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Nothing is more infuriating than having your website ranking on Google’s umpteenth page, despite your continuing efforts to move it up the ranks. When you check a website analyzer or website ranking checker, you are not even on the website top 1000 websites. This is where WordPress SEO is crucially important for your business and revenue. Pay attention here cause we are about to unload a whole skew of important information that you need to know and implement.

The position of your website in Google when a user searches that phrase or keyword is referred to as Google keyword ranking.

A ranking of 1 indicates that you are at the very top.

Because most search results contain ten entries per page, if you are number 11, you are on page 2 of Google.

There’s a funny saying in SEO that states that you can hide ‘dead bodies’ on page 2…

wordpress seo

Why do we say that?

Cause no one goes to page 2.

So, in order to be found, you must be on page 1 of Google.

But how can you do that??

With the correct tools, knowledge and coaching, you too, can improve the ranking of your website on Google an d get on page 1 of the search results.

What is the website ranking on Google?

Google compares every word or phrase you enter into the search box (your key term or search phrase) to its database of web pages to detect matches to return an “organic” search result.

Google displays these matches as search results, which are essentially lists of websites organized by relevancy.

As a result, the first organic result is the web page Google judges to be the most relevant to your query and the like.

wordpress seo

If a website appears first in a list of results for a given keyword, it is said to rank first or be in position one.

Similarly, if it appears 27th in this sorted list of search results, it is regarded to have ranking position 27.

Ranking positions are reserved for “organic” search results, which frequently omit non-traditional organic results (such as maps) and paid advertising (Google Ads).

What are the different types of Google Search Results?

Google now offers a diverse set of search results, regardless of whether the consumer is using a mobile device or a desktop computer.

For example, search for ‘CBD Oil Shop in Colorado’ on a mobile device.

You will get three advertising, a map-based list of local businesses called ‘Snap Pack’, some picture results, and organic search results.

Depending on the keyword you enter, and the device you use to search, the sort of search result you see will vary.

Regardless of whether you search on a desktop or mobile device, each page usually has 10 ‘organic’ results.

To show more results, go to page two on a desktop or tap ‘more results’ on a mobile device.

In massive searches, thousands of these pages listing millions of URLs may surface.

How do you find out what’s your website ranking on Google?

Signing up for Google’s Search Console is a free tool available for website ranking checker that website owners can access.

wordpress seo

Below, you’ll get instructions on how to utilize this tool to check your Google website ranking.

It displays all of the search keywords that website visitors used in an organic search to find the website and how the websites ranked for these search terms over time.

There is also a wealth of information available on these visitors, such as their country of origin and device.

You can also pay for various reliable commercial ranking services that track rankings and deliver user-friendly reports and alerts.

Why is it important to know your website ranking?

Because of algorithmic updates, localization, and customization, knowing your average Google website ranking for terms over a range of time and regions is more valuable than knowing where your site ranks for keywords at a particular moment and from a specific area.

You may use Google Search Console or other website analyzer to find out what keywords your site ranks for on Google, as well as the average position in the search results for each of those terms.

It’s free, quick, accurate, and comprehensive.

How to check your website ranking

Do you want to know where your website ranks on Google? How to use a website ranking checker?

The website statistics free and simple.

To learn how to use Google’s Search Console, follow these instructions.

  • Access Google Search Console by logging in.
  • Click on your website’s name (or, if you haven’t already, click ‘Add Site’).
  • Select ‘Performance’ from the left-hand sidebar.

What is an ‘Organic’ Google Search Result?

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Google’s best judgment of the best webpage that answers your search query determines an organic search result.

Other search results, such as adverts, appear based on how much a company is prepared to spend for you to see their ad.

These may or may not be pertinent to your search, as a result.

Other types of Google search results coexist with these organic and sponsored results.

These non-traditional organic results, such as maps, photographs, and products, are yet another attempt by Google to provide you with relevant results.

In some circumstances, this is accomplished by delivering results for slightly different search queries or by emphasizing other types of content (such as images or videos over page text).

Only very skilled individuals have the knowledge to manipulate the results obtained, and it’s not often possible to figure out how much they’ve been paid for or manipulated in other ways.

As a result, because they are only concerned with matching relevant material to a key phrase search, organic search results remain the gold standard and trusted most by the public.

wordpress seo

SEO for organic search

Are you tired of not reaching the top 1000 websites? 

Let alone the top 100 websites or the top 10 or 3?

Do you want your website to be on top of the website ranking list? 

SEO is the right tool for you!

Well-optimized sites gain visitors over time, which equals more leads and revenue.

If you do not employ SEO, searchers will not be able to reach your site, and your efforts will be futile.

SEO is search engine optimization, and it essentially means enhancing the possibility of a search engine ranking a web page.

Top Rating SEO is the leading Digital Marketing Agency in the country and it can help you boost your SEO ranking.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
turn website visitors into email subscribers

The firm specializes in attracting organic traffic to your website and converting it into a lead generation machine.

SEO, Social Media Ads, and Sales Funnels are used to accomplish this.

If you enhance your SEO Rating, you will rank higher in Google’s search results.

You’ll provide an exceptional experience to users who visit your site for information, products, or services.

Website ranking

Nothing is more infuriating than having your website ranking on Google’s umpteenth page, despite your continuing efforts to move it up the ranks.

When you check a website analyzer or website ranking checker, you are not even on the website top 1000 websites.

The position of your website in Google when a user searches that phrase or keyword is referred to as Google keyword ranking.

A ranking of 1 indicates that you are at the very top.

Because most search results contain ten entries per page, if you are number 11, you are on page 2 of Google.

However, with the correct tools and coaching, you, too, can improve the ranking of your website on Google.

What is the website ranking on Google?

Google compares every word or phrase you enter into the search box (your key term or search phrase) to its database of web pages to detect matches to return an “organic” search result.

Google displays these matches as search results, which are essentially lists of websites in search results by relevancy.

As a result, the first organic result is the web page Google judges to be the most relevant to your query and the like.

If a website appears first in a list of results for a specific keyword, it is said to rank first or be in position one.

Similarly, if it appears 27th in the search results, it is then believe to have ranking position 27.

Ranking positions are proprietary for “organic” search results, which frequently omit non-traditional organic results (such as maps) and paid advertising (Google Ads).

What are the different types of Google Search Results?

Google now offers a diverse set of search results, regardless of whether the consumer is using a mobile device or a desktop computer.

For example, search for ‘CBD Oil Shop in Colorado’ on a mobile device.

cbd oil

You will get three advertising, a map-based list of local businesses, some picture results, and organic search results.

Depending on the keyword you enter, and the device you use to search, the sort of search result you see will vary.

Regardless of whether you search on a desktop or mobile device, each page usually has 10 ‘organic’ results.

To show more results, go to page two on a desktop or tap ‘more results’ on a mobile device.

In massive searches, thousands of these pages listing millions of URLs may surface.

How do you find out what’s your website ranking on Google?

Signing up for Google’s Search Console is a free tool available for website ranking checker that website owners can access.

Below, you’ll get instructions on how to utilize this tool to check your Google website ranking.

It displays all of the search keywords that website visitors used in an organic search to find the website and how the websites ranked for these search terms over time.

There is also a wealth of information available on these visitors, such as their country of origin and device.

You can also pay for various reliable commercial ranking services that track rankings and deliver user-friendly reports and alerts.

Why is it important to know your website ranking?

Because of algorithmic updates, localization, and customization, knowing your average Google website ranking for terms over a range of time and regions is more valuable than knowing where your site ranks for keywords at a particular moment and from a specific area.

You may use Google Search Console or other website analyzer to find out what keywords your site ranks for on Google, as well as the average position in the search results for each of those terms.

It’s free, quick, accurate, and comprehensive.

How to check your website ranking

Do you want to know where my website ranks on Google? How to use a website ranking checker?

The website statistics free and simple. To learn how to use Google’s Search Console, follow these instructions.

  • Access Google Search Console by logging in.
  • Click on your website’s name (or, if you haven’t already, click ‘Add Site’).
  • Select ‘Performance’ from the left-hand sidebar.

What is an ‘Organic’ Google Search Result?

google seo

Google’s best judgment of the best webpage that answers your search query determines an organic search result.

Other search results, such as adverts, appear in search result depending on how much a company is able to spend for you to see their ad. These may or may not be pertinent to your search, as a result.

Other types of Google search results coexist with these organic and sponsored results.

These non-traditional organic results, such as maps, photographs, and products, are yet another attempt by Google to provide you with relevant results.

In some circumstances, one can get these results by different techniques such as; for slightly different search queries or by emphasizing other types of content (such as images or videos over page text).

It’s unclear how these results are actualized, and it’s not often possible to figure out how much they’ve been paid for or manipulated in other ways.

As a result, because they are only concerned with matching relevant material to a key phrase search, organic search results remain the gold standard.

SEO for organic search

Are you sick of not reaching the top 1000 websites? 

Do you want your website to be on top of the website ranking list? SEO is the right tool for you!

Well-optimized sites gain visitors over time, which equals more leads and revenue.

If you do not employ SEO, searchers will not be able to reach your site, and your online efforts to grow your business will be futile.

SEO is search engine optimization, and it essentially means enhancing the possibility of a search engine ranking a web page.

Top Rating SEO is the most fantastic SEO Agency, and it can help you boost your SEO ranking.

The firm specializes in attracting organic traffic to your website and converting it into a lead generation machine.

SEO, Social Media Ads, and Sales Funnels are useful to accomplish this.

If you enhance your SEO Rating, you will rank higher in Google’s search results.

You’ll provide an exceptional experience to users who visit your site for information, products, or services.

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Website Ranking

website ranking
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Website Ranking Tips

Nothing is more infuriating than having your website ranking on Google’s umpteenth page, despite your continuing efforts to move it up the ranks. When you check a website analyzer or website ranking checker, you are not even on the website top 1000 websites.

The position of your website in Google when a user searches that phrase or keyword is referred to as Google keyword ranking.

A ranking of 1 indicates that you are at the very top.

Because most search results contain ten entries per page, if you are number 11, you are on page 2 of Google.

However, with the correct tools and coaching, you, too, can improve the ranking of your website on Google.

What is the website ranking on Google?

Google compares every word or phrase you enter into the search box (your key term or search phrase) to its database of web pages to detect matches to return an “organic” search result.

Google displays these matches as search results, which are essentially lists of websites organized by relevancy.

As a result, the first organic result is the web page Google judges to be the most relevant to your query and the like.

If a website appears first in a list of results for a given keyword, it is said to rank first or be in position one.

Similarly, if it appears 27th in this sorted list of search results, it is regarded to have ranking position 27.

Ranking positions are reserved for “organic” search results, which frequently omit non-traditional organic results (such as maps) and paid advertising (Google Ads).

turn website visitors into email subscribers

What are the different types of Google Search Results?

Google now offers a diverse set of search results, regardless of whether the consumer is using a mobile device or a desktop computer.

For example, search for ‘CBD Oil Shop in Colorado’ on a mobile device.

You will get three advertising, a map-based list of local businesses, some picture results, and organic search results.

Depending on the keyword you enter, and the device you use to search, the sort of search result you see will vary.

Regardless of whether you search on a desktop or mobile device, each page usually has 10 ‘organic’ results.

To show more results, go to page two on a desktop or tap ‘more results’ on a mobile device.

In massive searches, thousands of these pages listing millions of URLs may surface.

How do you find out what’s your website ranking on Google?

website ranking

Signing up for Google’s Search Console is a free tool available for website ranking checker that website owners can access.

Below, you’ll get instructions on how to utilize this tool to check your Google website ranking.

It displays all of the search keywords that website visitors used in an organic search to find the website and how the websites ranked for these search terms over time.

There is also a wealth of information available on these visitors, such as their country of origin and device.

You can also pay for various reliable commercial ranking services that track rankings and deliver user-friendly reports and alerts.

Why is it important to know your website ranking?

Because of algorithmic updates, localization, and customization, knowing your average Google website ranking for terms over a range of time and regions.

It is more valuable than knowing where your site ranks for keywords at a particular moment and from a specific area.

You may use Google Search Console or other website analyzer to find out what keywords your site ranks for on Google.

It is also crucial to gain knowledge about the average position in the search results for each of those terms.

It’s free, quick, accurate, and comprehensive.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

How to check your website ranking?

Do you want to know where my website ranks on Google?

How to use a website ranking tips checker?

The website statistics free and simple.

To learn how to use Google’s Search Console, follow these instructions.

  • Access Google Search Console by logging in.
  • Click on your website’s name (or, if you haven’t already, click ‘Add Site’).
  • Select ‘Performance’ from the left-hand sidebar.

One of our favorite tool to check ranking is: proranktracker.com – for about $37 a month for a starter package, it’s well worth the investment.

What is an ‘Organic’ Google Search Result?

Google’s best judgment of the best webpage that answers your search query determines an organic search result.

Other search results, such as adverts, appear based on how much a company is prepared to spend for you to see their ad.

These may or may not be pertinent to your search, as a result.

local seo

Other types of Google search results coexist with these organic and sponsored results.

These non-traditional organic results, such as maps, photographs, and products, are yet another attempt by Google to provide you with relevant results.

In some circumstances, this is accomplished by delivering results for slightly different search queries or by emphasizing other types of content (such as images or videos over page text).

It’s unclear how these results are obtained, and it’s not often possible to figure out how much they’ve been paid for or manipulated in other ways.

As a result, organic search results remain the gold standard.

And the most effective in the long run.

SEO for organic search

Are you tired of not reaching the top 1000 websites? 

Do you want your website to be on top of the website ranking list? 

SEO is the right tool for you!

Well-optimized sites gain visitors over time, which equals more leads and revenue.

If you do not use SEO on your website, chances are that people looking for your services will not find you.

And your online efforts will be futile.

SEO is search engine optimization, and it essentially means enhancing the possibility of a search engine ranking a web page.

Top Rating SEO is the most fantastic website analyzer, and it can help you boost your SEO ranking.

The firm specializes in attracting organic traffic to your website and converting it into a lead generation machine.

SEO, Social Media Ads, and Sales Funnels are used to accomplish this.

If you enhance your SEO Rating, you will rank higher in Google’s search results.

You’ll provide an exceptional experience to users who visit your site for information, products, or services.

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10 SEO Tips You Must Implement

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10 SEO Tips You Must Implement

Many have emerged in the world of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, with such various SEO techniques, it has become nearly unlikely to ascertain which ones to cling to and which you can reliably overlook. But, there are still some fundamental principles that remain constant. If you focus on these techniques alone, you will drive more organic traffic to your blog and increase your search rankings without jeopardizing a Google penalty. So allow me to show you 10 SEO tips you must implement to help your site rank better.

Ready? Here you go.

Tip #1: Ensure Page Speed

10 seo tips you must implement

As others say, nothing should slow you down – that also speaks with your web page. 

Page speed is an essential factor in SEO.


A slow-loading site was never a good experience.

And today, it is the touch of destruction in the present marketplace.

Many abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

A slow page disappoints users and eventually dissuade customers from buying your product.

Yes, a slow site is equal to an untrustworthy site.

Page speed is also crucial to search engines.

10 seo tips you must implement

Google lately added site speed as one of the vital factors in ranking, which means that if your pages are delayed, you are most likely competing in a losing battle for top organic listings.

This is despite the quality of your content or your professional website design.

Better to be clear of non-essential elements that stall down your site. 

Link to other websites with relevant content.

Some people think linking out to appropriate and reliable content pages is wrong because it takes people off your page.

But actually, link building remains a vital part of a smart search engine optimization approach. 

It was said that linking out sends trackable traffic, making your site a more valuable and scalable resource.

It would help if you prioritized linking out to content pages that give significant value.

It’s a good SEO practice.

You may also notify an influencer when you link out to them.

Remember, link building is about quality, not quantity.

You will build more trust in your niche if you have a few authoritative links rather than a dozen poor quality links.

Tip #3: Change Your Mindset

Recently, I have observed that more content creators are working back to the old method of SEO, where keywords meant to drive search results exceeded the real qualities of engaging, valuable content.

If that’s you, I guess it’s time to shift your mindset.

Your mindset now should be to write for humans first, search engines second.

10 seo tips you must implement


What does that mean?

Well, it’s pretty easy.

First, forget that other search engines and Google exist when you are writing.

Rather, generate content that will benefit someone – this is recognized as SEO copywriting.

Ironically, when you put users first, you will compose valuable content that search engines reward because search engines follow users.

It’s not the other way round.

Additionally, you will also be heightening the user experience and raising trust with your audience.

Inspire others to link to you.

Content marketing is regarding high-quality, engaging content that drives people to link to you and share your content on social media.

Believe it or not, inbound links are still the lifeblood of search engine rankings.

Therefore, creating helpful content and linking to authoritative blogs will make more people link to you naturally.

Tip #5: Correct Web Analytics

Once you identify your search engine optimization goals, you may need software to track what’s operating and what’s not.

Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other private web analytics software solutions can assist you in tracking your success.

It would be best to have these web analytics in place, even before sending the first visitor to your site.

Tip #6: Write Unique Meta Descriptions

One of the essential 10 SEO tips you must implement is that most people overlook is the well-crafted meta description.

The meta description is the first section people notice when Google serves up your page to search for users. In general, the search engine does not fancy duplicate content.

Sure, there may be a necessity to cite a paragraph or sentence from another site while linking to the source.

Still, if publishing duplicate content becomes your way of living, you will see it almost unattainable to develop long term.

Tip #7: Use a Simple URL

Recognize that search engines follow search users.

Hence, if users can’t read or understand your URL, then search engines may be confused as well.

Therefore, it is better if only two to four words are included in any URL.

This makes the URL memorable to the user, search engine-friendly, and easy to type.

Also, there should be no numbers or characters other than the words and dashes.

Example of URL to stay away from: https://siteabc.com/4786095/

You link should tell people what your article is all about.

Those numbers don’t tell users anything about what to expect from the content. 

10 seo tips you must implement

Tip #8: Build Momentum

Social media is an integral part of SEO strategy, and social signals are essential.

Social media is at your disposal.

Use it, and use it well.

But, first, you’ve got to focus on increasing yours.


Create useful content that’s share-worthy across your social media platforms, add share buttons to your post, make them visible, and encourage people to share.

Tip #9: Right Keywords in Images

Images are crucial in search engine optimization.

Google devoted a whole section of its search results to images.

This should inform you how interested the search engine giant is in pictures.

When users are scanning for a particular image, what do they search with?


Why SEO is important in 2021

So, it would help if you utilized the right keywords in your image names and accompanying text.

Remember that in image search engine optimization, relevance is more significant than creativity or cleverness.

Tip #10: Publish Unique Content

If ever you choose to market your business online, then producing unique and valuable blog posts isn’t an alternative — it’s a necessity.

Unfortunately, creating unique and engaging content is a difficulty for most marketers.

10 seo tips you must implement

Unique content is one factor that affects this freshness score and, consequently, the search engine rankings for that specific page.

Hence, the easiest way to optimize your freshness score is by creating content consistently.

I hope you’ve found these 10 SEO tips you must implement helpful.

I guarantee that following the tips above can grant you higher rankings and more traffic.

Best of luck!

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How To Use Schema

how to use schema
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How To Use Schema

As one of the recent developments in SEO, schema markup is a kind of optimization that is one of the most influential but least-utilized modes of SEO available. Few understand that once you know the notion and system of schema markup, you can advance your website in the SERPs or search engine result pages. If you are interested, allow me to show you precisely how to use schema markup for your website.

Ready? Here we go.

What is Schema Markup?

First of all, schema markup is code or semantic vocabulary that you place on your website to assist the search engines in return with more informative results for users.

If ever you have tried rich snippets, you will realize definitely know what schema markup is.

Schema markup has many functions and connections.

The first is that schema tells search engines what data means.

For example, the content on your website gets indexed and reflected in search results.

But with schema markup, the content gets indexed and returned uniquely.



The markup informs the search engine what that content means. 

Second, schema markup uses a unique semantic vocabulary in microdata format.

Nope, you do not need to acquire any new coding skills.

Web pages with markup still utilize HTML.

The only distinction is attaching jiffies of the schema vocabulary to the HTML Microdata.

TechnicalSEO (a website for schema markup) is a website that we like a lot.

They do a great job with helping folks come up with their schema using their schema generator.

What you have is an agreed-upon set of code markers that informs the major search engines what to ingest with the data on your website.

Lastly, know that schema markup was invented for users.

When a website has schema markup in position, users can scan in the SERPs what a website is all about, what they do, where they are, how much stuff costs, and plenty of other stuff.

Actually, few people even have taken to describing schema markup somewhat your virtual business card.

This is very important for your website because it basically gives a roadmap to Google of what your website is all about.

If you are a small business, if you have a blog, an e-comm shop, etc you definitely will want to use this to your advantage.

Remember that this is a user-focused improvement.

Search engines are there for users to obtain the data they need, and schema markup does that precisely.

Why is Schema Important?

Online sites that employ schema markup will rank favorably in the SERPs compared to those without it.

For example, one study discovered that websites with markup place an average of four higher positions in the SERPs than those without markup.

Even though it is not clear that this higher result is anticipated to the markup alone, there is obviously some kind of association.

Currently, around a third of Google’s search results consolidate rich snippets, which include schema markup. But, according to recent studies, less than a third of websites use schema markup.

Meaning, there are still millions of websites missing out on a huge source of SEO potential.

Therefore, if you utilize this technique, you will have undoubtedly have the edge over the majority.

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How to Use Schema Markup for SEO

Now, let’s discuss how to use schema markup.

Your aim is to rank better, look better, and do better in the SERPs and front of users.

It will help you.

Follow these steps:

2. Choose the type of data
3. Paste the URL you seek to markup

Paste your HTML instead if you only have that. Click “Start Tagging” afterward. The webpage will load in the markup tool and present you with the workspace for the next phase of markup—tagging items. The web page is in the left pane, and the data items in the right pane.

4. Select elements
5. Add markup items

Utilize the list of data items as a guide, then highlight the other items to add them to the markup list. You probably would not be able to tag every item on the list. Just add what you can.

6. Create the HTML

Once you are done, click “Create HTML.” On the following page, you will see the HTML of your page with the relevant microdata inserted in your selected spots.

7. Add Schema Markup

Attach the schema markup to your site. First, go into your CMS or source code if you are not using a CMS, then add the highlighted snippets in the appropriate spots. Next, find the schema markup code by finding the yellow markers on the scrollbar. Another option is to download the automatically-generated HTML file and copy-paste it into the CMS or source code. Once you click “Finish,” you will be shown a series of “Next Steps.”

8. Test your Schema

To view what your page will appear like with the added markup, use the “Structured Data Testing Tool”. Rather than analyzing a published web page, you may analyze the code generated, which could be downloaded. Once the code is pasted, you may click “preview.” The testing tool shows what the article will appear in Google search results. You can even inspect every markup element that you added. If needed, you can edit the HTML directly in the testing tool to update it and preview results again.

how to use schema

Tips for Using Schema Markup for SEO

The following few tips will show you how to gain even more valuable results from schema.

  • Tip #1: Find The Most Commonly Used Schemas

Schema.org presents a list of the most common types of schema markup. You can look at the “Organization of Schemas” page to view this list and check out the types that are well-suited to your business.

  • Tip #2: Use All The Schemas You Need

To get the complete list of the myriad of markup types, visit the Type Hierarchy. This master list provides most of the available markup types.

  • Tip #3: The More Markups, The Better

When you start understanding the vast array of item types, you begin to see just how much there is on your web page that you can mark up. However, keep in mind that you should mark up only the content visible to people who visit the web page and not content in hidden page elements.

Final Thoughts

Schema markup is one of the SEO methods that will seemingly be with us for a long time.

However, as easy as schema markup is to implement, it’s unexpected how few businesses and websites have taken account of it.

So, start learning and implementing the relevant microdata to enhance your search results.

Doing so will definitely put your website ahead in the search engine result pages.

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Why You Are Not Ranking

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Why you are not ranking

Let me ask you one question. How many results display on Google’s first page and have a fair opportunity of getting clicked? Twenty? Thirty? Nope. Ten results. Just ten. That’s it. Ranking in Google’s search results is easier stated than done. There are thousands of various websites attempting to take your rankings, and, in some instances, several of those rivals succeed. The individuals who fail are the individuals who think that SEO is not that significant. Good thing, you think otherwise – hence why you are here. If you believe that you have done everything precisely and still not ranking where you should be, I may suggest reading below the tips on how to increase those rankings in no time and discover once and for all why you are not ranking!

Tip #1: Do Not Duplicate Content on Your Site

Duplicate content used to be the hype.

However, though it is not as significant as it did before, it does still weigh something. 

For instance, you create content, publish said content, and then discover that your SEO juice has been divided among the original and unintended duplicate pages.

That would make both pages rank mediocrely rather than having that outstanding one-page rank.

Meanwhile, Google attempts to determine the correct page, but it instead picked the wrong page.

All because you did not verify that clearly for Google’s robot.

Preferably, you may want to merge the SEO juice of those two pages and not leave them separately.

To check whether you have duplicate content on your website, visit this website: https://www.seoreviewtools.com/duplicate-content-checker/

why you are not ranking

Tip #2: Use Google My Business

why you are not ranking

Google wants the most effortless and swiftest way to obtain and produce relevant results.

Choosing Google My Business achieves that. 

If you have not joined Google My Business yet, you are missing out on some grave potential.

Don’t worry; it is easy, accessible, and free, which would certainly help your SEO.

It is a simple method to rank in Google with very minimal effort and time.

Registering an account informs Google that your website is up-to-date, you care about ranking, and you desire to collaborate with their systems.

Google loves that and will prioritize your business.

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Tip #3: Leverage Social Signals

You do all that you can, but your rankings are still suffering.

Well, social signals may be the answer.

This way, you will produce more traffic and boost your rankings.

Google utilizes social signals to manage which websites are active or not, informing them which websites should rank higher. 

Yes, social media accounts are one of the factors on how you rank in Google.

If you aspire to enhance your SEO efforts, I suggest you stay engaged on social media and update your business information.

social signals - why you are not ranking

How do you do it?

Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Did you write a blog article? Post it on Facebook.
  2. Did something unusual occur at work today? Tweet about it.
  3. Took a funny photo of an office-hours prank? Share it on Instagram.

You may do everything right, but it would be better if you have social signals.

The more posts you have on your social accounts, the higher your website will rank.

Tip #4: Create Consistent Content

The most successful entrepreneurs have a documented content marketing approach.

The more content you produce, the better – as long as the quality of that content is not lacking.

It will help if you build a strict content marketing calendar and an approach for growth.

Sure, writing, recording, and editing indeed take a lot of time, and it is even more difficult when you do not see instant outcomes.

consistent content - why you are not ranking

However, businesses that blog see more visitors hence get more backlinks and have more pages indexed than companies that don’t.

This is because each bit of content they produce and each new page they issue provides them extra chances to rank in Google.

If you are creating content constantly, then it’s only a matter of time until you begin to rise.

Tip #5: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

People browse the web on various devices every single day.

Hence, it would be best if you catered to all of those diverse screen sizes.

This is so crucial that Google even shifted to mobile-first indexing, which means looking at your mobile site first, then your desktop version.

So, whatever Google cares about, we need to care about too. Start making your website mobile-friendly.

Tip #6: Ensure Google Has Indexed Your Website

why you are not ranking

You want to know about your website’s rankings, so you open up Google and keypunch in your target keywords.

However, you did not see your website on the first page.

So, you click over several pages and still do not see your website.

To be assured everything is working perfectly, you frantically type your actual business name into the search engine and maybe your URL too.

But, still nothing.

You stare at the screen, thinking of reasons why this is happening.

Well, allow me to tell you the reason why: Google has not yet had a chance to index your new page.


If you just made your page, then give it a bit of time before hunting for yourself in the results. 

Also, you may have unintentionally blocked Google from crawling your website.

You may have to undo that and make certain that Google is crawling your website whenever it desires.

Remember, if Google cannot crawl your website and dissect it, you have no possibility of ranking. 

Tip #7: Decrease Loading Time

You want info, and you want it now. Your audience and target market are not any different.

For that cause, Google places considerable ranking weight on how fast your website loads.

They had an entire update that explicitly targeted page speed. 

Nothing is worse than browsing the Internet and waiting what feels like a hundred years before that website finishes loading.

Remember: The faster your website loads, the higher your rankings will be.


Out of a million results, only ten positions matter in Google.

So, how do you claim your spot?

Begin with doing the right things.

Fix your website’s problems by heeding to the tips above, and I assure you that you will be ranking in no time.

Best of luck!

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SEO Training Course

seo training course
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SEO Training Course

Let me tell you a secret: 93% of individuals utilizing Google will never scroll beyond the first page of Google. Yup. So having your website into the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages of a Google search is something you cannot allow. You just won’t make the clicks and traffic you require to make SEO deserving your time and money. So, how do you do this? Below are tips and tricks as to how to perform SEO. And get results on Google with an Award Winning SEO Training Course.

Trick #1: Make sure Google Knows You

google ranking

First things first: Are you even visible on Google?

If you are not, encourage Google to find your content.

The first move to getting your site on Google is to be certain that Google can locate it.

The most reliable way to help Google find your site is to present a sitemap.

A sitemap is a file on a website that informs search engines regarding new or changed folios on your site.

Google also sees pages through sections from other pages. 

Trick #2: Design unique, specific page titles

You should generate a novel title for every page on your website.

A title tag informs both users and search engines whatever the topic of a distinct page is.

The title tag should be put in the head element of the HTML document. 

Trick #3: Formulate good titles and bits in search outcomes

Once a document displays on a search results engine, the contents of the title tag usually are seen in the first line of the results.

The title for your homepage can register the name of your website/business and could involve other important information which may be beneficial for the customer.

Trick #4: Fully utilize the meta tag description space

A strong meta tag description of a page supplies Google and other search engines with the info it needs to know where to put it in the search results.

Sure, a title of a page maybe a few words or a phrase, but a page’s description meta tag can consist of a sentence or even a short paragraph.

Like the title tag, the description meta tag is put in the head element of the HTML document.

seo training course

Trick #5: Build your structured data markup – rich snippets – and schema

According to Google, structured data is a cipher that you can affix to your pages to express your content to search engines, so they can better recognize what is on your pages.

Search engines can apply this recognition to publicize your content in beneficial ways in search results.

That, in change, can assist you to draw in just the reasonable sort of clients for your business.

Trick #6: Watch your bearing in Google Search results

Fixing structured data on your site pages also delivers your page suitable for various special highlights in Search results, involving review stars, deluxe fancy results, and more. 

turn website visitors into email subscribers
seo training course

Know how search engines employ URLs.

Search engines require a novel URL per section of content to be capable of index and crawl that content and referring users to it.

Different content as well as modified content need to employ separate URLs to be displayed in search properly.

Trick #8: Choose an SEO

Recognize that it will need time for you to see outcomes: usually from months to a year from the point you start performing changes until you begin to notice the gains.

Choosing to hire an SEO is a huge decision that can possibly enhance your site and conserve time, but you can also gamble a blow to your site and standing.

Ensure to investigate the likely benefits as well as the destruction that an unpredictable SEO can make to your site.

If you are contemplating hiring an SEO, the earlier the better.

A grand time to hire is when you are thinking about a site redesign or plotting to launch a brand-new site.

In that manner, you and your SEO can guarantee that your site is intended to be search engine-friendly from the ground up.

Nonetheless, a good SEO training course can also further develop a current site.

Request for a technical and search review team for your website to determine what they deem needs to be made, why, and what the anticipated consequence could be.

Yes, you will presumably have to spend on this.

But, your considered SEO should be capable to supply you with practical estimates of development, and an assessment of the work entailed.

If they assure you that their advances will give you the first spot in search results, look for someone else – no one can ensure a number one ranking on Google.

Beware of SEOs and an SEO training course that declare to pledge rankings because there is no superiority or preference to submit for Google.

The single way to submit a site to Google immediately is by submitting a sitemap or an Add URL page which you can make with yourself at no cost.

Some additional things to consider:

seo training course

While SEOs and any SEO training course can present customers with invaluable services, some unscrupulous SEOs have provided the industry a red flag by using overly vigorous marketing forces and endeavoring to manipulate search engine outcomes in unethical means.

Methods that defile guidelines may occur in a negative orientation of your site’s bearing in Google or even the elimination of your site from the index.

Be cautious if an SEO or SEO training course is tight-lipped or would not explicitly disclose what they aim to do.

You should never need to link to an SEO.

Elude SEOs or an SEO training course that speak about the capability of popularity link schemes or submitting your website to hundreds of search engines.

These are usually ineffective practices that do not influence your search engine rankings.

It may even result in a way you would probably regard to be positive.

Choose wisely. If it were to me, I suggest you choose TopRating SEO (click here: www.topratingseo.com).

Thinking if the Google SEO course free can help?

Getting a free online SEO Training ebook or an SEO Course Syllabus?

Even a complete SEO course or going to SEO Academy?

I say, choose Top Rating SEO – Free or paid course.

Try it, they got the SEO training course you need with a full money back guarantee.

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How To Qualify Leads

how to qualify leads
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12 Tips on how to qualify leads

Various businesses have series of methods for producing more leads. Most do not alter their practices for years that result to their success. Changing some things may help you also find that the process of how to qualify leads will undoubtedly lead you much closer to success with lead qualification. Read on to find these tips and tricks to help you step up:

Tip #1: Know Where Your Leads are Coming From

Sales leads could be arriving to you from various places. Some may locate you on social media, while others may have attended a webinar that you hosted.

Referrals are another familiar way new sales candidates manage to get potential agencies or vendors.

Buyers tend to consult about five separate data sources when choosing services, vendors, or products.

Use data sources used by buyers for lead qualification.

A data analyst employee or business intelligence worker should be able to pick and examine wherever your leads are arising from and collect this data within your lead qualification system.

You may be able to use this information to change your tactics if you require to.

how to qualify leads

Tip #2: Identify What Draws Clients to Your Brand

The most manageable approach to get this data is to question your current customers simply.

You may believe you understand why patrons pick your label, but there may be a difference between what you think.

You may recognize what course your leads originated from, but you do not understand what caused them to pick your enterprise.

The insights of your clients can maintain you leverage what you are already outshining to bring in more leads.

Perhaps it was the plainness of your website navigation or an About page that attached you to your patrons.

If you are supplied with this data, you may be capable of obtaining other qualified leads by aiming out these characteristics or combining sections to these pages in your different blog posts and ads.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Tip #3: Comprehend What They Are Looking For

Try letting your client fill out a lead form, wherein you can give them a list of features and have them click as many as they want that are most important to them.

If your agency offers all or most of the features that they are looking for, you know this is a substantial lead.

You can use this data to make adjustments to your strategy and inform your staff and focus on creating additional features.

Moreover, when you may not fit their criteria perfectly, having this data can help you better understand what your audience is looking for. 

The most responsive way to use this for lead qualification is to add a question to your lead form about where the client is in the purchasing journey.

This helps you get to the roof of what the client is looking for and how quickly they are looking to make a purchase.

If they say they are in the research phase, you may want to qualify them as someone to follow up with within a couple of weeks.

If they are looking to find something as soon as possible, you can pass their info to your sales team for immediate contact.

Tip #4: Identify the Priority

Once a new lead reaches you, they probably have a few ideas about what they would like to accomplish.

If you ask them to identify their most urgent need via multiple choice or text response questions on your lead form, you can consider this when you judge their lead qualification.

When they are a promising lead, sales staff may talk to their teammates who handle the feature or product the prospect wants most to get an explanation about what makes your offerings better than your competitors.

You have a solution for a problem, your target client base has, then showcase how you can help solve these problems to draw in more qualified leads.

Clients looking for quick answers may be eager to sign with an agency that can help them right the ship, and if you perform well for them, the relationship could be a long one.

Ensure you are constantly researching trends in your industry to stay on top of issues that may arise.

The creative and marketing team can partner up to create ads or posts highlighting the problem and the solution you offer. 

how to qualify leads

Tip #5: Know The Purchasing Process

To assure you are building a rapport with all the appropriate individuals, you have to discover and ascertain exactly who is included in the process of securing decisions.

You may also want to find out where the individual who is your lead fits within that process.

Unless you are working with tiny businesses, you will probably need to convince more than just one person that you’re the right agency or vendor for them. 

Identifying if you are bartering with the CEO or the manager can significantly modify your leads.

You can get this data by asking what role the lead is and a yes or no question on whether they are the purchasing decision-maker.

Tip #6: Budgeting

The budget is arguably the most crucial part of a new partnership and why knowing how to qualify leads is so important.

What customers want to speak about in the first sales call is how budgets influence lead qualification.

To qualify your leads and spare time, you can attach a question in your lead form regarding how much the lead is ready to pay on your services or product.

Leads with higher budgets will arguably be the highest priority.

Speaking about budget expectations straightforward can help you with lead qualification, as you can disqualify leads that can’t manage your offerings. 

how to qualify leads

Tip #7: Helping Them Make the Decision

Learn to listen to your leads’ individual struggles and fears.

Even if you seek to qualify multiple leads at once, you must make them feel special.

With this, you will know what it may be the client is holding back from making the decision.

Ensure that all your leads and prospects have access to your previous client’s reviews.

Reviews are extremely powerful and can be very useful to a person or Company trying to vet you out.

Here are some examples of useful reviews to display for anyone to see:

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

Whether it is the budget or not being entirely sure what they require, you must aspire to discover the barrier hindering your candidate from drawing out their credit card.

The result can help you with lead qualification.

If you have an obvious fix to the client’s purchasing delay, the lead may be more of a preference.

While a sales representative resolves what is keeping the buyer back from the sale, they can join the customer with a team member that can suitably approach this concern. 

Urge your candidates to speak about what they have already attempted before.

Recalling these will make you see if you can contribute different solutions, and it will also assist the lead to recap what they have previously been through.

By going back and embracing all the things they have attempted and failed, you can reveal what solutions or products you may offer to encourage clients to achieve this point in time.

You can then use this data going forth to give them answers that are more assuring to work or not.

Kindly take a moment to examine and follow the lead’s viewpoint about their own enterprise.

Urge your sales candidate to draft where they think they are good at and where they feel that there are lagging periods.

Understanding how they see themselves can help you comprehend their preferences and how strongly they follow your services or products.

It is unlikely to recognize precisely what obstacles will manifest up when you are serving a new client.

Yet, learning what they could do can assist you plan.

If you anticipate any long-term concerns, address them with your lead.

Sales staff may necessitate discussing with product or content partners to recognize the potential difficulties thoroughly and if they can surmount them.

If not, it is better to disqualify the lead.

If so, extend up these explications to the lead to assist you in closing the deal.

how to qualify leads

Tip #8: Understand the Requirements

Addressing the deal-breakers straightforward can also help with lead qualification.

As you can see, requirements and deal-breakers can frequently be tricky things to talk about.

Mindless of the direction the discussion goes, it is always prudent to be honest and open concerning your product.

If you can’t give solutions or meet the client’s deal breakers, you may disqualify them as a lead.

Trying to deceive the customer into believing you provide the perfect solution will only cause headaches and frustration down the road. 

In extension to being a significant factor of lead qualification, this consideration can help you close deals.

Once you know what might hinder a contract, you can either disqualify the lead or suggest solutions to guarantee that the sale succeeds.

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Tip #9: Know Your Competitors

Challenge your lead which they think their rivals are.

Then question how they imagine their contenders are exceeding them.

By making them recollect about the fields their opponents are performing better, they can adequately appreciate the answers they require to execute to observe comparable accomplishment.

This can provide both of you with a more solid approach on how to qualify leads and to know what measures you demand to implement going forward.

Tip #10: Timeline Expectations

Speaking on goals is fine, but it is more valuable to understand when your leads wish to achieve those aims.

Making a timeline as to when your leads would prefer to complete their priorities can help you properly realize what sort of responsibility they’re scanning for and qualify them as such.

Sales staff should be certain to interact with the team accountable for fulfilling the client’s goal within the petitioned period.

How soon should be the results be?

Understanding and knowing what sort of turnaround your client expects can assist you better grasp when they may be ready to invest.

If they require to see outcomes in just a few weeks, you will need to begin immediately.

But, if they have no plan when they want to commence their course, they are presumably not still willing to make a purchase and can be categorized as a lower-priority lead.

Know outside or external factors that would influence the turnaround time.

External due dates and other determinants can address your sales representative’s tasks more difficult.

You see, external circumstances can determine when a deal can go over.

Whether they hold a contract they require to see by or keep a deadline they are struggling to face, you will need to examine if any external determinants will change your leads’ timeline.

A prospect who is eager to purchase may be ranked higher than someone who cannot for the moment for extraneous matters.

Tip #11: Change and Growth

Be sure that you consider your leads’ goals once you set contact.

A few may simply be seeking additional revenue, while others may desire extra positive customer reviews.

Your sales leads are viewing for an answer to obstacles they have at present.

If you can also present solutions in eventuality, you can support them attain more fluid progress.

Assisting them to understand how their needs may evolve as they grow and how you can stay there to support them solve new predicaments or reach new aims – can further set you up for a long-term friendship.

how to qualify leads

Tip #12: Relationships and the Future

Are they just seeing someone to assist with present goals, or do they desire a long-term ally who can support them succeed in future blockades?

If they intend for something short-term, rank them as a lower priority lead – this is why it is so important to know how to qualify leads.

No, do not neglect these leads completely because short-term settlements can change into referrals.

Also, if you do an exceptional job, short-term contracts may turn into long-term.

Revealing to your prospects that you are pondering how you can retain the connection moving as they rise may prompt them to operate with you over a contender.

Final Thoughts

By prompting you of these tips on how to qualify leads, you can better understand who your possible client is, their lead rank, what they are looking for, and how you can support them.

Do not pretend that you recognize when leads are enthusiastic about making a purchase if you really desire to end blowing out on high-quality leads.

Rather, let them notify you when they can, even if they are not aware that they are doing it.

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Local SEO: The Ultimate Guide

local seo
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Have you known? Almost half of all searches on Google are local. More than half of individuals search for a local business on their cellphones at least once a week, and from that quest, most will visit a shop within five miles. Note that these so-called searchers are questionably able to locate you if your local SEO is ineffective.

That means if you own a local company and do not possess a local SEO in order, you are blowing an opening each point someone local searches for your business’s services or products on the web.

Hence, the significance of Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

local seo

According to experts, local SEO is the method of enhancing the online discernibility of local businesses, which is related to organic SEO but including an appended geographical segment.

Mainly, you are striving to place high in the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages for those local searches.

So it’s necessary to develop your local SEO if you are operating to improve your organic local traffic.

These are the signals that help local businesses rank in Google’s three-pack.

The Google three-pack is the compilation of the top three outcomes for your local search.

This managed to be a 7-pack, but it was trimmed to fit mobile searches where you need your business to sit. 

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO

Remember that if your website is not optimized correctly, it will be difficult for you to mount the SERPs.

For local SEO (in extension to maximizing standard SEO methods), you may require to do the following:

Create a great contact page

At present, most people want more comprehensive and specific details about your business.

Ensure that you explicitly show your “NAP” – which stands for Name, Address, and Phone – on your contact page.

I would also suggest that you disclose your email.

If you have fewer locations or sites, insert the complete name, address, and phone number individually in the footer element sitewide on your web page.

local seo

The entire purpose of local SEO is to secure it more effortless for customers to locate you.

So it would be absurd not to attach a map, especially when most of the individuals view up the place of a store or business on Google Maps.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Focus on mobile devices

A portion of mobile searches is location-related; that is why your site must be optimized for mobile devices.

Moreover, a more considerable percentage of clients from local searches result in a phone call – so do be sure that your phone number is clickable.

If someone discovers your website on their mobile device and desires to call you, they may get irritated if they find out that they have to shift among apps to copy in the mobile number manually.

Produce locally targeted content

local seo

If you are not targeting your local clientele, I suggest you start doing this immediately on blog on your website – blogging is essential to SEO.

In your blogging, make sure to mention your city or area of the city your want this article to show up on the search engines.

It’s even helpful to mention the zip code.

Google is smart enough to relate the zip codes with the city or area to show you off in.

Attempt hosting your blog on your own business’s domain for excellent SEO benefits – we highly suggest you host your website on Siteground because of it’s excellent hosting service and remarkable customer service.

Click here for a 25% off coupon to Siteground Hosting.

What you need to concentrate on

local seo

Do not write solely about your business.

Instead, compose posts that can assist and serve your reader in some form.

People do not care about your products and services; they care about themselves and the problems they have.

Hence, ensure that your products and services are solving a problem that is relevant to your audience.

It is how consumers think and views things.

Aim to grow and become a trusted go-to source in your niche.

Rather, it should be directed at assisting the reader in some way.

This way, as you procure links to your blog, you will also earn links to your business’s front site. 

The orders of your website will rise as your blog’s search engine rankings improve as well.

When composing the posts, make sure to incorporate local city and neighborhood names wherever you can.

Be sure also to have nearby towns and cities, communities, and unofficial words that locals may accept because not everyone will utilize your city name when searching.

Involve local happenings and news, which will heighten your SEO and render valuable data to the public.

Profit on the notoriety of an upcoming community event, fair, and election, sponsor local teams, events, or groups, and compose about them.

Attempt to include local events from the viewpoint of a local business owner.

You may also survey local experts within or outside your company. 

An excellent way to begin is to seek conversations in different local business blogs—associate by dropping friendly comments or mentioning or even linking their posts on your business’ blog.

Constructing relationships with other companies is a magnificent idea to secure your website and draw links back to your blog.

Utilize Schema

By adding the relevant Schema markup for local businesses to your website, you inform Google that you are a local business and not some big brand.

In turn, this can assist in expanding your local rankings.

The more clues you give Google about your business and the easier it is for Google to understand what your business is all about and where it is located, the easier it will be for your website to rank in search engines.

Schema.org was invented to create a common language between major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It makes it easier for search engines to understand what your website is about.

Once you’ve optimized your website for local SEO, you should be in a better position to improve your rankings and increase local organic traffic.

Design your website and blog as a sales funnel

Have a look at Clickfunnels.

Everything Clickfunnels speaks directly to their audience with the sole goal on this audience to take one action per page.

You need to have the same goal in mind.

Having too many links on a page and too many options will confuse your readers and create havoc for your conversion rates.

Be clear.

Give massive value.

Have your end goal in mind when writing your article/blog content.

Give your audience several chance to ‘take the action you want them to’ in your article.

If you do all of the above, your conversion rates should increase and so will your sales.


Get 2 FREE Weeks to try Clickfunnels here

Claim Your Google My Business profile

Your website is not the single spot you require to be online.

You need to ensure your business is placed precisely on the leading review platforms, like Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and even Facebook.

Also, do not ignore any popular local-review websites.

By filling out your profile entirely and collecting reviews, you will develop your ranking.

Google Maps will also confer searchers a thorough profile of your enterprise.

You will even frequently observe the sporadic local review site amidst the heavy hitters.

Claim Different Social Profiles to Enhance Local SEO

And make sure to update your social profiles several times per week.

Marketing Trends 2021

You may also fancy placing profiles on the social media channels appropriate to your target demographic.

Be sure to grasp the trend in social media practices.

When creating your profiles, it is essential to link them together as much as you can.

Remember, consistency is vital.

By fixing up these profiles, you will grow more noticeable to possible clients.

You will also present search engines with further data about your market, which will make your ranking expand.

Build citations

local seo

Citations introduce your business name, phone number, address, or website anyplace on the web, even if no link exists on your website.

These are essential to your local SEO endeavors because its signals build up a piece of local pack-ranking constituents.

Make sure you solely create citations for actual physical locations as well.

You may create a unique assortment of citations for each physical area you have.

But make certain the name, address, phone number, and website URL are accurate and alike on every source you build.

What search engines see

Search engine algorithms are smart enough to recognize most abbreviations.

It’s essential to verify whether your abbreviation will be selected up and delivered precisely by search engines.

Search engines tend to crawl the web for citations to verify or update the data in their indexes.

You can assist the search engines to do this by inserting your businesses.

Give some time and resources to secure your business is recorded in as many related, quality local business indexes as probable.

Local blogs are a fabulous spot to get your business noted to increase your local SEO.

Search engines well-index these blogs and are profoundly connected with a distinct city, region, or neighborhood.

Frequently, the prime local blogs will have in their title or domain the name of the town or area.

Sure, local blogs will be diverse for every place, but you can discover ones related to you and your business.

As you obtain links from these blogs, search engines will frequently view your business as trustworthy and appropriate in the local search engines. 

Similar to local blogs, local directories are heavily linked with a geographic area, and search engines index them well.

Directories regulated by a human than robots are favored and managed to be more patronized by the local search engines because they are less receptive to spam.

seo services

Insert testimonials

Google views testimonials as a security sign, and it encourages your readers to trust that you are who they need.

That is why the Local SEO Guide has an entire page given to these sorts of reviews.

Obtain and prominently disclose testimonials and recommendations from local clients on your website for a combined local SEO lift.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

Prioritize on customer reviews

You might be in trouble if you have anything other than a four or five-star evaluation on the influential review sites – lower ratings turn off possible clients, and a shortage of ratings may not impart confidence and assurance in your label.

This is proven because, according to studies, more than half of individuals read reviews and compare ratings, and more than one-in-three customers leave remarks on blogs or offer comments to online discussions.

So it is essential and prudent to get those positive customer reviews.

best seo company
best seo company

Know who your audience is

If you are lost and cannot grasp who and what you are writing for, it will be pretty challenging to produce relevant content that nails to the point.

So once you have secured your reader personas, you need to also know your target audience’s demographical locations and neighborhoods.

You need to speak to your audience as if you were speaking with friends using a conversational writing style.

It is best to be amicable, clear and to the point in your writing.

Being clear on who your audience is will make this process a lot simpler.

For instance, if your audience is divorced women over the 40 with kids, you will write your articles a lot differently that if your audience is single men in the 20s with no kids.


Prior to the boom of the internet, it was more manageable for bad businesses to twist their branding and scam their customers.

Fortunately, the internet has put more control into the clients’ hands.

At present, everyone and anyone can immediately recognize whether you are as valid as you say you are or not. 

What else?

Collecting reviews is a continuous process and one wherein you will be involved in your business’s growth.

Each company may at some point suffer negative reviews, by the way.

But whenever you do, be calm and just respond professionally.

The most excellent way to counter negative feelings is to present a fantastic product or service.

You will be able to limit the bad reviews and encourage good ones if you make your customers happy. 

Before you begin requesting reviews on any platform, be certain that you understand the terms of service and its own guidelines.

You may have to direct your customer’s positivity to inspire new possible clients.

Do not be anything pushy, such as setting up a review station or kiosk just to ask for reviews – no one likes that at all.

Just make sure to have local clients give reviews utilizing their own devices while using their accounts.

A big no-no is to ask for too many reviews at once.

An abrupt inrush of positive reviews may seem skeptical and doubtful that may end your website to be filtered on some major platforms.

Again, getting those reviews should be done in a slow, constant, continuous manner for your market.


Striving to ascend the SERPs can be a struggle for enterprises, mainly if you are just a small and starting business with insufficient supplies.

That is why local SEO is critical to your business achievement.

As many individuals depend further on online reviews and search engines to obtain each demand, you need to promote those local rankings in order to be noticed online.

Therefore rise through the local SERPs by optimizing your online site, creating unique local content, procuring citations, and obtaining reviews.

Establish relationships with different appropriate local stores, engage in community functions, and participate in local groups and associations.

Online efforts are invariably a representation of offline actualities.

If your business is faulty and lack visibility, it will reflect in your reviews or lack thereof.

All the best!

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RCES system
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How are you doing with your business, really? Getting hard to get by these days? Looking for a plan to up your game? Well, if you are here because you are looking for the fastest and most effective strategy for your massive business growth – you are in the right place. You outta look into our RCES System. With it, we are able to help any businesses. Read on to find out what (or who) could help you in your business crisis.


At present, more major companies are directing their marketing strategies and retailing resources to the web in this modern society.

Hence, the rationale why the SEO or search engine optimization enterprise has been flourishing currently.

They also get into these POS or point of sales system.

We may not realize it, but most of us are accustomed to this point of sales system.

A point of sales system is a line of technology employed by retailers and restaurant proprietors to receive customers’ fees, amongst other responsibilities.

On the whole, it is the hardware and software that a local company needs to run its affairs.

From securing and managing inventory to processing sales to handling customers and staff, the point of sales system is the prime hub that aids retailers in control and develops their industries.

The point of sales system has allowed anyone, from business-savvy administrators to skilled workers who aspire to transform their passion into their business, start a retail shop, and arise. 

With the businesses growing, it is no surprise that SEO firms are getting hard to pick from.

One has to select the most dependable SEO company to be more advanced than your competitors.

That is why one must also be wary about choosing – remember, employing an SEO partnership is a long-term engagement.

Also, not all SEO and content marketing companies perform on their assurances of improved traffic and higher rankings, regrettably.

So, what is the point of all these anyway?

What is the strategy for massive business growth?

Choose the Best

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Begin creating a record of characteristics you need to have and speak to fellow industry partners running to a comparable extent.

Inquire what POS systems they are using currently and what they fancy or do not like about it.

Afterward, begin noting at solutions and make specific merchants cover the essential details necessary to your business while also suggesting a reliable, easy to secure, easy-to-use, and convenient solution.

Usability and agility are critical in a POS. 

Now, where do you get that? What or who should you choose?

Top Rating SEO And Its RCES System

First of all, do you presently depend on compensated promotion to draw in fresh customers?

Are you stuffed up with battling Facebook for ad approval?

Are you worried that your business manager would close the doors if you present your product?

The most successful and productive approach for massive business growth is here, and all you have to make is by simply taking advantage of their service.

Over the last five years, Top Rating SEO has trained hundreds of business owners on how to advance their firms without bargaining with social media ad brushoffs or losing funds on unproductive marketing tactics.

The Top Rating SEO RCES System produces 200+ new sales for their clients each day.

They will deploy their tried-and-tested RCES approaches to surmount Google rankings and create $200+ in increased revenue for the clients each day on autopilot.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

Have you been a victim of the so-called Paid Ads Black Hole? 

Are you still intending to relaunch Facebook Ads? Let me tell you – that is a disastrous idea.

Rather than losing time and making your advertising account barred, they will explain to you exactly what to arrange to get extensive outcomes.

Top Rating SEO will bestow the precise moves you should make to expand your revenue by $60k per month in the next three months.

They will tell you how to build an on-the-spot strategy for inducing massive traffic to your goods without having to spend on ads.

They indeed have a proven RCES System and will undeniably reveal to you these techniques for you to be able to command Google rankings and create 200+ new sales per day on auto-pilot. 

It has been too long – things are not working out so much anymore.

It is time to say goodbye to the old know-hows and attempt something fresh.

Top Rating SEO will show you why traditional marketing approaches do not operate anymore.

True, with the dynamic digital marketing drift, you cannot just do the similar old tricks and assume them to be successful. 

Why Top Rating SEO

point of sales system
point of sales system

Top Rating SEO is one of the most reliable SEO companies for small-to-midsized firms in 2021 – backed up with years of experience, 500+ customer testimonials, and industry recognition from companies like Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Ferrari.

Their services involve a comprehensive off-page, on-page, and professional SEO answer for your company which includes ROI reporting, custom approach, AI insights, etc.

Top Rating SEO is committed to equipping you with the most brilliant tactics for nurturing your business.

Be assured that you can invest with confidence.

If they cannot help you explode your rankings by the following year, they will refund your money with no questions asked.

By trusting and becoming a valued client – they secure a money-back guarantee to protect you. 

If you think Top Rating SEO is a great fit for your company, you may contact them online.

Learn why Top Rating SEO is the most trustworthy SEO company worldwide and how they can help businesses of all sizes thrive.

Find out why among many competitors, many consumers choose Top Rating SEO.

Final Thoughts

The point of sales system and search engine optimization process you choose has a significant influence on managing and developing your business for days and years.

Sure, there are a lot of options out there – one of these is Top Rating SEO. But, I say that you select the best for your business.

Choose Top Rating SEO.

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Google Ranking

google ranking

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Google Ranking: How To Be In Control Of Google In 2021


To those new to this word like I was back then, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO can help you build better relationships with your audience, build importance and visibility. SEO can improve the customer experience, increase your authority, and drive more people to your site, SEO can give you an edge over the competition, increase conversions, which means more sales. Google Rankings are of crucial importance in 2021. With Google rankings come more customers, more sales, more brand recognition, and more growth for your business.

But with change comes innovation, and some people cannot really keep up with change.

SEO is becoming harder and harder, from the process, to the analysis to the SEO plan.

It takes longer to rank, and you must spend cash to get great results.

The thing is you cannot wait forever to get what you want.

You must use SEO because everyone big CBD Company is doing it, so if you want to grow and have a fighting chance to get known in your space, SEO is a must.

Many brands and businesses know that they need SEO for their digital properties, and the benefits they get from that SEO is their apparatus to get their brands going.

SEO will certainly improve a website’s overall hit and visibility.

Instead of teaching you how to rank for competitive terms, which is so difficult in 2021, I am going to give you a formula that will give you a must faster result, sales, and an extremely competitive environment.

Here are 4 steps of SEO strategy that can help you dominate Google rankings in 2021.


turn website visitors into email subscribers


Attracting customers before they are ready to buy. Customers do not know they need it until they see it or the ads, or clickbait.

I, myself, admit that I am like that sometimes.

The most valuable keywords to go after are buyer intended keywords.

These are the ones where someone types a keyword or keywords and then a product that they need pops out wherein they are ready to lay some cash on it.

Even though sometimes they don’t need it.

That is the case, not just from an SEO point of view but in any pay per click standpoint. So do not ignore these money-making keywords.

Instead, use these to generate more customers and leads.

People usually scroll and search what they need before they buy it.

If you generate those keywords early, then you can lead them to click and maybe buy your products.

Try using Ahrefs or Moz allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others.

So, you can learn and use it in your market, so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

It works like this:

Let’s say you are selling CBD Creams, and you know that the market is super competitive, and you have to wait and use cash to rank.

Ahrefs will show you all the terms people use and search for on Google that can be related to CBD Creams like joint pain, relief, anxiety, pain relief, etc. 

With Moz, you will get a list of queries that have similar trend pattern to the main keyword, and it will show you other terms that match the same pattern.

Try typing in CBD Cream and then click “keyword ideas”, it will show you a lot of suggestions and click “related.”

Here is what I have:

google ranking

This is how most people generate more sales, from content marketing.

You don’t even have to write a blog for publicity, though it helps. Just create landing pages targeting those new keywords.



Even though SEO has a very big ROI (Return of Investment) it is a strategy that truly requires you to have patience.

Everyone focuses on ranking for new terms but did not think of the issue… that it is hard to rank new terms.

The thing is, you can get results faster if you use the land and expand strategy.

Land and expand strategy work on the notion that your current customers are also your best source of revenue.

Upselling and cross- selling engagements will exist when you know your customers well.

This is how it works – Go search Google Search Console.

Click on “performance” and you will see a list of terms that you rank on.

Then click on one of the most popular terms you already rank for and then click on pages.

google ranking

After that you should see reports that show you the URL’s that rank for the term on Google.

When adding the long-term tail phrases, always make sure to adjust your content to be relevant.

Always pick those related to your product.

Long term tail phrases or long-term keywords are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels.

Adjust content and don’t provide a good user experience to searchers. The solution to this strategy is to pick the right longtail keywords.



Having a strong brand means you get to rank faster.

Google is placing more value and importance on brands that stand out from the rest.

Focus on building a great name for your brand and your network traffic will skyrocket.

google ranking

“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.– Ex CEO of Google

You must build a brand, and as this grows your search traffic will too. The way to monitor your brand growth is to use Google Trends.

Type your brand name into Google Trends and come of your competitors to see how you are stacking up.

For example, I want to know how Jollibee, McDonalds and Burger King’s sales are going in the Philippines since they are a hit in the Philippines.

This is the data I have collected.

google ranking

If there isn’t a quick skyrocket in your brand, then do something bold to make a scene in social media and these networks.

When it comes to building a brand, you must take the opposite approach of being bold with the people in your workspace.

Whatever is working for you, will not or may not work for them. No one really cares for the copycat, when consumers are satisfied.

Here are examples of how to do the opposite of your competition:

  • Help people, genuinely – (I cannot emphasize this enough)

Always respond to the community, take time in taking care of the community, by giving back.

There is at least 1% of brands who have responded to comments.

Though a lot of people participate on social media, but most people don’t take the time to build a connection.

  • Content. Content. Content.
seo services

Find a way to separate yourself, an edge. Be creative, have more words than usual.

Don’t just blog because you feel like it is your obligation to blog. Blog because you want to and it is what feels right.

  • Video Content

Creating video content is easier, people can access them through any social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and even blogpost.

Instead of giving speeches and wasting your breath by saying the same thing over and over again, why not create a video and let the video market for you.

This is how you stand out as a brand; this is how you stand out from your competition.

Now go build that brand.

No matter what you are selling, you will always have competitions.

May it be online or in a physical store. So how do you make your brand be different from the rest and stand out?

Here is an example:

In the USA, there are tons of cellphone companies or carriers that are available.

How does one brand stand out when everyone (Verizon, Boom Mobile, AT&T, T-Mobile) offers the same unit but in a very competitive price?

T-Mobile separated themselves by offering free Netflix and unlimited data.

You don’t have to do something big to be bold, just create and choose the right choice.

google ranking

Being bold does not mean you have to take a big leap and break bank; it can be as simple as providing amazing customer service and be known for great products.

Just have patience, being bold won’t make your brand stand out overnight.



Link building is a great way to boost and generate leads.

Link building is the process of adding hyperlinks from other websites to your own website.

A hyperlink or a link is a way for users to navigate between page to page on the internet.

In the field of SEO, link building is an action that is aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound link to a page or visitors to a page or a website.

Backlinking refers to a tactics that is used to gain beneficial backlinks to boost traffic to a website or specific page.

Google, and other search engines, use backlinks to create a map or a web, of the internet.

So how do you build links when everyone is getting spam emails asking for links, such as this one:

google ranking

You have to build a mouse trap that is so amazing that everyone wants to link it to you without you even asking from them.

You start by consulting firms about free analytics software, like ProfitWell or MOZ. 

A good place to look to find out which questions people are asking Google is answerthepublic.com

This will give you a great idea as to what to kind of content to make to deliver answers that your audience in your niche and thus, will inevitably attracts new customers/fans/followers in the process.

To track your rankings on Google, we suggest you use this platform – click here

This is a great service and very helpful in figure out where you are in the rankings at all times.

google ranking

You don’t even have to sign in to find out.

A great example in the consumer space is animated infographics. Using infographics can boost lead generation by 10x.

Here is a sample.

google ranking

If you want to use old school backlinking tactics, you can. They are just not as helpful this 2021 than last year.

So, get creative and use that creativity of yours to garner leads.


Instead of using traditional SEO, why don’t you shift your strategy?

SEO is getting harder and harder, Google, keeps changing their algorithm. Though traditional SEO will get you results, it usually needs several weeks to kick in.

Using a content strategy detailed above as well as a social media strategy will work well in conjunction with SEO (and with that, you can also cross reference your social media posts with your website pages) and will deliver faster results.

In order to get more Pro SEO Tips, get your hands on our FREE SEO Course. This will really help you as well.

Or, if you are ready for our team to handle all this marketing stuff that gives you a headaches on the daily, click here and we will take great care of you.

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How To Use Voice Tweets

how to use voice tweets

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How to Use Voice Tweets

Building interaction via Twitter can feel like an uphill battle, with about 350,000 new tweets emerging on the web every minute. Here’s how to use voice tweets to your advantage.

Twitter carried out voice tweets to improve interaction on the website, empowering people to post snippets of audio on their profile.

Learn more about the options for voice tweets and how digital marketers should use Twitter to their full advantage.

Voice Tweet, what is it? 

Voice Tweets encourage you to record an audio clip of your voice and send it to you in a tweet. Here’s an explanation of how it operates.

• You can record up to 140 seconds.

• If you need extra days, that’s fine. Keep talking and immediately start recording a new voice tweet. Click or touch the dione button to finish recording.

• As you would submit daily tweets, send your voice tweet(s) from the composer’s screen.

• As an audio placeholder, Twitter uses the new profile pic. Clicking on this link helps users to listen to the audio connection.

how to use voice tweets

If you type a comment, upload your post, or press your profile, people will listen to what you have to say and communicate in their favorite way. Think of voice tweets as a way to talk up to make sure that you’re heard amid a sea of 280-character tweets.

You have to keep in mind one thing, though, before you start tweeting your voice. And if you alter your profile image later, the image attached to a voice tweet will not change.

Before you start tweeting your voice, make sure you’re happy with your image. This keeps posts consistent and makes it easier for users to reach you again in the future.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Can Voice Tweets be used by everyone? 

It’s only available via the Twitter OS app, so don’t worry if you’re running Android or Twitter on your desktop. Your way, there’s a voice tweet coming.

You can’t quote or respond to voice-using tweets, either. It is only available for the original tweets. 

If you have a lot to say, you’re going to need more than one line. Threads are limited to 25 tweets for each speech.

Do you need more than 25 tweets? It’s easier to create and link a short YouTube video to a post.

Voice tweet transcripts are not yet available, either, although Twitter plans to use this functionality to ensure that more users experience voice tweets throughout the future.

Can you use voice tweets for DMs? Not right now, but we may have to expect a roll-out in the future if voice tweets are useful.

How to Use Voice Tweets

Do you want to start using voice tweets, but don’t you know how to start? Here are 15 ways you can use Twitter’s voice feature and tips to create compelling voice tweets.

1. Enhance the brand’s personality 

How can you describe your company in three words? Since these three words are the secret to the image of your company, this is important.

The attitude of your brand is essential. It influences how people see your business, and when someone defines your organization, it affects the words that come to mind.

Will voice tweets help you build the right online personality? Yes, because it boils down to credibility. Eighty-six percent of consumers vote for businesses with an authentic, upfront, and genuine identity, which immediately makes the company sound more natural and sincere with voice tweets.

Here’s how to use Twitter’s new voice feature to boost the personality of your company.

  • To capture voice tweets, select one or two team members. Ensure that their tone suits your values. If you’re a B2B business, for example, pick an eloquent speaker.
  • Check the commitment of your voice tweet. Are individuals posting or referring to your tweets? Consider reassessing what you’re tweeting if not.

How do you like your brand to be represented by people? To demonstrate this, use voice tweets.

2. Advertise Your Company 

You’re losing out on a significant media boost if you don’t use Twitter.

  • About 330 million daily users and counting are on Twitter. That’s a large number of people signing in each day, and if you target the ads effectively, there’s no limit on who you can attract.
  • About 50 percent of users complete a transaction after they follow a company on Twitter.
  • As there is nothing you pay to tweet, it is free publicity.

Here are a few recommendations for integrating voice tweets into your solution.

  • It would be best if you made your case quickly, so keep messages short and simple.
  • Have sound effects or logos to enhance the message of your brand. No reason to restrain yourself!
  • Terminate with a call-to-action (CTA) to lead visitors to your website, for example.

Want to upgrade your profile on Twitter?

Consider a tweet “pinning” to the top of the list. Users will discover your brand instantly with one click and create a link to your company. 

3. Promote the Product 

Approximately 54% of millennials turn on social media product review pages, so voice tweets provide the best way to speak about main products.

how to use voice tweets

How are you maximizing the potential of your tweets? It’s not the actual voice that matters. It all comes down to the brand’s voice, which is why developing an easy, unique, and clear personality is so crucial.

By cultivating a distinctive accent, avoid ringing like any other marketing tweet on the site, and then watch the product demand growth as a result.

What is the ultimate edge of it?

how to use voice tweets

Their Banner is pretty cool too.

By connecting with your audience and relating to them, you can also use voice tweets to promote your products and services!

4. Release new goods or features

To launch their latest products and services, advertisers still rely on Twitter. Strong marketers realize how important it is to stand out from the noise and discover new ways of gaining interest.

Again, voice tweets are sure to help you out here because they’re an opportunity to show what’s impressive about you and your product.

Consider using voice tweets alongside other platforms, such as YouTube videos, to improve the overall user experience. After viewing a video, consumers are about 80 percent more likely to purchase a product, so it’s still worth using video resources in the marketing plan.

Besides, it is best to tweet before 8 a.m., according to Hubspot. And ten o’clock, then between 6 p.m. Oh, and 9 p.m. These are peak hours, which means that there is a greater probability that you can create any user interest than at, say, midnight if you voice tweets.

5. Reveal Your Product by making a Giveaway 

Who does not love free stuff?

Everyone likes a fantastic giveaway, so try using the voice tweet’s strength to inform about the new contest.

• Once you have selected a prize, here’s how you can talk about it on Twitter. Set a target for a giveaway. Are you targeting more followers, or are you focused on growing the number of subscribers?

• Turn the target into a CTA. For starters, people can have to retweet your giveaway tweet to participate, or if they follow you on another social media site, they can get extra entries. It all depends on your objective.

Here is a great example of a Great Giveaway that will get lots of views and ROI

how to use voice tweets

6. Interacting with customers 

Did you know that on social media, 64 percent of clients want businesses to connect with them?

Personalize the experience of the user and respond by voice tweets.

They are more likely to choose you over rivals if you make individual users feel like they belong to your business.

how to use voice tweets

7. Become a Customer Service for Consumers 

Dealing with questions on customer service? More than 70 percent of consumers expect businesses to react within an hour. To support, here’s how to use Twitter’s new voice feature.

• Give the customer care a personal touch by including someone’s name in the reply.

• If you’re just online at the moment, pin your voice tweet to the top of your profile and see how easily you can respond to notifications and where other consumers can turn in the meantime.

8. Clarify Corporate Practices 

Since you have 140 seconds to play it, voice tweets should be quick, sharp, and unforgettable. In other words, they are a unique way to explain business practices easily.

  • Strengthen core policies, such as delivery procedures, customer care hours, via voice tweets.
  • Have links on your website to more extensive social media articles or accounts.

9. FAQs for Response 

They even work for FAQs if voice tweets work for company strategy.

• Run a list of voice tweets in a single thread corresponding to 10-15 FAQs.

• Only pin to make it easy to meet people the line at the top of your Twitter profile.

End the conversation with another CTA, allowing people to answer questions you might have asked in the same forum.

10. Customer Satisfaction Boost 

All the questions that you answer? Are you submitting the answers?

They always pile up.

However, they build trust in your brand and in time, it will improve customer loyalty.

But, over time, your voice will become associated with your Brand and will help grow your business.

11. Welcome Feedback from Consumers 

Why not welcome consumers with a voice tweet to share feedback? You should retweet good feedback or quote them and post them with your fans.

For the target demographic, voice tweets humanize your products and service and should improve conversion rates in the long run.

To develop your goods or introduce new lines, can you use customer feedback? Sure you can, it is a great way, plus it will raise your engagement.

best seo company
how to use voice tweets

12. Tell Stories 

There’s power in storytelling.

Here’s why you should use a voice tweet to build your brand, boost your popularity, and even extend your follower count.

Great stories make it easy to connect, like, and retweet, and increase fans’ and brands’ visibility.

Stories are a way for you, as an entity, to stick to what you believe in and highlight topics. This will leave users impressed and encourage them to check out the blog.

13. Connect With Influencers 

The influencers are not called influencers by mistake and for no reason. They can genuinely influence their audience. Consumers typically respond well to them. With that in mind, why don’t you recruit a social media influencer to take over your Twitter handle for the day?

For starters, Your chosen Influencer could:

• Create content that relates to your followers and ask them questions

• The Influencer should be an expert at designing a buzz around giveaways to drive engagement 

• He/She should be able to suggest ways for your Company to follow and be able to increase your followers.

• Forward some of your products to the Influencer and ask them to post pictures of themselves on their channel with your products. Just make sure that you chose an influencer that vibes with your Brand!

14. Audience Entertainment 

Research shows that at least 60 per cent of social media users are interested in entertaining content. The majority of people love a good laughThis is precisely why bringing your tweets to life by using your voice, is so vital.

  • Choose a voice for your brand that is expressive and engaging.
  • Dwell on anecdotes that are brief and unexpected. Know that for each voice tweet, there’s no reason for you to use the 140-second maximum.
how to use voice tweets Top Rating SEO 10411 Stanberry Ave Las Vegas, NV 89135 info@topratingseo.com 888-658-6444 https://topratingseo.com

15. Humanizing The Brand 

What’s the easiest way to establish a friendship with your followers? It’s about humanizing the brand.

To accomplish this: use your voice so that consumers will be able to realize that there are the real people behind the name and the Brand of your Company.

• Utilize Voice tweets. Doing this will provide another layer to the company’s personality and your followers will be able to relate to you better.

• Talking makes you show your passion, knowledge, and creativity online.

• Answering your prospects/clients with a voice tweets will undoubtedly make your followers feel special. After all, when is the last time you received a voice tweet from anyone, right? –> this gesture reminds me of how special one feels when you get a handwritten note.

This personal touch may be why individuals prefer your brand over an identical one.


It’s certainly still worth it to use Twitter for digital marketing on many level because voice tweets make it much easier to recognize your brand and find your audience.

Choose a strong, distinctive profile picture before you start tweeting (and make sure you are happy with your profile pic before sending voice tweets cause you won’t be able to change it afterwards) and set your voice for the brand.

Use voice tweets to inspire conversation and humanize your business via social media before you get this part right.

** Note that not everyone has this function at this time but Twitter plans on rolling it out fully in 2021.

Have you started using voice tweets already? If you have, please comment below and let us know what you think of it

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How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day
seo consultant


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How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

I did not have a ‘list’ when I first started out as a digital marketer.

As a consequence, I wasn’t making any progress.

Eventually, conditions changed. I learned that a list is important.

Yes, you do have to have a premium product to grow a list and an iconic reputation definitely works but… everyone that is in business must start growing their email list TODAY!

Getting information out quickly and selling your services/products will work like magic if you have an active email list.

However, one of the issue is keeping people on your email list. There are a lot of strategies out there for email marketing, but not all of them work for everybody.

I hear that a lot from people trying to get new clients with limited or stale email lists.

Many individuals try the standard tactics—an optimized type of signup, and inviting CTA, a perfect lead magnet—and it just doesn’t function well. The signup rate they get is brutal.

If you’ve tried all of your book’s tricks, then you need a new book. Go find the info from people who are successful and do what they do. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

That’s why I thought I would share some of my best ideas for starting a new list or refreshing the one you already have and increasing your subscribers subscribers every day. Sounds good?

It’s going to add work to your day but the results are awesome – if you put in the effort.

Currently, I’m getting 184 email subscriptions a day using the approaches below. It may sound like a great number, but it’s not unlikely at all.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Many websites get this much and even more every single day.

Let’s dig in:

Here’s how we grow our winning email list and get new subscribers daily.

Review your present approach

To design an email capture system that works, there’s a pretty standard method.

You may be doing things wrong if you have a current email capture in place. (We’ll discuss this later on in more details)

Here’s how it works if you’re new to this.

1st this is: you have to provide users with a valid excuse to sign up for your list. They won’t want to give you their email address if there isn’t something that entices them and that they find incredibly useful.

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

Before you sign up for the list, Copyblogger makes sure you know precisely what you’re receiving. For instance in this example, they are stating that they will send you 16 reasons—15 ebooks and 1 course of instruction in the email you are signing up for.

Second, you have to have a convincing argument as to why people need to sign up for your stuff.

Look, people are tired of lame emails. They no longer want to give their emails away to just about anyone. Those days are over… now, if you want someone’s email, you better make sure that you have legit stuff to offer them.

And for a good cause, advertisers placed a lot of effort into their email signup forms. A lame signup form will drive people away immediately.

But… don’t complicate things. Simplicity works best here.

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

Thirdly, you usually ought to make a lead magnet.

To pull people in, you need something irresistible. You can’t supply the viewers with a generic infographic or ebook—you have to deliver something tailor-made that will appeal to them.

Thus, in order for that to happen, you really need to know who your audience is. When this happens, you will know how to talk to your people and how to make them respond.

This checklist is ideal for the audience of digital marketers.

It has incredibly actionable material that has been developed with its readers in mind.

For a perfect email capture program, these are the three essential ingredients.

If those three elements don’t appear in your email capture system, that’s usually where your trouble is.

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

These are three of the most prevalent concerns faced by advertisers and writers.

Let’s look in detail at each issue.

Issue #1: There’s no valid excuse for the list to sign up.

“It might look good on paper for your email capture system, but you have to ask yourself, “Have I given people a reason to enter my list? ”

You will be shocked how often this arises. People like to see the reasoning laid out for them to know precisely what to expect, but when designing their sign-up forms, many people do not do get this crucial step right.

Issue #2: There is a tedious or troublesome signup process.

If someone just has to click through three screens to sign up for an email list, they will get fed up pretty soon and are overwhelmingly likely to leave before completing all the steps.

Keep the process super simple..

Issue #3: You don’t have a lead magnet or your viewer doesn’t trust your lead magnet.

Too many bloggers feel they should waste 5 minutes and use it as a lead magnet on a plain-looking checklist. The reality is that it would take some work to produce a strong lead magnet.

You ought to include a lot of exciting material essential to your audience in your lead magnet. (A good interface doesn’t hurt.)

Go evaluate your email plan right now. Will this make all these boxes tick? If not, that’s what you can repair. That’s presumably why you don’t get the number of subscriptions you want.

If you’ve done all of this so far and nothing’s working, here are some other ideas to give your email capture system a revamp.

Make it quick and real easy for individuals to sign up

This one can take you by surpriseYou could miss a lot of traffic if it’s not insanely convenient for people to sign up.

You get the impression of so many signup forms asking people about their first name, last name, email (sometimes twice), telephone number.

Actually, it’s just an email address. It’s that. Someone will sign on to the list with a few keystrokes and a single click.

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

Filling out my questionnaire takes only 10 seconds (and even less if your browser automatically fills in the boxes). That means I’m not going to miss any traffic because of a complex sign-up process.

You want to help them travel from point A (your site) to point B (successfully entering your list) in the shortest possible period, if people are interested in your content.

You may still ask for the detail if you want to personalize your addresses or have any demographics.

If you go down this route, you know you’re going to lose some traffic, but you’re going to get more important information.

All is about the ambitions and what you want to accomplish. Remember what your goal is, and with that in mind, build your opt-in email form.

Here’s the one that we are testing out right now (just to give you an idea of what works)

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

Making an opt-in form accessible on each page

I’ve seen so many blogs that invested a lot of time and effort into developing an impressive signup process for emails. It’s brief, it’s persuasive for the CTA and it’s well crafted.

To attract traffic to their blog, they then post a bunch of articles and other content. But…They get almost no traffic!

This happens because only their signup forms were placed on their homepage by these sites. You need to have your sign up page and posts everywhere on your site.

Why? Cause you never know where your traffic is going to find you!

Here’s a great example:

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

It sounds like a stupid thing, but for all sorts of bloggers, it has caused plenty of problems.

You’re losing out on too much traffic if you build a fantastic opt-in form then just use it on your homepage.

This is a non-intrusive popup that will appear on your website on any page. Also, you can configure the popup to always remain in the sight of the recipient.

But this is just one option. They’ve got hundreds of such as:

  • A segment on a homepage or some subpage with “Start Here.”
  • Sidebar right. It is safer to offer a permanent sidebar opt-in, one that remains available while the user scrolls.
  • Sidebar, left. Again, if you have the option, go for a continuous opt-in.
  • Directly after the last statement at the conclusion of the blog post.
  • Distributed throughout the stuff, especially if you have a tempting offer.
  • On the homepage, over the fold.
  • In the header for the page.
  • On the footer of your page.
  • A personalized landing page, such as Facebook or Twitter, for visitors from a specific channel.
  • Underneath the Bio (especially if you have a bio in your sidebar).
  • Anywhere, in a popup.
  • Anywhere, in a slider.
  • Yahoo, Twitter card, YouTube channel, etc. Off-site options:
  • Quality is better than quantity, as I share below.

Yet nothing replaces the overwhelming amount of choices your web has.

You increase the average probability of anyone clicking on the provided opt-in with any additional opt-in.

So, yeah, be proactive. Be deliberate. Be clever. So add opt-ins everywhere you can, by all means.

– Nancy Dent, CSO of Top Rating SEO
seo services

Strategically incorporating additional opt-in forms

Efficiency is certainly higher than quantity when it comes to receiving emails. With three pop-ups and a massive opt-in box blocking half the page, we were all on those irritating pages.

But it’s not to suggest that there is only one signup type you can have. It doesn’t really matter how many ways you have. The thing that matters is where you put them.

At the end of the post, why is this? Since it catches the interest of the reader right after they’ve read an article.

They are more likely to sign up for your list or grab a free deal in return for their email if they enjoyed the article and found it beneficial.

All you have to do is press the ‘Create Call to Action’ button, select the ‘Sign Up’ button, and enter the URL of your sign-up page.

Many email services connect with Facebook, such as MailChimp, so if you choose, you can still go with one of those alternatives.

Having Social Proof throughout your content

best seo agency

For some of you, this may feel like you are bragging… and it may very well be so… but if you do not show your audience that you are awesome and deserve your attention, who else is going to do it?

best seo company

Make sure to have lots of social proof from real reviews that your customers left for your business as well as screenshots of comments that were made about you in groups or on your Pages.

This is really important to share and will definitely help you in Brand recognition and credibility.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

Testing the placements for opt-in

Don’t hesitate to put your opt-ins to the test. Know, the intention is not to apply opt-ins indiscriminately to any white space on the web that is accessible.

The purpose is to incorporate the necessary volume and consistency of opt-ins so that a larger percentage of users will migrate.

Using Google Analytics targets, other split monitoring software, or a heatmap app, test the opt-in placements.

Eliminate all opt-ins that merely generate congestion and simplify those that are gaining momentum continuously.

Build a Course by Email

I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again—people like to learn new stuff, especially when the data is super-in-depth.

One way to teach people is to host a webinar, but you might want to create an autoresponder course if we’re just talking about email signups.

The simple principle is that you build and sell a fast (3-7 day) course to new subscribers. Perhaps easier, you use an autoresponder email to send the course out immediately.

This approach does not entail a lot of time, but it yields a lot of results. 

There are numerous ways in which to set this up. 

Here’s an example of our step-by-step videos SEO Course that we built:

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

Most of the reasons this fits so well is that it’s an enticing deal for a multi-day course. 

If you deliver a bunch of lessons packed with details, individuals will be more than happy to pay the small amount of their email address.

This approach does not entail a lot of time, but it yields a lot of results.

A complimentary 20-part course? An email address is certainly worth handing over.

You have to make sure that your course is full of value-bombs, like any lead magnet, that your readers can find useful. Nail that, and you’re going to see a couple serious signups.

Explore emerging social media sites

You’re already on Facebook and Twitter, but those aren’t the only sites out there for social media.

You lose out on a huge amount of traffic and email signups if you’re not on other social networks.

During the last few years, Instagram and Snapchat have gained attention and they are worth checking out. Yet you can take advantage of more locations, too.

To excel, you don’t have to stick to bigger social networks. In reality, you can get more exposure if you use smaller social networks. That sounds nuts, but it works.

Here are a few examples of enterprises that are having subscribers using small social networks.

There is a Pinterest page on HubSpot where they display their new material. (Pinterest is – for the most part an untapped market btw)

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

They click through to HubSpot’s website, which has many well-placed opt-in ways, if Pinterest users like what they see.

On platforms such as GrowthHackers and Inbound.org, other marketing firms post their content.

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

You should try Periscope if you want to keep up to date and explore more creative marketing opportunities.

For instance, you might host a live video event and guide visitors to your platform where, in exchange for their email, there is an exclusive deal waiting for them.

So many options remain. I encourage you to get a little bit out of your comfort zone and do something different!

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day


Much like keeping yourself safe is key, it’s vital to keep the list healthy.

That means continuous subscriptions from individuals who are seriously interested in your content.

Often, it seems like you’re never going to have another subscriber. But I can tell you that right now there are thousands and thousands of people who need your things in their lives.

When you have very cool material from the rooftops and yell it, people are going to head over and see what all the commotion is about. And all of those persons are going to become customers.

Ok, and guess what? To get users, all of the major websites you envy use these very same tips.

To get a lot of subscribers, you don’t have to be a globally-renowned company.

No matter how big the company is, no matter what niche you are in, every day you will get an insane large number of subscribers.

Try these approaches out. They’ve helped me raise my subscriber count, and I know they’re going to do the same for you.

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10 Suggestions for Turning Visitors Into Email Subscribers

10 Suggestions for Turning Visitors Into Email Subscribers

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

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10 Suggestions for Turning Visitors Into Email Subscribers

Ok, we actually have 15 tips, not just 10. We couldn’t stop writing it all down. We poured our best tips into this article. These are great for you to consider for your website. We trust that you are Ok with having 15 tips instead of 10 suggestions for turning visitors into email subscribers ?

Let’s get to it!

Do you want to know how I am persuading web visitors to opt-in to my email list? I’m using some simple strategies that do not annoy my readers, and I will share them with you in this post.

Email marketing is here to stay and, by generating more visitors, can help you create and improve your income.

For years, “money is on the list” has become a common mantra in the world of internet marketing, and there is a good reason for that.

When you consider the amount of noise on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, it becomes clear that the best way to communicate with potential consumers is through their inboxes.

Keeping a list has many advantages, but it comes down to this: email outperforms display ads and social media advertising together.

For instance, my blog here generates a massive amount of traffic to my website. Why? Because we deliver value and stuff that really works. We are not into fluff. We just talk about real things that people can implement that will truly increase their revenue.

However, it can take up to 2 days for Google to send it’s bots for your new content to be found, which is not the case with emails.

With emails, you write it and boom, click send and it’s delivered to thousands of people right away.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Here are simple tips to help you convince more people to sign up for your list.

1. Encourage email forwarding by subscribers

You can increase the number, no matter how many subscribers you currently have, by encouraging your subscribers to send your emails. Giving so much tangible meaning that they want to do you and their mates a favor, inspire them.

Not all email marketing tools allow for forwarding tips, so you should search with your provider for autoresponders.

If their terms require it of operation, do it. Find an alternative way to get your loyal subscribers to spread your material if not.

digital marketing company

Forward beneficiaries are more likely to subscribe on their own when someone they know has earned a recommendation.

2. Leverage Smartphone QR Codes

The opportunity to activate your promotions, including opt-in forms, is provided to your mobile website users with QR codes. QR codes, those 2-D bar codes that anybody can create, appeal to those looking for versatility.

Typically, QR codes consist of black and white squares, although you can make them in color and graphics to make the codes more visually appealing. As a module, it corresponds to each of these squares.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Some particular modules must be uncovered and unedited when a QR code is created, or else the code will not work effectively. They are all outlined in various colors here:

So, let’s say that you’re an immovable organization. To find your listings quickly, you want smartphone users. Through one of the QR code generators, you can make a code and make it readable (so users can search it to discover what’s behind the code).

seo expert

Then, they see your listings as real estate users search your QR code. You should generate a QR code for your opt-in box in the same vein so that smartphone users can search it to discover the type of deal you are giving away (ebook, online course, software).

You can create your own FREE QR code generator here

3. At strategic positions, place Opt-In Types

For creating connections, any segment of your site is essential, so the more opt-in forms you strategically put on your site, the more chances you’ll have of turning visitors into subscribers.

To turn more guests into subscribers, there are several locations where you can put your opt-in form:

  • Underneath your posts
  • Footer at the site
  • Using the content upgrade technique inside the body of the article (more on this later)
  • On the side of your “about”

4. Remind the customer that at any moment, they may unsubscribe

Email is important, and even mobile email is becoming more common and used. That means that there are lots of brands wooing your subscribers. As a content marketer/blogger, you must guarantee that visitors to your site are safe.

best digital marketing agency

For most small firms, the overall cancellation rate is less than 1 percent. The fact is that when you give them the chance to do so, most persons are not able to unsubscribe. And they’ll expect your emails and send them more consideration if they decide to continue on your list.

#5 of the 10 suggestions for turning visitors into email subscribers

People want to be involved and compete with other entities. This is also one aspect of “social evidence,” which means doing as people do, partly because they do so.

To many users, some of whom are your dream opportunities, a social media contest reveals your website and post. Then, you can add them back to your platform quickly.

You have to pick a forum before holding a contest. You can successfully run competitions on Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog.

seo expert

To convince visitors to your site to join your list, you should deliver several rewards. Research suggests that you’ll have a better exchange rate than you will for a single prize when you give multiple prizes.

For instance, you could offer:

  • $250 for the 1st place
  • $150 for the 2nd place
  • $50 for the 3rd place

Don’t forget that your content aims to encourage people to search your site and convince them to join your email list from there.

6. Using the content from Leadboxes

You will chase them away automatically by asking users on your site to subscribe to your list. Many customers do not like the opt-in type since they have had poor experiences with get-rich-quick advertisers who have continuously bombarded them with new deals.

top seo expert

If you subtly guide users from Point A to Point B instead, they will react positively when the opportunity is finally raised without forcing them to subscribe.

It might be easy to get people to sign in, but ensuring that those subscribers are of good quality is a considerable challenge.

With a single shortcode, you can put a LeadBox anywhere on the web. LeadBoxes are used by many advertisers and practitioners in diverse sectors to improve their opt-in rates.

7. Content Update Used Strategically

Marketers recognize that the lifeblood of any online company is content. You have to invest in high-quality content if you want to make your name as an online entrepreneur.

You have to create custom content regularly that appeals to your target demographic, not the world at large.

email marketing tips

Content updating has become one of the most effective ways to transform subscribers into email users. Before all else, it places valuable material at the forefront and shows the value for the prospects.

You will build a dedicated following out of them as you get subscribers by content updates, so your concept or product is already pre-sold. And your ROI will increase as soon as you have established an audience that believes you.

So, what is a content update exactly? It’s just a way of updating your useful content with lead-generating features. In other words, in your content, you strategically put an opt-in box or a LeadBox, so that readers can conveniently subscribe to your list and get a given value.

In other words, for current readers, the deal should be necessary, valuable, automatically accessible, and accurate.

  • Keep it closely connected to the material on the list, too. When the article is about increasing sales, it makes no sense to deliver an e-book about keyword analysis. Knowing how to learn keywords would not have a significant effect on how many transactions near you.
  • Ensure the high quality of the content. Using a content update (e.g., a PDF checklist version of the post tips) to satisfy a condition not met by the post.
  • Give away valuable services that are related to your content. Be succinct. Tell the customers exactly what they’ll get by joining the mailing list.

8. Your Opt-In Forms Split Test

When you try to raise conversions, split testing a must.

google marketing expert

Research is not an easy or fun thing to do. Tactical knowledge of statistics and how those numbers align with the ideal clients are needed.

A significant consideration for turning guests into subscribers is the email opt-in type. You know what will happen if the form is not well-designed-it would be an annoyance all the way, even though you get a lot of search visitors or referral traffic.

You have to check the conversions are tailored to the forms you’re asking people to fill out. That’s the essence of optimization of conversion rate.

“One accurate measurement is better than a hundred expert opinions” – B.T. Hall

Based on the number of visits your platform attracts regularly, you need to predict how many opt-ins your form can produce.

And making a few modifications here and there would have a significant impact on bringing individuals to include or discourage them from the list.

Our own submission form has the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • URL
  • Revenue

A distraction-free shape is another central design element. Make subscribing simple for your customers, free of any obstruction.

You will quickly increase your email sign up rate by reducing noise on the landing page, especially around the form.

9. Set up Independent Guest Vistors Landing Pages

I’m talking about people on another blog who read your guest post, found it valuable, and followed you back to your website when I said, guest visitors.

A quick landing page with plenty of white space helps you do the same (great for user experience).

Or, to set up a different and appropriate landing page for your guest guests, you might use a landing page creator, like Instapage or Unbounce.

But top our favorite is Clickfunnels because it’s easy to use and you can get some truly great landing pages that look very professional. Click here to reach Clickfunnels website now

landing page design

You can connect to it in your author profile or reference it in the post if you have written an in-depth article on your blog that is important to your guest post.

Since your purpose is to persuade visitors to subscribe to your list, if it’s not designed for guests, there’s no need to connect to your home page.

Note that your guest’s guests are eligible now. A nudge to join your list is what they need from you. So, make the deal proper and use different landing pages customized to them.

Remember, you will need a landing page designed specifically for each of the segments of your prospects cause a great landing talks directly to its audience that can relate to the design and the language of the landing page.

This is also true for your blog.

how to write a great landing page

10. Persuade the use of long-form interactive material

It’s about time to offer a multimedia boost to your content marketing. Some individuals agree that the next big thing for content marketing is interactive, long-form content.

Marketing of multimedia content caters to the user’s interests, no matter what the claim might be (e.g., article, audio, ebook, or online course, or video).

It is not a shortcut to the addition of thousands of clients. But, the more long-form, immersive content you produce for your brand, the more your results would be excellent.

“Good enough” content is no longer acceptable to help you conquer your market, whether it takes the form of blog posts, blogs, or videos. There’s far so much material out there that is ‘good enough.’ You’ve got to go past good-enough-you need to make your content perfect.

Within 15 minutes, everyone can launch a WordPress blog and start cranking out generic posts. As part of their marketing campaign to expand their companies, smart marketers have perfected the art of multimedia, long-form content.

By taking an existing piece of material and repackaging it differently, you will merge multimedia with a content repurposing approach, thereby breathing new life into your old work.

E.g., based on a high-performance blog post, you can make a short video, maybe illustrate a particular point further, then upload it to YouTube and share it with your social media followers.

You can also reformat older posts as ebooks, documents, and other magazines, and then upload to Scribd.com the new version. You will create a new revenue source by formatting your blog post into some of those sellable assets while also pushing traffic back to your landing page to gather email leads.

Here are 8 ‘golden’ steps to increase your conversions on your website and maximize exposures for your services:

how to increase conversion on website

Lastly, understand that the best way to ‘sell’ anything to your audience is through feeling and telling stories. Make it real so that your readers can relate.

11. Pre-sell the next content

Customers do not like your advertising, but as long as it addresses a dilemma for them, they will flock to your branded content. Then start pre-selling the content if you want more subscribers. Pre-selling is essentially teaching individuals, even before pitching or telling them to purchase, on a single commodity.

Before you give your sales letter to individuals, teach them first. One way to pre-sell, though not usually the most effective, is product reviews. Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, used high-value material to pre-sell.

The teaching sells, he believes. This means the more you educate; the more your target demographic is seeded.

12. First Time Commenters Award, Redirect Them to a Landing Page Thank-You

You are undoubtedly familiar with loyalty incentive schemes, but did you know that they can inspire buyers to buy more and chat about your new product to their friends?

By rewarding first-time commenters, you will invite the web members to reach your mailing list. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of first/one time users who find your content beneficial and leave a message, but they’ve never heard from you again.

Don’t ever just let go of these folks. Instead, install the plugin First Comment Redirect that takes first-time commenters to your preferred landing page. For example, you can guide them to the ‘About’ tab, a unique squeeze page, or a login page for a webinar.

You’ll turn loads of consumers into email subscribers by taking advantage of this basic approach. Only a few advertisers and writers currently use it at present.

13. Understand and Use Color Psychology

Colors have the innate ability to persuade tourists to your site. If you haven’t picked the colors on your landing pages carefully, it’s time to make a move.

Colors impact moods and affect individuals, according to Live Science. It won’t be that easy to get web users to join your list when they’re not ready (perhaps because of the low interactions they’ve had with other marketers). Although you can alter their moods or beliefs, you will manipulate them more successfully.

best seo expert

Always use the landing page with the right colors. Keep checking, above all, and that’s the best way to realize what functions and what you need to ignore.

Dmix got an increase of 34% in their conversion rate by changing the color from green to red.

queen of seo nancy dent

Test all your colors and your visitors will tell you in the data which color they prefer.

14. Social Proof Effect on Visitors

In this situation, social evidence can help you inspire people to take the action you want them to accept to opt-in to your email list. The social proof rests heavily on numbers.

In other words, humans are doing as they see other people doing. For starters, we’re more likely to attend a birthday party if our closest friends are there.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

So, how do you use social data on your site to get more email subscribers? It would help if you had customers’ testimonials, asking them to share their tales of success.

best seo agency

15. Channel Visitors to Your Opt-In Page using Hellobar

To extend your email list, you can use the Hellobar plugin. Sometimes, using multiple lead generation strategies and deploying them in the platform, not just in the sidebar, is the fastest way to double your email subscribers.

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Email marketing is taken seriously by savvy marketers. Outside of their list, they won’t do much, and that’s where the real engagement starts and finishes.

Using social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), native ads, sales funnels and other established content marketing best practices to attract traffic to your site, whether you’re only beginning out or are an expert marketer. Have a plan and Be ready to make them into subscribers to your list.

When you approach your targeted audience, building relationships and marketing goods online is a lot easier. It’s very unusual to see a targeted demographic without any interaction right off the bat. This is why the distinction is made by email. Be personable in your emails. Tell stories and show your personality.

The more active subscribers you have on your list, the more traffic your content can create. And, consequently, in the long-run, you’ll make more money.

Please share with us in the comments below what has been working great for you and your business?

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Why SEO is important in 2021

Why SEO is important in 2021
seo consultant

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

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Why SEO is important in 2021

Search Engine Optimization has been very valuable over the years since the first search engine was invented. People have also misinterpreted SEO and, to some degree, oversimplified it. SEO was also stigmatized that all tech-savvy business owners did not truly grasp SEO meaning for their companies. In this article, we will review Why SEO is important in 2021 and why it is imperative for most businesses’ success going forward.

The benefits of Search Engine Optimization can be primarily enjoyed by persons who focus in depth on web marketing campaigns. The different benefits of SEO for increasing business change are increased conversions and traffic, credibility, visibility, email subscribers and even brand awareness. There are many SEO businesses in Connecticut that still have an improved perception of the behavior of customers.

User experience is one of the prime goals for search engines in advance SEO 2021. In particular, Google is making immense efforts to adapt its search algorithms to favor positive user interface pages.

What is a successful user experience described as (1)? A website for quick loading, an easy-to-use interface and navigation, and trustworthy, authoritative, and appropriate information.

There are definitely many obstacles ahead for every SEO organization to keep customers ranked strong in organic search in 2021. That is the reason why is SEO important in 2021.

seo services

What is SEO?

Why SEO is important in 2021

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the method by which the organic ranking of a website is enhanced and rendered available on the internet.

It is necessary to remember that SEO is a procedure, not a trick that provides an instantaneous outcome.

That said, for SEO to function efficiently, for reasons that will be clarified, it must be continuously controlled and enhanced.

Although SEO is a major factor that decides a website’s popularity, it is not the only thing you can concentrate on. There are other major variables, such as the UI of your website (User Interface), that must also be synchronized with the SEO of your website.

In short, unless you’re continually running advertisements, there’s nothing you can do to boost your rating and make your website accessible without SEO.

The incentives are magnificent when a company rates on page 1 of Google. Google is one of the most powerful search engine on the planet. In fact, 98% of people refer to Google when it comes to the services they need or the products they want to buy.

Hence, if your business has a product or services that it sells, it is crucial to be on page 1 of Google.

The recent pandemic has propelled businesses into the Digital world. And if your business is not on Google, you are a clear disadvantage over your competitor that IS on Google.

That’s Why is SEO important in 2021!

By reaching relevant audiences, SEO links the connection building. SEO is one of the best inventions for entering into the initials of the SEO company. Organizations that adopt excellent SEO practices would benefit from increased traffic, visibility, reputation, and so on. The following are the reasons why is SEO important in 2021:

The more your website is visible, the more visits you receive. Several internet users do not bother to open a search result’s next tab; it is assumed that the first page would appear more appropriate. Your odds will be improved with the proper use of keywords in your headings and subject body as part of your SEO approach.

2. To improve user experience

The user interface is the overall reason why search engines use SEO as an important consideration for determining the ranking of websites. Since the

User Interface also plays an important role in website rating, without the other, both will not be effective. Combining a strong UI with SEO would boost your website’s user experience and eventually increase the rankings.

Your website’s consistency with whatever platform or system your traffic might come from is another essential thing to remember under User Interface and SEO.

Today, most of the web traffic are from mobile devices, and Google advises that the compatibility of mobile devices should be checked by websites.

3. It can help you to be ahead of your competition

Why SEO is important in 2021

It would be competitive, regardless of what area or sector the website can belong to.

There are already those websites which are on the top page, so the question is, how do you place your website above those websites organically?

Other than paying proper attention to the SEO on your page, there is no other way to do this.

Keywords should be used correctly as it helps to expand a platform organically. It is also useful to rate the website on the first list. In lead generation, they play a big part, taking traffic to a website.

4. To increase Brand Awareness

You’re rising your company and you want to be known in your industry as one of the best. Wouldn’t it be good if your brand name appears more and more often in search results as a Google, Bing or Yahoo?

It is vital to integrate brand identity into your optimization approach as part of every SEO kit. Both On-Page SEO considerations are headings, meta descriptions, and schema markup.

It is essential to use your brand name to create your authority in both search engines and consumers.

To get more info on why SEO is so important in 2021, check out our article: 50 mind Blowing SEO Statistics

Why choose Top Rating SEO

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

Most website owner’s goal is to appear on the first search engine list. But with multiple websites trying gather the same leads for the same keywords… you need to be confident of your SEO practice.

It is a fiercely competitive race of diligence and adherence that you can only win. Every website on the top page uses a strong SEO techniques.

You need to understand why is SEO important in 2021 in order to beat them.

You need a decent and honest SEO agency like Top Rating SEO that uses white hat methods. There is no need to mess around with black hat SEO. Be on the lookout for outdated SEO practices that are still rampant today among SEO Agencies.

Want to know who is the Best SEO Agency?

Top Rating SEO LTD, led by Nancy Dent, AKA ‘Queen of SEO’ is a Multi-Million Dollar Internet Advertising and Media business specializing in search engine optimization.

It is an Award Winning SEO Agency and the best go to Agency for SEO 2021.

‘Because of our dedication to innovation and producing outcomes for our clients, our business has been respected by leading peers in our industry.’ – Nancy Dent

It takes patience and continuity to create an SEO-optimized marketing strategy. SEO is for stability over the long term. Several components ramp up the web traffic.

Here at Top Rating SEO, we will give your company an edge, and with our proven RCES system developed and perfected over a 5 year period, we are confident that you will achieve your goals and achieve success in your industry.

As we head to another year, we’ve discussed what we consider to be some of the most important reasons why is SEO important in 2021.

SEO has never been so critical, and it is crucial to rank your company website high in organic search for keywords and voice search to stay on top of your game. Stay informed of SEO trends 2021 here.

To book your FREE Consultation with one of our SEO Experts to discover how we can help you, please click here.

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50 Mind-Blowing SEO Statistics


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seo statistics50 Mind-Blowing SEO Statistics 

Search Engine Optimization was once a largely misunderstood concept; often considered esoteric for digital marketers. However, since the dawn of 2020, it has become more mainstream than ever, with all the challenges associated with the challenging times we are going through and with even the top-level management of businesses now understanding better the need to incorporate good SEO practices for their company’s online presence. let’s look at some SEO statistics that are surely going to surprise you.

It is now thought of as something that’s more than just about stuffing keywords into meaningless content. Marketing officials know now, that it is something that needs to be integrated seamlessly throughout the content strategy of the company and also in web design.

It is no longer enough to merely play according to the loopholes of search engine algorithms. It should be seen as more of a set of good business practices rather than a marketing tactic, because, let’s face it, search engines are more intelligent than they used to be, and the only way to getting around those brains is to follow the rules from a business perspective.

That’s a good thing though because SEO was ultimately intended to bring about valuable content online and healthy competition among businesses. With the help of the right SEO practices, you can very well outshine your counterparts and win over genuine loyal customers, all through organic traffic.

As “too good to be true” as that sounds, it is quite within your reach.

That said, SEO is also one of the most dynamic aspects of content marketing. Search engine algorithms are fast changing; in fact, they’re probably changing as you’re reading this.

For the same reason, it is important to always keep abreast of developments in the digital marketing industry.


Here are 50 mind-blowing Search Engine Optimization statistics that you can make use of for the competitive advantage.


Organic Traffic generation seo statistics

1. The average share of traffic generated by the websites listed on the first page of Google search results is 91.5%.

2. The website on the no. 1 position of Google search results gets about 33% of the search traffic. The second place gets 18% and the figure gets much smaller from there.

3. Around 51% of all organic traffic is generated from organic searches. At the same time, 10% is generated from paid searches, 5% from social media, and 34% from other sources.

4. More than 40% of all the revenue generated by business comes as a part of organic traffic.

5. On average Google receives around 63, 000 searches per second per day


Local searches

6. 88% of consumers who search about local businesses or stores would either call or visit the store within 24 hours.

7. Almost 46% of all searches on Google are done to find out local-based information

8. 46% of all Google searches conducted are also local, and around 60% of these searches are done on a smartphone.

9. “Near me” searches on Google have increased by around 2 times over the past year.

10. 30% of searches on mobile phones have been related to location.


Consumer search behavior and SEO statistics

11. 2 % of all web traffic mostly originates from smartphones.

12. The average mobile user spends about 4 hours a day on their smartphones.

13. 71% of consumers search online to confirm the location before visiting a new store.

14. 88% of local clients trust and rely on reviews when considering a purchase.

15. 85% of consumers use their smartphones during their buying moments.

16. 2 in 3 smartphone users have a higher inclination towards purchasing from companies with mobile apps or websites that offer customized location-based information.

17. More than 70% of consumers like to see directions and call buttons in their ads.

18. Mobile searches for “where to buy/find” have increased by 1.3 times over the past year

19. 7 out of 10 consumers are likely to make a purchase or visit a store based on the information they received online about the same.

20. 92% of consumers mostly pick websites from the first page of Google search results.


seo statistics

Search queries and rankings

21. As per the latest updated Google searches account for almost 73% of all desktop search traffic on a global level. This is followed by Baidu at 13.47%, Bing at 7.64% and Yahoo at 4.74%.

22. Around half of the number of search queries that Google receives are four words or longer

23. On average, the results on the first page of Google contain about 1890 words.

24. Long-form content that is above 1000 words has been found to receive larger numbers of shares and clicks than shorter forms of content.

25. Around 20% to 25% of organic traffic generated from search converts to a lead.


Use of SEO among businesses

26. 82% of business officials and marketing experts find SEO effectiveness to be increasing, out of which 42% find it to be increasing quite significantly.

27. Around 61% of marketers consider improving their SEO rankings and increasing organic traffic as their top priorities in marketing.

28. Businesses were estimated to spend around $72.02 billion on SEO services this year. This amount is expected to rise up to around $79.27 by the year 2020.

29. Companies spend more than $5000 on SEO every month

30. Around 61% of marketing officials consider it important to be ranking high on search engines.


Content; On-page SEO

31. Improvements made in shared content to increase its value have been able to increase blog traffic by 2000%.

32. Business companies that have a blog as part of their online presence are found to have 434% more indexed pages than the ones that don’t.

33. Companies that have their own blogs receive 97% more links to their website

34. Updating older blog posts with new content and re-publishing them has been found to increase organic traffic by around 111%.

35. Links are one of the top factors influencing Google rankings. Social media shares do not count as links.


Google statistics seo statistics

36. Around 1 billion people use Google search on a monthly basis.

37. Google currently accounts for about 81.12% of the entire search engine market share

38. Around 66% of search results on Google resulted in one or more clicks on the result websites. At the same time, around 34% of searches receive no clicks at all.

39. 9% of searches on Google lead to clicks on Google Maps

40. 3% of clicks on search results goes under the images tab

41. 15% of search queries that Google receives on a daily basis have never been searched for previously

42. 4% of clicks on search results account for paid ads.

43. 8% of Google search results go to YouTube.

44. 25% of the entire search volume on Google is beyond the top 100 million keywords.

45. Google is currently aware of more than 180 trillion web pages.

46. An average Google search session has a duration of 1 minute or less than one minute.


Voice searches

47. Around 16% of Americans own a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo, from which to conduct voice searches

48. Voice searches are 3 times more likely to be local searches than regular text-based searches.

seo statistics

Link building and Offline SEO

49. 41% of established businesses consider link building to be the most difficult SEO tactic.

50. An average page that gets ranked on position no. 1 on Google search results has more than 35000 external backlinks

A lot of these figures can have a powerful impact on your business if you make proper use of them. Plan your next marketing strategy keeping these 50 Mind-Blowing SEO Statistics in mind.

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https://topratingseo.com/ –  Nationally Acclaimed Digital Marketing Agency – contact us here.

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Queen of SEO

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Let’s say that you’ve decided that your business and brand needs a website. Honestly, nowadays, everyone who wants to be seen needs one. Or, you are someone who has a website, but you are not sure how to make it rank higher on Google. Yes, having a website is essential, but having it is just half of the work. You need to make it visible for your customers and others. How can you do that? There is only one way- SEO.If you are reading this, I suppose you’ve heard of SEO, and know what does that mean. Maybe, you are not sure how to implement it right or who can do that for you successfully. That is the actual reason why I’m writing this article. I want to introduce you to the best SEO agency and the Queen of SEO – the best person who can skyrocket your website.

For the ones who are not sure, or aren’t too familiar with the term, let’s discuss:

What is SEO?

SEO is shorter for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a process of making your website perform well, and optimizing it in a way so it will rank highly on Google.

Ranking high will increase the visibility of your website; it will lead to a higher number of visitors and in the end in the higher number of your audience and possible customers.

Nowadays, it’s the best way to reach a broad audience and progress as a business.

Why Do You Need SEO?

Let’s face it; you can’t have a successful business without a successful website, and can’t have a successful website without a proper SEO.

Actually, SEO is not a cost, it’s an investment, and with a high return as well. By implementing SEO, you can use specific keywords and have great conversation rates, which will then rank you high on Google.

Lifting your rank where most clicks go can provide a massive return, compared to what you’ve invested. When you get it right, SEO returns enormously.

It will increase your sales, but it won’t increase your marketing costs, and that means your business profit can grow exponentially over time.

If you rank high on Google, everyone will hear for you and will know that your brand is the best and you are the first place they should go.

Nowadays, with a lot of options, consumers spend their money carefully and want an assurance that you are really worth their money. What’s the best assurance than the biggest website in the world – Google?

Why Collaborate With A SEO Agency?

SEO is a new marketing strategy. So, if you want to be a success, you need to take your marketing to the next level. That means you need to know the latest SEO trends and always stay in touch.

Since the Internet is always changing, that means you need to change too if you want to stay on top.

Not everyone knows how to implement SEO the right way, and most of us need help.

That’s one of the reasons why you need an agency.  

But, you need to be careful. Some agencies tend to exploit your lack of knowledge, and that can cost you a lot, and it won’t do anything good for your business. So, it’s crucial to select the right agency.

worst seo mistakes

Which SEO Agency is The Best?

Now, we have come to the central part of our article. Which SEO agency to choose?

Consistently Rated As Best Digital Marketing Agency is Top Rating SEO. The owner is Nancy Dent is known as the Queen of SEO.

best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company
best seo company

She will help you connect with your customers, and make sure that whenever someone remotely searches for similar services you offer, you’ll be the first one that shows on Google results.

Why Top Rating SEO and Nancy Dent?

Simply because they are the best, they will always sit and listen carefully about your business, and you plan, and first analyze everything, and after that, start with your SEO plan.

As their customer, you will have a complete insight into the whole process, and nothing will be done without your knowledge. When you become their customer, first you will schedule an appointment where you will tell them all about your business and your plans for the future.

The success rate of this company is enviable. You can read many reviews and find customers that write about them, and see what I’m talking about.

You will get a guaranteed three to one ratio when it comes to money invested and money collected afterward.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

Marketing Dominance for Small and Medium Businesses

Top Rating SEO is a company that has been Nationally Recognized as the Best SEO Agency, and Bob Proctor personally recommended it as the best agency to his Inner Circle.

Nancy Dent is the founder of this company, a recognized SEO expert and known as the Queen of SEO.

Apart from being the Queen of SEO and the best in her job, she is also a mother, trainer, wife, and philanthropist that is concentrated on feeding hungry children in America.

The team in Top Rating SEO has generated multiple six figures incomes for the clients through Social Media Advertising through organic traffic.

The agency is located in Las Vegas and is known to deliver the best results for their clients. The company has multiple five stars reviews from clients through North America.

That is because their approach is unique, and they have specific strategies on Google for every client.

Every client is unique, and their satisfaction is the top priority for this agency.

How to add 184 email subscribers to your list every day

4 SEO Tips You Need To Know – from the Queen of SEO

Remember that your content needs to be written for people not for search engines. What does that mean? Yes, you need to implement SEO to rank highly, but in the end, people will be reading your content.

You are not writing for the robots and algorithm, you are writing for humans.  So, make sure that the content you are creating is intelligent and appealing. You need to evoke feelings with your content and the more feelings, the better your content will be.

Write the content with heart and answer all the questions they have regarded to your subject or product, Also, make sure that at the end of your article there are no more questions, and there is a lot of quality information.

Always use Google Analytics. It is huge, free, and will give you excellent feedback.

You’ll know right now what’s working and what not. In that way, you’ll know what should be improved and what you need to add.

Don’t forget your meta description. It is essential to write it for every article you create. If you only write it for your home page, you are missing out a lot.

It needs to be unique for every single page, or at least unique enough so Google bots will like it.

Use social signals. They will help you to get a bump, and it will be much easier for you to appear in high positions and more search results. Right now, social signals are one of the most important things you need to use.

4 Tips On How To Promote Your Content For Free – from the Queen of SEO

worst seo mistakes

Do you know the rule 80/20? It’s one of the most crucial SEO rules and means that you shouldn’t focus so much on writing rather than promoting your content.

You should write 20% of the time and promote 80% of the time. So, Queen of SEO has excellent advice on how to actually promote that content for FREE. Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

The first thing to do is social media lives, for example, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn videos. The trick with lives is consistency. You can do whatever live you are comfortable with, and they are VERY powerful.


Because when you are consistent, you get into the algorithm and them Facebook, YouTube, or whatever network you choose starts showing your lives to the audience that you cannot reach otherwise. So, consistency is crucial.

That means at least five days a week, or every day. The more, the merrier. You only need a couple of minutes and you are done. It’s easier than writing article and more efficient as well.

The second thing is Quora.

Did you hear about Quora?

If not, you need to look for it right now. It is a website where a lot of people go and ask all kinds of questions.

Why is Quora important? Because when you have an account, all you need to do is go find your niche, for your website, and you go and answer people’s questions.

And when you are doing that, you put the link back to your website, so that people know where to find you.

It’s a fantastic way to get free traffic because you know that people who are asking those questions are already interested in your niche and you can link back to your website, blog or whatever to capture that traffic.

The third thing is always to answer questions on social media, especially if your competition is asking them. Don’t link to your website, but answer the question.

That way, people will start seeing your name and your company name, and they’ll see you have valuable answers and that you know all about your niche. In that way, people will eventually start following you.

Provide value, answer the question, but be respectful.

The fourth thing is the video teasers.

So, you have some promotion let’s say, a big thing that you’ll launch for example, in 3 days. What you need to do is go on Facebook or any social network, and go live and make a little teaser video.

Ask people to watch it at a specific time, and they’ll do it if you make it attractive. You can also boost it for like a dollar for 2 days to get more people.

Implementing these things will make a huge change, and it will boost your traffic immensely. Remember the key is consistency with everything.

how to increase social media reach and engagement

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic – with the Queen of SEO

This is something you can do over the weekend or when you have some extra time. It’s great because you can really increase your organic traffic a lot.

You should begin with looking at your competition and finding out which article are they linking to, and what links are they using. Then you pick their article with the most clicks and try to write a way better article than that.

And when you’ve done with that, you should then go to the website that your competitor is linking to and say to them that you have a way better article and that they should be linking to you.

What I mean by the better article is more detailed on the same topic, high-quality content, because that would be great for Google. It loves great content.

Your stuff needs to be rock solid, with the detailed and right information.

Don’t write some that you are not sure it’s true.

4 Top Plugins You Need For Your Website – The Queen of SEO Tips

As we mentioned before, if you want a successful business, you need to have a website, but not any website.

It needs to be SEO optimized, and it needs to have high-quality content. If you just have any website it won’t do much for you, it will only be one in a million.

But, that’s not all, you will also need some plugins for it to make it work. In a sea of plugins, it’s difficult to see which ones you actually need, and which don’t.

Queen of SEO is here to help you with that. Before we get into the plugins, I would just like to mention that the best platform for SEO is WordPress. It can be best implemented there than on any other platform.

If you are just building your website, please consider this platform. All huge brands use this platform.

Here are the Top Rating SEO plugins you need to have:

1. Yoast SEO – I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s pretty basic to use, and there are a lot of videos on how to set it up and use it. If you are a mainly online business, then you may want to upgrade it to the premium version. That’s something you need to consider.

2. Akismet Anti-spam plugin – The plugin is self-explanatory, and it’s one of the most important if you don’t want your website to be spammed.

3. WP Super Cache – This plugin reduces the load time on your page. That’s important because many people tend to leave the site if it takes a lot of time to load. It can be really annoying. And in a flash goes your lead and traffic.

4. The Google XML Sitemap – This is the one that ties your website and the Google map. It’s the one that literally places you on the map. When you do that Google will know what your business is all about, and where your business is located. Local SEO is also important, and this plugin lets you do that much easier.

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How to Make Killer Videos That Convert – Top Rating SEO Advice

First thing, if you are not using videos as a way to get better visibility, you need to start right now!

Don’t just post text; you need to start going live.

So, here are some tips from the Queen of SEO, which will help you start going live.

Choose a moving background. It is known that if you have a moving background, such as people who are passing by, and not a static one, like just a wall behind you, your video will do much better.

Make sure that you have stuff going behind you. But be careful that doesn’t impact your video too much.

Your audience will be excited if you are. This is really important. You need to be looking at a camera, making gestures, changing your voice as you speak, and just try to be as attractive as possible for the niche you are talking about.

Use your hands. Don’t sit still; use your hands all the time. The more gestures, the better.

It will make an impression you are honest and that you really know what you’re talking about.

Say a few things but say them really well. You don’t want to have a video which lasts for an hour. People nowadays won’t watch videos that are that long only because they don’t have enough time. Say a few things but say them well.

And it’s much easier for people to remember what you’ve said if you say just a few things.

Make your message to the point, and never go off the subject.

Place Your Website at the Top of Google Search with the Queen of SEO

Need more tips about SEO optimization and placing your website at the very top of Google Search? Now you’re about to learn about three crucial tips which will significantly impact the thing you want to achieve.

Of course, these three tips will help you improve your chances, but you will have to take into account a lot of things which we talked about earlier.

email marketing tips

First and foremost – the content.

To reach a vast audience, and actually make people interested in what you’re presenting, then you need to have great content. No matter what you’re introducing, promoting content on your website is something that’s crucial.

We’re talking about quality content which Google likes because if you write something just for the sake of it being written, then Google will automatically recognize BAD content and discard your website while someone else’s will be ranked higher than yours.

Focusing on the quality and depth of written content is a must. The critical factor in writing quality content is research. Regardless of what you’re writing about, you need to learn about it as much as you can.

Investigations extensively and always focus on the correct information, and you will produce quality content. The thing about the Internet is that much of information present there can be false.

Finding a proper source of information is very most important when it comes to research. So you can see there’s a chain of actions you need to follow to start creating quality content.

Tip number two is to install the plugin called Yoast on your website.

turn website visitors into email subscribers

WordPress websites are what you’re looking for when it comes to organizing blog, so try to understand and practice using the WordPress platform for creating websites. This is where you’re going to post your articles. Right at the bottom of the published article, you’ll have a title tag, and this is where you have to put your keyword.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your title tag will consist only of that one keyword, but the whole title you created. The important part is that your keyword is present here as well.

Below that there’s a meta description section, and that’s also a place where you want to input your keyword, but the only difference between the title tag and meta description is that you can input more words within the meta description section. Being able to input more words means that you can reach more people by targeting their potential search ideas.

For example, if you’re focusing on Las Vegas SEO, and that’s what your keyword is going to be, and you’re going to put it just like that as a first sentence “Las Vegas SEO.”

And then add a whole sentence saying, “Contact us for the best SEO in Las Vegas, etc.” So for Google – “Las Vegas SEO” and “SEO in Las Vegas” are two different keywords, but they’re related to each other.

That what will optimize your content more and reach more people.

Tip number three – Google Search console.

You’re going to have to log onto your own Google Search Console and you’re going to have to request your website (meaning on all of the pages within your  website) to be indexed, if you’ve never done this before, don’t worry it’s not that hard and feel free to contact me regarding this process.

This is what you MUST do because the web pages which are not indexed will never show up when someone used Google’s search engine to look for something.

So this is of the essential things because if you don’t do this everything goes down the drain.

 In your Google Search Console, for all indexed pages of your website, you will see what your website is being found for. You can actually learn keywords which trigger the appearance of your website, and then you can use those to your advantage.

Write them down somewhere and then go back to your article (the content) and include those ideas. These keywords are going to be something related to what your article is about and by adding those you’re automatically increasing the range of keywords which trigger the appearance of your website on Google Search engine.

The idea is to reach more people and mix various types of ideas within the content of your website that are, of course, related to each other even remotely is what will make this task easy.

By appearing more often, you get better rank when it comes to Google.

Top Rating SEO – The Agency That Will Help You Skyrocket Your Brand

digital marketing agency

So, as you’ve seen, there are a lot of things you need to consider when implementing SEO. 

These are just some things you need to consider from one the Top 3 Best Digital Agency in the USA.

The main goal of any SEO is to be an excellent foundation for your website and to make it easily discovered by your desired audience.

If you are a business owner, you need a plan if you want to promote your business and make new clients. SEO should be one of the main parts of that plan. Why?

Customers that came to your website from SEO have a higher conversion rate than from any other way. SEO will make sure that your website is found and will drive traffic to your site. Check out Stefan and Bob Proctor‘s testimonial here.

Marketing is one of the essential strategies of every business, and around 50% of your success will come from good marketing. If you aren’t familiar with SEO and don’t have time to study it regularly, because it always improves and changes, the best advice is to pay for the services of some SEO Company.

Our recommendation is Top Rating SEO and the Queen of SEO, as they have proved their worth in the field of Google rankings and SEO.

At Top Rating SEO, they specialize in business growth through digital marketing solution. That means they take the time to understand what your business is about.

Where you want to go and what you want to achieve. After that, they design a plan, especially for you and to get you there. So, when looking for an agency, they are the right choice. Check out our reviews here: Best SEO | Digital Marketing Company, Best Dental SEO Results

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Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019

The Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019

Google’s continually investing to be at the top. SEOs are seeking to adapt to changes that follow. That’s how SEO trends are born. In this article, we will learn five SEO trends of the most Importance in 2019.

Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019

To be the very best, you must think in advance about your SEO strategy. A shortcut to success: learn what are the upcoming trends and work out an action plan for each one.

This year, Google shook the world with its efforts focusing on mobile and speed. This will undoubtedly result in, most of next year’s SEO efforts continuing in this direction. However, a few “non-Google” game-changers will influence as well on how we build our SEO campaigns. Let’s analyse these important SEO trends for 2019 and ways to embrace and comprehend them.

1. Mobile-first indexing

Generally speaking, mobile-first indexing means that Google focuses on the mobile version of your page when it comes to indexing and ranking. This started in March 2018, and Google’s begun the process of migrating sites with a focus on a mobile-first index. Your Search Console has probably already notified you about it.

This does not necessarily mean mobile-first exclusively. The index for both desktop and mobile indexes is still being used. However, only when the site has migrated will the Google focus on using the mobile-first index for ranking.

So when your mobile version is the one being used for ranking, you will have to focus on mobile friendliness more

Plan of Action From Top Rating SEO:

  • Whichever mobile version you choose is okay. Just take into account a few things. John Mueller, the Google’s Trends Analyst, said: “If you want to go responsive, better do it before the mobile-first launch”. It means if you haven’t migrated to mobile, you should do it right away. Plus, Google does not recommend m-dot and responsive to the same page, because it confuses crawlers.
  • To comprehend on how search engine spiders view your mobile pages, use a mobile bot to crawl them. Website Auditor is one of those you can use:
Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019
  • Take an interest in your website’s loading speed. PageSpeed Insights can help you with that.
  • Check from time to time if users of your pages are completely satisfied. In WebSite Auditor there’s mobile performance section which you can use to do this.

2. The Speed of the Page

The primary focus of Google is that they need to deliver the best UX and to do it extremely fast. The loading time of the desktop pages was a factor in ranking for some time. In July, it was intertwined with another – the speed of mobile page version started to be that other factor.

It is this change that makes you think which are the factors you need to take into account when it comes to Google’s page speed evaluation.

Usually, when analyzed using PageSpeed Insights, one’s site was evaluated only on basic technical parameters. Nowadays, desktop as well as mobile, are graded by these two new metrics: Optimization and, a new metric – Speed.

The part that changes the game is the way in which Speed score is generated. This metric is from Chrome User Experience report, which is a database from the real users’ performance. It’s reflected on how your site loads for each visitor. Since it is hard to measure correctly how fast each visitor’s device loads your site, the result is that the metric is impossible to get through local tests. You can control the Optimization score by fixing all the issues and preventing the site to load fast.

So, which metric can have the most substantial influence on your rankings? According to the mobile page speed experiment that conducted the SEO Powersuite, the relationship is strong (0.97)between the page’s Optimization score and its position in SERPs. But, there is no correlation between the page’s position and its Speed score. Which means, now Google can rate your site as slow, but your rankings will stay the same.

On the other hand, Speed metric is something that is new, so it’s evident that Google’s testing it. Give it time and, those correlations will probably change.

Plan of action from Top Rating SEO:

Now, what matters for rankings is Optimization score. Luckily, the good thing is that site optimization and result tracking are entirely in your hands. Google’s nicely provided with a whole list of handy recommendations. There is also a guide with more details on how to improve your score of Optimization to which you can refer.

3. Ranking signal – Brand

One of the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, at Pubcon said that Google uses online brand mentions in its algorithm for searching. in two ways brand can be used as a ranking signal.

One, through brand mentions which are unlinked: this is when the search engine acknowledged your brand as an entity. By analysing every single mention of it, Google creates a sketch of your importance in that particular field.

Two, every single sentiment and context has a specific effect: advertising, trust, reputation, etc. Understanding the context, Google differentiates good from the bad. For example, its Search Quality Guidelines plainly say that reputation has an impact on rankings. Because of that, the way of people’s reactions to the brand directly affects its rankings.

The Plan of action from Top Rating SEO:

  • The Backlinks still have one of the heaviest impacts on ranking. However, rapidly creating links isn’t an “honourable” thing to do. You should focus on using the backlinks which are linkless. Which means that you should always mention your brand when you can.
  • Take care about your reputation. We cannot stress how important it is. Focus on the negative experiences that customers have with your brand but as well interact with those that are happy with it. To do so, you’ll have to track online mentions of your brand. The tool – Awario is the best one when you want to find out about linkless mentions through the World Wide Web.
Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019
  • Take into account influencers that are willing to talk about you or that are already talking about it. The Awario tool can be useful here as well.
  • Mind the competition. De-structuring their strategies and figuring their ways will help you view your SEO efforts from various angles and help you make your job easier. For that, focus on their brand mentions and find out in which way they managed to increase the awareness. Another thing you can do is find out about their weaknesses and strengths.

4. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation is something that the European Union passed. The thing it regulates is the ownership of the data which was created by users online interactions. Corporations no longer collect it, and the user is one doing it. Therefore, every user can now request from any company with which he or she interacted the data they have about him or her, alter that data or export it. For refusing to comply, companies have to pay outstanding fees ranging from €20 million to 4% of the company’s annual income.

EU companies and customers are the ones affected by this regulation, but international companies are supposed to respect it and comply with it. Because of this Google has made alterations to their Analytics. All user data has an expiration date, and it’s 26months from the moment of collection. In this data is included demographic and affinity data, earlier kept permanently. But this doesn’t include sessions and goal completions. However, collection, default period can be changed by each site owner. Furthermore, individual users can request to delete their personal data.

Plan of action from Las Vegas SEO Expert:

If you don’t have any customers from Europe:

  • You can change to the “do not automatically expire” option in Google Analytics. Be careful, because that is how Google shakes off the user data protection responsibility on you. Plus, these user data control efforts will probably in the future extend outside the EU. Just wait, and you’ll see.
Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019
  • If you have customers from Europe or plan to have:
  • Review all the sources that are collecting the data from users on your site. Be careful not to send on accident some private data to Google Analytics;
  • Keep your Privacy policy file updated by GDPR requirements;
  • Revise your cookie consent form. It should have the following content: the kind of information you collect, why you collect it, where you store the information, and affirmation that the information is well secured;
  • Activate IP anonymisation when you use Google Tag Manager. Not to worry, you will still have a general idea where your traffic comes from. It just will be a bit less precise.

5. Amazon search

Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019

First things first, Amazon’s a search engine that is not a universal one. It’s an algorithm similar to Google’s, but it is used for internal search within Amazon pages. What’s the fuss about then? Well, more and more people buy straight from Amazon when doing shopping. According to one study, 56% of consumers visit Amazon first if they have shopping in mind. 51% of them will check on the Amazon after finding something elsewhere.

These figures tell us that Amazon’s becoming equivalent to Google when it comes to e-commerce.  In other words, that means that if you are selling something and you’re not doing it on Amazon, you won’t have those 56% of potential customers.

Moreover, if your occupation is selling books, music, electronics, etc., you should include in your SEO strategy the optimisation for Amazon.

Plan of action from Top Rating SEO
Research Keywords: To be more industry-wise, you can use Amazon itself. For example, use Rank Tracker – which has Amazon Autocomplete keyword research tool:

Five SEO Trends Of The Most Importance In 2019
  • Item’s title and description should be made efficient and user-friendly (+ smart use of keywords);
  • Provide high-quality images;
  • Cater to “backend keywords” (in Google terms these are called meta tags). They tell Amazon algorithm that a specific item targets a particular keyword on the site;
  • Track customers’ reviews and address complaints.

Looking at the year ahead

There are few trends, but the changes are significant. No matter the fact that all things related to mobile are going far, we still need to keep an eye on consequences related the Amazon and GDPR. The list is still just a prediction, and we have a billion things to discuss in the following 2019. What do you think about the SEO and Marketing landscape for the new year?

Google Latest Update Tips

google latest update tips

google latest update tipsSolving complex SEO problems require a new ‘discovery’ approach. Most of the time running your site is not a demanding process, but you need to be aware of that there is always a chance of something happening to your site and leaving you puzzled about what the actual problem is. Google’s latest Updates can def do that and if you are looking for Google Latest Update tips, you have come to the right place.

Even if you are cautious, in some cases you won’t be able to prevent your site’s funny behavior. Precisely for that Google released new updates along with diagnostics and tools to get your site back on track. Here are key learnings about how to solve complex SEO problems when standard fixes can’t help you with Google Latest Update Tips:

Google changes and the user discovery experience

Some of the highlighted areas are Google changes and the user discovery experience. One example of what has changed is the appearance of neural matching. For example, 30% of all queries use neural matching.

Moreover, Google is developing into a discovery engine, where the main focus is on discovery than search. This is literally true in the case of the Google feed. Another significant change is the inclusion of the topic layer.

Google increased understanding of entities, and that makes it possible for Google to improve exploring the content that is most important to the user’s query, which means their actual needs. This is not an abuse of links, but an improved methodology for determining relevance.

google latest update tipsAnalyzing the differing natures of search and discovery 

SEOs tend to optimize for search, not discovery, where the entity holds a lot of the value. Considering this, there is a need to start thinking about other ways to approach optimization.

The recommended approach in this new SEO landscape is a three-pronged one:

  1. Technical Excellence
  2. Well-Structured Content
  3. Be the best

Use your technical expertise to estimate your focus.

There can be four causes of failure for audits:

  1. Sporadic implementation
  2. A changing ecosystem
  3. No change control process
  4. Too many people involved

How can you get better audits?

It’s all about your focus. Think about these things:

  1. Being actionable
  2. Prioritize time vs. impact
  3. Understand the individuals involved
  4. Quantify everything

Be smart about your structured content

You need to make it easier for users to find out what they want. Here’s an intelligent way to think about formatting your content:

Basically, the main point (answer the question) needs to be in the first four lines of the content. Elaborate upon that with examples, and then comment on that.

The particular way of how you format the content also matters. Some basic ideas on how to achieve this are:

  1. Avoid large blobs of text and keep paragraphs short
  2. Keep tables clean and stay away from large chunks of text in them
  3. Avoid exaggerated text in bulleted lists, and don’t double space them either
  4. Add structured markup to your content

google latest update tipsBe the best in your own area

This is important if you want to succeed in today’s world. However, it doesn’t imply that you must be the best at everything, but secure your space and then make it yours.

This starts by knowing where the user is on their journey when they get to your site. What do they need at the moment when they arrive on your web page? Understand all the possible situations that took the visitors to your page, and then come up with a strategy to approach with the best mix of those situations possible.

Have in mind that Google is focusing on its users, not websites. You also need to focus on your target users.

Learn how to evaluate SEO problems and what tools can help you get back on track

This year was significant for Google latest update tips, and that rapidly brought changes in traffic for many sites.

Look at this summary of the updates that took place:

  1. Big quality Update
  2. Core Quality Update (16 & 30)
  3. Mobile speed update which only affected sites that were already slow.
  4. Quality update focusing on E-A-T aka”Medic”.
  5. Quality update focusing on backlinks.

For some of those sites, the impact of this was quite significant. Once you have combated with significant traffic loss, it’s time for SEO triage. The first step is to detect what caused that.

  1. We lost positions
  2. We lost organic traffic
  3. We lost conversions

Create a timeline:

Once this primary research is complete, it’s time to do some diagnostics. It’s helpful to start by eliminating as many potential causes as possible. You should check some of those things:

  1. Check for manual actions
  2. Check if the symptoms are environmental
  3. Check if the symptoms started presenting themselves
  4. Determine if the symptoms are chronic

If the symptoms are chronic, check historic ranking fluctuations and match them up with GA data.

It’s also helpful to see what’s being affected. Is it the whole site or only a few pages? You should also check to see if your competitors are affected as well.

google latest update tipsFurther investigation can involve analyzing which queries lost clicks (or rankings). You can also use third-party devices such as SEMRush to check out your diagnosis. Make sure go through the URL inspection reporting in the new GSC to see if Google sees any problems there. Go over to see if the SERPs themselves had some change. You should also check the index coverage report, and search for URLs that are indexed but not in the sitemap.

Review Coverage Reporting:

Reviewing coverage reporting is also a great thought. Some things to research for there include:

  1. Look for large parts of pages moving in or out
  2. Blocked by robots.txt
  3. Excluded by NoIndex tag
  4. Crawled – currently not indexed
  5. Alter page with a proper canonical tag

Use Google Search Console:

Search Console is truly a treasure house of diagnostics, and let me show you some more things you can look into:

  1. Check crawl stats
  2. Check blocked resources report
  3. Check HTML improvements report

Another profitable field of information is your web server logs. Those files are kept by your web hosting company, and they contain much info in search and every single person who visits your website. Things to look for here include:

  1. Weird status codes
  2. Spider traps
  3. Performance issues
  4. Intermittent alternating status codes

google latest update tipsImportance of Backlinks:

Don’t forget to check your backlinks, as you may find problems there that impact the entire site. Use a crawler tool like Screaming Frog or DeepCrawl. Find and fix all the issues you encounter there, and look for pages that are not being crawled by your crawler and make out the exact reason. Look Google Updates are hardcore if you are employing shady SEO techniques, so make sure to stay clean.

With given information and updates, you should be able to detect and solve all problems that have affected your site. Always check for new updates and solutions that can help you manage your site correctly, without losing significant rankings. We hope these Google latest update tips have helped you.

SEO trends 2019

seo trends 2019

seo trends 2019 Through this article, I will share with you the most significant SEO trends 2019 and help you not oversight anything important.

A new version of Google Search Console (GSC)   

Since January the latest version of GSC has been available only in beta, but finally, in September it was promoted out of beta and got new features too. Here are these cool new features of GSC:

  1. Index Coverage

More detailed info, where URLs were given 4 statuses (Errors, Valid, Valid with warnings, and Excluded).

  1. Performance

Similar as Search Analytics report in its previous version, but its data range is expanded; now it is 16 months instead of 3.

  1. Links

The new GSC combines the functionality of ‘’Links to your site’’ and of the ‘’Internal links’’ reports from the previous GSC.

  1. Manual Actions

This one report was shifted to be as one different category.

