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Why Your B2B Brand Needs Content Marketing Now

Within the next 12 months, over half of B2B marketers plan to increase their monetary investment in a content marketing strategy.


Because it gets results.

Conversion rates for those who adapt and adopt a content marketing strategy are 6X higher than those who don’t. Even if you have the best product on the market, or offer the only service that can solve a specific problem for your target clients, it doesn’t matter. If you aren’t seen and heard on the web, you don’t exist. A content marketing campaign will solve your problems of having enough visibility and credibility within the online B2B marketplace.

If you want to get eyeballs onto your page, into your B2B marketing funnel, and converting into sales, read on for how content marketing can solve your biggest problems as a B2B company. From big Las Vegas Companies to smaller dental offices, this works for every business and entrepreneur.

A polished, comprehensive content marketing strategy will do the following for your B2B business:

  • Build your brand awareness
  • Retain customers and increase their loyalty
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Recruit new customers
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Build credibility and thought leadership within your industry
  • Increase your conversions and sales

Valuable, customized content will build your online presence by driving traffic to your website. More organic traffic and more links building out from your landing page will entice the Google algorithms. In turn, your site will gain in popularity, and Google will reward you with higher visibility in search results.

And what’s especially important for B2B marketers is establishing thought leadership and being seen as an expert in your niche. With engaging content targeted to your ideal client, you’ll position your brand as the go-to, leading organization in your industry. Furthermore, content marketing will attract qualified leads and social media followers, further building your online presence and establishing trust within the SEO ecosystem.

But the most beneficial aspect of an effective content marketing strategy is that it will shorten and advance the sales cycle. If you’re able to build an attractive and streamlined B2B content marketing funnel, you’ll seamlessly align the customer’s current needs with what your business can do to meet them.

With a B2B marketing funnel, you can answer the client’s questions and nurture the relationship you have with them, further cementing their trust. Once a client understands your service and how it will solve their problems, you can prompt them to buy within a significantly shorter period than if you’d attempted to nurture the relationship without a funnel.

Not to mention, you’ve managed to automate the onboarding process with your content marketing funnel. This is an excellent way to save yourself time and money, while still serving your target market and compelling a sale.

Leaders in the content marketing industry see an increase of over 7.8X year-over-year growth in organic traffic. Meanwhile, 60% of leading content marketers create a new piece of content every single day. It takes a lot of time and dedication, not to mention insight, to invest in a content marketing campaign.

Content marketing strategies are always in flux and frequently change. If you’re not up to speed on what’s currently getting results in the market, you’re losing potential revenue, and you’ll fail to reach a substantial audience of target clients. In addition, your competitors are seeing the value of crafting a winning content marketing strategy. If you fall behind, they’re going to capture more of your market share.

At Top Rating SEO, we’re one of the leading digital marketing businesses in the country, and we’ve got our finger on the pulse of current content marketing strategies that will work for your B2B company. Check out the following types of content you can use to market your B2B business and get customers into your marketing funnel quickly.

Social Media Posting

81% of the United States population is on at least one social media network. Social media is a direct way to contact and target your ideal clients and to post relevant, valuable content that will answer their questions. But for the most significant effect, you’ll need to use a wide distribution network. You’ll want to have an active profile for your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Social media is one of the premier ways for B2B and B2C businesses to build an online presence. It’s also an excellent platform for interacting with your clients in real-time, and you can sync your social media accounts to post your other content updates, sending them to your marketing funnels, and attract their attention with articles to your blog or videos on your Youtube channel.


Speaking of videos, video content is gaining in popularity. By 2020, over 80% of content consumed online will be in video format. Almost 60% of executives prefer to watch a video over consuming static content. Not only can you post videos that answer your core demographics’ most profound questions, further positioning yourself as a thought leader, but you can also repurpose your video content and put it into your marketing funnel.

eNewsletters and Autoresponders

Email is the leading way that people in the digital age communicate. It’s fast, easy, and non-intrusive. 57% of B2B professionals prefer companies to talk with them via email.

If you can craft an engaging and valuable autoresponder newsletter campaign, you’ll be able to answer your client’s inquiries and tell them about how your products and services can help them all on autopilot. You can repurpose your best pieces of content for your eNewsletters, further saving yourself time while you shorten the customer journey to the final and desired endpoint, the sale.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Unbiased comments from satisfied customers establish the credibility of your product and build trust with your audience. These testimonials prompt customers to buy.

Not only can you use unbiased, positive testimonial reviews for your website, but you can also even craft a PDF case study to cement your authority with potential clients further. Your case study would feature a specific pain point you’ve solved for a client and what results you brought them. A case study will also make excellent fodder and evergreen content for your newsletter autoresponder.

Articles and Blog Posts

While video content is growing in popularity, blog posts and articles, or static web content, will remain a staple within the content marketing industry. Original, high-quality written content still outperforms visual and video content.

Your blog posts, while utilizing a valid keyword and content marketing strategy, will bring organic traffic to your site, answer your client’s queries, and establish you as an expert. If you’re able to craft evergreen articles, you can put them into your marketing funnel (2) as well.

White Papers

A white paper is similar to a case study in that it shows how you’ve solved a pain point for your target client. But, a white paper is far more in-depth. It’s authoritative and also a persuasive report on how your brand has solved a particular problem for clients in your industry. A white paper is a problem-solving guide, where you educate the viewer on a specific issue they’re likely facing, or you use a white paper to promote a process or methodology you want to be known for inventing.

Furthermore, a white paper is a prime material for your B2B marketing funnel. It’s evergreen, and you can even use it as a lead magnet to get people to sign up and enter your B2B marketing funnel.

While B2C companies engage their customers with branding, emotionally-driven content, your B2B clients expect things that will fix their problems in the most efficient way and with the least amount of unnecessary cost to them. You want to show them in a professional and polished way how your company can do this, and with a white paper, it’s incredibly easy. You craft the content once, and you can use it forever to build your credibility with qualified leads.

But it takes time, dedