywords.



Having a strong brand means you get to rank faster.

Google is placing more value and importance on brands that stand out from the rest.

Focus on building a great name for your brand and your network traffic will skyrocket.

google ranking

“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.– Ex CEO of Google

You must build a brand, and as this grows your search traffic will too. The way to monitor your brand growth is to use Google Trends.

Type your brand name into Google Trends and come of your competitors to see how you are stacking up.

For example, I want to know how Jollibee, McDonalds and Burger King’s sales are going in the Philippines since they are a hit in the Philippines.

This is the data I have collected.

google ranking

If there isn’t a quick skyrocket in your brand, then do something bold to make a scene in social media and these networks.

When it comes to building a brand, you must take the opposite approach of being bold with the people in your workspace.

Whatever is working for you, will not or may not work for them. No one really cares for the copycat, when consumers are satisfied.

Here are examples of how to do the opposite of your competition:

  • Help people, genuinely – (I cannot emphasize this enough)

Always respond to the community, take time in taking care of the community, by giving back.

There is at least 1% of brands who have responded to comments.

Though a lot of people participate on social media, but most people don’t take the time to build a connection.

  • Content. Content. Content.
seo services

Find a way to separate yourself, an edge. Be creative, have more words than usual.

Don’t just blog because you feel like it is your obligation to blog. Blog because you want to and it is what feels right.

  • Video Content

Creating video content is easier, people can access them through any social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and even blogpost.

Instead of giving speeches and wasting your breath by saying the same thing over and over again, why not create a video and let the video market for you.

This is how you stand out as a brand; this is how you stand out from your competition.

Now go build that brand.

No matter what you are selling, you will always have competitions.

May it be online or in a physical store. So how do you make your brand be different from the rest and stand out?

Here is an example:

In the USA, there are tons of cellphone companies or carriers that are available.

How does one brand stand out when everyone (Verizon, Boom Mobile, AT&T, T-Mobile) offers the same unit but in a very competitive price?

T-Mobile separated themselves by offering free Netflix and unlimited data.

You don’t have to do something big to be bold, just create and choose the right choice.

google ranking

Being bold does not mean you have to take a big leap and break bank; it can be as simple as providing amazing customer service and be known for great products.

Just have patience, being bold won’t make your brand stand out overnight.



Link building is a great way to boost and generate leads.

Link building is the process of adding hyperlinks from other websites to your own website.

A hyperlink or a link is a way for users to navigate between page to page on the internet.

In the field of SEO, link building is an action that is aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound link to a page or visitors to a page or a website.

Backlinking refers to a tactics that is used to gain beneficial backlinks to boost traffic to a website or specific page.

Google, and other search engines, use backlinks to create a map or a web, of the internet.

So how do you build links when everyone is getting spam emails asking for links, such as this one:

google ranking

You have to build a mouse trap that is so amazing that everyone wants to link it to you without you even asking from them.

You start by consulting firms about free analytics software, like ProfitWell or MOZ. 

A good place to look to find out which questions people are asking Google is

This will give you a great idea as to what to kind of content to make to deliver answers that your audience in your niche and thus, will inevitably attracts new customers/fans/followers in the process.

To track your rankings on Google, we suggest you use this platform – click here

This is a great service and very helpful in figure out where you are in the rankings at all times.

google ranking

You don’t even have to sign in to find out.

A great example in the consumer space is animated infographics. Using infographics can boost lead generation by 10x.

Here is a sample.

google ranking

If you want to use old school backlinking tactics, you can. They are just not as helpful this 2021 than last year.

So, get creative and use that creativity of yours to garner leads.


Instead of using traditional SEO, why don’t you shift your strategy?

SEO is getting harder and harder, Google, keeps changing their algorithm. Though traditional SEO will get you results, it usually needs several weeks to kick in.

Using a content strategy detailed above as well as a social media strategy will work well in conjunction with SEO (and with that, you can also cross reference your social media posts with your website pages) and will deliver faster results.

In order to get more Pro SEO Tips, get your hands on our FREE SEO Course. This will really help you as well.

Or, if you are ready for our team to handle all this marketing stuff that gives you a headaches on the daily, click here and we will take great care of you.

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Do this and not that when it comes to Google and SEO
Do this and not that when it comes to Google and SEO