  • Report Share function – the latest version lets you share a link to reports with anybody who is logged in Google.
  • Report filter function – you can have an even more detailed insight into your data by simply obeying the rules (equals/not equals, greater than/smaller than).
  • Live URL tests – this new inspection tool lets you test URLs in real time. Those tests are not found on the last indexed version of that URL, but on how Google views it in this actual moment. The real plus is that, if you had any problems, and they got fixed on the live version, you can immediately validate your fix, as well as, ask Google to recrawl the page.


Mobile-First Indexing: which mobile way you should choose?  seo trends 2019

Google knows that there is a global transition towards mobile devices and the transportability of information and it gladly follows that trend. From the beginning of March 2018, many sites became available for mobile devices first. What does that mean?

  • Googlebot Smartphone will start crawling your website more than the regular Googlebot.
  • Eventually, the algorithms will use just the mobile versions.
  • You won’t have the option to turn off the mobile-first indexing.
  • Google will start using canonical tags (no need to change XML sitemaps)
  • The migration will be complete in the next few years.

Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO:

Crawl your site as a mobile bots if you want to understand how search engines see your pages. You can do it in WebSite Auditor. You need to create a project for your site in the tool, then go to Preferences -> Crawler Settings and select Googlebot-Mobile. After that, you should check all the section to see the performance of the site.

Mobile Page Speed Update: Optimization beats Speed

Most users expect from mobile pages to load within approximately 3 seconds, but actually, the truth is that the mobile webpage still needs 15.3 seconds to load. Google’s become obsessed with speeding up the page loading and announced that the mobile page speed would have a ranking factor. Optimizing will be according to the model RAIL – Response, Animation, Idle tasks, Loading.

Once this Update was announced, Google PageSpeed Insights changed its interface and made one new branch — Speed. Speed can be measured by two metrics: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL).

The part that changes the game is how those metrics are measured. The metrics are collected from millions of real users when they open their sites in Chrome browsers. When the users have a slow internet connection, or maybe slower mobile devices, Google will recognize your website as “Slow”. In addition to that, we can say that Google has fully switched from “lab data” to “field data”, or “Real User” Monitoring.

For now, for SEOs it is more vital to have a high Optimization Score then to have a high-Speed Score.

No matter the Update, which was launched in July, the connection between average Optimization score and ranking is high — 0.97, but on the other hand, there was no connection between Speed score metrics and rankings. So, the conclusion is that even if the site has a low-Speed score it still can keep its rankings, but at the same time, if a site isn’t optimized, it has a decrease in rankings. The safest way for you is to focus on the technical optimization of your site.

Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO:

It would be best if you analyzed Google’s PageSpeed Insights rules. The truth is that you can’t modify how real users see your site, but you can sort out your real audience using the same data as Google. You are free to explore The Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) on Google BigQuery platform. Run WebSite Auditor to see how well your site is optimized after that create a project for your site and go straight to Site Structure > Site Audit. Analyze the audit results and fix all the Warning and Error issues.

JavaScript SEO: how to do it in the right way

Step 1: Choose the right framework. The best ones are Angular v2, React, Ember, and Vue frameworks.

Step 2: Choose the rendering type. If your site uses client-side rendering, it is strongly recommendable prerendering in that case. When rendering like this, JavaScript has to identify the content, so Googlebot or a browser has to process it, which can cause some issues with crawling and indexing. In that way, you need a browser or bot an HTML snapshot with no JavaScript, and at the same time, users get the JavaScript rich version of your page.

Here are some alternatives to prerendering:

  • Server-rendered content: bots and browsers get a ready HTML; your servers do all rendering work.
  • Isomorphic JavaScript: all users can use prerendered content on the first request, but interactions are client-side.
  • Hybrid rendering: first prerendered HTML is sent to users and search engines, and after that, the server adds JS on top of that.
  • Static sites: all the HTML files already have data before being uploaded to a server. They have increased security and version control and are very fast and cheap to host.

Step 3: Enjoy your traffic.

Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO:

To learn more about JavaScript SEO, use this and to crawl your JavaScript-based site, use WebSite Auditor. When you want to create a new project, first you should check the Enable expert options box at Step 1, then go to Advanced Options, and tick the Execute JavaScript box. If you have a current project, go to Preferences > Crawler Settings to do the same, and hit Rebuild Project.  To review whether your site has any JS resources blocked, go to WebSite Auditor. First of all, test Indexing and crawlability > Resources restricted from indexing in Site Audit. In the end, go through your robots.txt to detect blocked JS and edit it right in the tool.

Site migrations: no need to lose traffic

Site migrations are quite painful for the application, and it continues with the traffic loss as well. There is no need to lose traffic once the site has migrated. Let me show you how to do that.

3 steps to strategic planning:

Step 1: Understand your site by collecting data and planning. Run a thorough tech audit and content analysis with the help of crawling tools and fix any problems found.

When you are more or less satisfied with the site’s health, arrange a list of your top pages, make a duplicate, and place this list in a safe place — you will need it on the staging phase and after the migration.

One more document of no less importance is a redirect mapping file showing which URLs you’ve decided to change.

Finally, have your important data at your hand, such as benchmark keywords driving traffic, organic traffic, number of indexed pages, etc.

Step 2: Pre-launch.

This is the part when you’ll have to make one test site. Once this is finished, compare live crawl vs. test crawl. Then crawl various times as changes are being applied. Get the list with top URLs and crawl them to be sure all of them return a 301 status code. Then, crawl your XML sitemaps for wrong status codes, and make sure you include all relevant URLs.

Don’t wait until launching to grab the structured data and AMP code and validate it in Google Search Console.

Step 3: Launch day and monitoring.

While at this stage, you need to follow this routine:

  • Create a war room
  • Monitor server errors in Google Search Console
  • Assemble a list of 404 errors, go to Excel to understand where most of them come from, and set additional redirects if needed;
  • Monitor things like status codes, canonical changes, sitemap errors, site performance, etc.;
  • HTTP to HTTPS traffic: create a property set in Google Search Console to merge both sites in one view.

Tips & Lessons Learned for SEO trends in 2019

  • Don’t neglect image URLs
  • Beware of redirect chains and loops
  • Update internal links by linking them to the final destination;
  • Make use of Slack bots

seo trends 2019Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO

When migrating, you have to do so much crawling and auditing. For that, try WebSite Auditor. It can be used before and after the launch.

Once you’ve created a project of your site in the tool, go to Site Structure > Site Audit. You can get there results of a complete site’s audit as well as valuable recommendations on how to fix different issues.

In the Content Analysis section, you can look at your content from the tech perspective, detect issues, and fix them. Plus, it’s possible to edit your content right in the tool.

In the Visualization section, you can get an interactive map of your internal site structure. You will immediately see whether you have long redirect chains, redirect loops, orphan pages, and non-working URLs.

In the Pages section, analyze Images to make sure all of them have migrated.


Complex SEO Problems: what to do when typical fixes can’t fix

Here are some procedures in case your site behaves funny in search results:

  1. SEO triage

You need to be aware of that there is a chance of something happening to your site and you not quite understanding what. In that case, try to sort out all the facts that are available to you:

  • Define the symptoms and when they started.
  • Create a timeline of your recent actions
  • Match your symptoms against the timeline.


  1. SEO diagnosis

You need to eliminate as many potential causes of the symptoms as possible.

Rule out the environmental issues:

  • Check for manual actions in GSC.
  • Check how volatile the algo is now.
  • Check how the site handled previous updates.
  • Check whether these might be normal fluctuations.

Separate affected areas of treatment:

  • Find out whether the symptoms apply to just a few pages or the whole website;
  • Check whether that happened only you by looking at your competitors;
  • Test GSC for Performance, Indexing, URL inspection, etc.
  • Manually check SERPs if there are any changes;
  • Check server logs and backlinks;
  • Crawl and examine your site.

Always be in a precautious state!

Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO

SEO PowerSuite can help you check everything: site audits, rank fluctuations, backlinks, etc. Also, you can tasks to auto-schedule in any SEO PowerSuite tool. Do this, and you will get regular reports on your site’s present state.

Content Sceptics Age: learn how to make content link-worthy seo trends 2019

Everybody knows it’s hard work to get links to your site. To do that, you must create link-worthy content. How to do that?

Understand who the person is:

  • Who comes to your site?
  • Why they come?

Content can be linkable when it provides value and also sparks emotion.

So, how to create linkable content?

Choose a linkable content type:

  • The content of value and no age.
  • Videos that build trust.
  • Data

Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO – SEO trends 2019

In case you need more details on this topic, refer to this guide

Voice Search&Virtual Assistants: learn how to rank for voice seo trends 2019

The taboo of using voice is declining fast: people are ok to speak to their phones in restrooms and theaters.

Let me explain you about featured snippets, which are quite impressive regarding voice search. Why?

  1. Featured snippets are useful for traffic.
  2. Featured snippets are pulled to SERPs by various factors. They mostly come from:
  • Sites with a high domain authority — 68,1%;
  • Mostly blog posts;
  • Mostly top 5 positions;
  • Successful coding techniques;

Basically, we have one assistant available everywhere that knows how to satisfy your every need: scheduling, entertainment, home control, etc.

Another exciting thing is that we refer to voice assistants as real people. Due to that fact, a “gender” of the voice assistant can influence how we percept information. According to the research, people will identify more with the machine voices of their gender. We also tend to attach personalities to the machine voices.

Actionable Tips from Top Rating SEO – SEO trends 2019

Participate in developing personal assistant technologies by building Google Actions.

Content snipped for featured snippets is usually built around questions.

Create a project for your site in the tool, go to Keyword Research > Related Questions. Paste in your keywords and hit Search. Your dashboard will populate with all possible questions.

Here is the guide on how to optimize for voice search.

People often get frustrated and quit voice assistants when their experience is not good, and they cannot accomplish the intended action. To prevent such situations, you have to do the following:

Master the science of customer experience

  • Laziness is entrenched in human nature. People will go for the least demanding course of action.
  • Two systems govern out decision-making: Unthinking and Thinking. You would like for your customers to stay in the Unthinking stage.

Apply 4 C’s of customer experience 

  • Clarity —provide clear user choices.
  • Character — people prefer a virtual agent with an easy-to-perceive personality.
  • Compassion — make bots better understand and resonate with humans.
  • Corrections — explore the ways to correct an error without having to say sorry.

 Test the conversation

Test logic -> Code&Debug -> Beta test -> A/B testing

SEO Help in Las Vegas

seo help in las vegas

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Home » SEO
seo consultant

Are you a business in Las Vega, Nevada looking to boost your website traffic and get more customers?

The best way to boost traffic to your website, and therefore gain new business, is to hire an SEO expert. SEO, or search engine optimization (2), is a multitude of methods used to increase search engine hits and get your business closer and closer to the top of the list when someone searches for a certain thing.

With this handy Las Vegas SEO guide (1), you will be well on your way to finding the perfect SEO expert to boost your business and get you the traction you need to find new customers.

Here is the best SEO Help in Las Vegas that we recommend:

1. Top Rating SEO LTD

For the first company in this Las Vegas SEO guide, check out Top Rating SEO LTD. They pride themselves on being one Vegas’s top SEO Experts and have helped many businesses successfully increase website traffic. They have worked across numerous industries in various Vegas businesses, and have successfully boosted numerous website pages for thousands of keywords to the top of Google’s search results. With affordable pricing and an amazing reputation around the Las Vegas area, you would be hard-pressed to find a company in the area with experience and results like Top Rating SEO LTD will give you.

2. 702 Pros

702 Pros is a web design and SEO company located in Las Vegas, with a good reputation and reviews from numerous customers. They use the latest methods of optimization, and work closely with their clients to maintain an understanding of the results and progress. They offer great tips and tricks on their website for companies, even ones with small marketing budgets that might not be able to hire an SEO expert. They do both on and off page optimization, for searches on your site and searches on outside engines like Google and Bing.

3. Raptor Digital Marketing

Hailing themselves as the number 1 SEO experts in the city, they are certainly near the top of our Las Vegas SEO guide. Raptor Digital Marketing was founded in 2004 and has been satisfying their customers with positive results ever since. They have proven methods of increasing the rankings of web pages, including their own, to the top of search engine results. They work with their clients to perfect your website and then proceed with helping to boost your rankings. The process does not happen overnight but can get good results with them.

4. Post Launch

Post Launch aims to help newer websites find their footing and become SEO ready. From there, they help you develop your ranking and ensure you keep your website up to standards. As a younger company themselves, they understand the desire to find fast solutions, but they also understand the trials and tribulations of creating a new website. Newer businesses like this Vegas-based SEO company.

As large as Vegas is, there are tons of SEO companies. This handy guide is just a sample of what you may find. Be sure to do your research, and find the SEO company that will help you best achieve success. However, rest assured that SEO Help in Las Vegas is readily available!


seo services

SEO Marketing Las Vegas

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SEO Marketing Las Vegas
If you have not tapped the online medium as far as marketing your products and services (1) go, it is high time you do. The internet has a vast reach.

People from all walks of life use it on a daily basis. The number of people that can be reached through this medium is immense.

It makes sense that if you are thinking of extending your business reach; you should capitalize on using the web as best as you can.

Of course, you have to be aware that it does not just stop with the creation of your website. You need to build one with the goal of actually getting more traffic to come your way (2).

After all, success in online marketing relies heavily on traffic.

The more people that visit your site, the higher your conversion rate is going to be. This means that higher visitors also increase the chances of these people buying a product or service from you.

Still, it is a fact that increasing site traffic is not that easy to do. You must understand that there is competition. There are probably going to be hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites that are of the same nature as yours.

This is where SEO Marketing Las Vegas plays a crucial role. It specifically focuses on techniques that will increase traffic to your site. It uses methods that will make your site more relevant. It makes it easier for people to find your site through higher ranking in search results. All you need to do is find a Las Vegas SEO to assist you.

Finding one is easy. Finding the right one is usually more difficult.

To help you decide, here are some of the things that you need to look for.

Good reputation

See if they have a good name established in the SEO Marketing Las Vegas industry.

The internet is a good place to start your search.

Talking to their past clients will not be a bad idea either.

Evidence of successful performances in the past

A Las Vegas SEO company that is a good fit is one that can prove to you that they are good at what they do.

Just like how you want to see samples of past works if you are hiring a contractor, you want to see proof that they are the best people for the job. Projects that they have worked on r testimonials from past clients are just a few.

Strong customer service

It is not enough that they hear you. They need to listen to you and your needs. See how attentive they are when addressing these needs in the first few times that you have interacted with them.

Understand that this is never going to be an easy decision. But do take your time.

Just see to it that the people you end up hiring are those who have a proven track record in SEO, such as Top Rating SEO has the records to show, and can also the you that they will indeed extend every single help you need for a strong and successful online marketing campaign.

seo services

Las Vegas SEO Expert

Let’s say that you have just bought a Las Vegas marketing company that was once a very profitable and thriving business. You were able to secure this once thriving company for a fraction of its past value as it has fallen on hard times over the past few years. New competitors have come taking away an already shrinking market share. But that is okay as you see it, you were able to get a real deal, a real steal, if you can generate new revenues by finding those lost customers and return this company to its past glory.

So the company is yours now, you are great at internet marketing but really know little about traffic or lead generation. So where do you go? Who do you speak with? How do you secure those lost customers before this great deal, this steal becomes your nightmare? (1) You are confident that the lost customers will give your Internet Marketing Las Vegas company another chance if they know that the company is under new ownership and is ultra-focused on customer service. You have heard of some SEO Services in Las Vegas but do not know the names of any companies. Even if you did, you certainly do not know which ones are a true Las Vegas SEO Expert.

You reach out to a few of your trusted business owner friends for advice on how to proceed. Based on the consensus of their feedback you determine that it is best to locate a Las Vegas SEO Expert by simply doing a search engine query and then contact, vet and select from the SEO Services in Las Vegas that show up on the first page of your SEO Search. At first you do Internet Marketing Las Vegas query. However, you find these keywords to be too general as you are getting several Las Vegas Companies who do not specialize in search engine optimization. Such as Internet companies in Las Vegas pop up, IT company in Las Vegas show up but not that many true SEO specialists.

So you change your tact, you now run a search engine query for SEO Services in Las Vegas and the result in multiple pages containing page after page of Las Vegas SEO Expert.(2) Now you are in business. You now have the names and contact information of the search engine optimization companies and you are armed with questions regarding Lead generation, traffic generation and conversion rates. So you begin with the SEO companies on page one and will move to page two if you do not find the right fit with any of the Las Vegas SEO Expert on page number one.

After significant dialogue with three different SEO Services in Las Vegas you believe that you have found your partner. They will direct an internet marketing campaign that will focus on getting your Las Vegas marketing company on page one of the Google search engine. They will also develop a lead generation strategy by assigning your company with targeted keywords that the completion that stole your market share and customers away with are currently utilizing. They will also do on-page optimization and content optimization to help increase your conversion rate translating the increase in website traffic to sales.
You are pumped. You have your Las Vegas SEO expert and you will soon have your lost customers back.

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Las Vegas SEO Expert
Las Vegas SEO Experts at your service. Contact us today. 888-658-6444


Las Vegas Souvenir Show

Wow, The Las Vegas Souvenir Show (1) was incredible!

I have attended the Las Vegas Souvenir Show for many years now but I must say that the 2016 show was perhaps the best show in terms of attendance and even more critical in terms of an incredible product selection. I found over 120 new products that I hope to infuse into my aging product line. Over 120! I had at best hoped for 40-50 new products but this year the exhibition space was configured in a much more ‘finder’ friendly configuration. I was much more easily able to navigate the over 1200 booths which represented multiple categories of products such as; resort, tourist, giftware, toys, souvenirs, fashion, jewelry and more.
I cannot wait to infuse these great new products into my product offering as it will freshen my lines and make them much more productive. It will also arm my distributors with many more products in their toolbox. This will excite them and will incent them to focus on selling more of my product than my competitors’ product. Also, due tho the addition of so many products my company can now compete to own certain retail categories by bundling our best sellers with other new products to make a compelling presentation to retailers to allow us to be the ‘category captains’. I love the Las Vegas Souvenir show!
I was also pleased to see that there were a record number of new artists and Manufactures of products at the show. It is great for the newcomers to get the exposure that the show brings and it is mutually beneficial as the buyers such as myself can build new relationships, infuse new product and many times at a steeply reduced price as the newcomers are often eager to place their products even at greater discounted prices that their competitors offer.
There were also a few suppliers who were willing to produce customized products which would be reserved only for one buyer. I was able to get a few of these ‘exclusive’ arrangements on a few products that will be the ‘shiny’ offerings in my product portfolio. This will also help me to differentiate from my competition and provide me with leverage in negotiating with retailers.
It is obvious to see that there is a very positive trend of manufacturing coming back to the United States as there were more ‘Made in America’ products this year then I can remember in several years. (2) Going back before China became such a Manufacturing power. It is advantageous to have several Made in America products in your line as many retailers, e-tailers are wanting to increase the percentage of ‘Made in America’ products in their product lines.
As always, it was great to meet up with longtime friends, many of whom I first met at the Las Vegas Souvenir Show many years ago. The show is a great place to network with other like industry professionals who have a tendency to help one another as we all can relate and commiserate with the others pressures and challenges.
To top off a great show, during the last hour of the final day, I ran into an owner of a Las Vegas search engine optimization– firm. He was passing out cards and happened to hand me one. I have really struggled to monetize my website, to fully maximize the revenue potential that my site has. I have spent significant money on a great website but simply have not been getting the traffic I need. After my conversation with the SEO firm owner, I am very excited and optimistic that his firm can maximize the sales of all the new products I have found at the show.
Thank you Las Vegas Souvenir Show!

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Do this and not that when it comes to Google and SEO
Do this and not that when it comes to Google and SEO


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Is your business Current to the Market? Stay on Top of the Digital Trends of 2016.
Is your business Current to the Market? Stay on Top of the Digital Trends of 2016.

Is your business Current to the Market? Stay on Top of the Digital Trends of 2016.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]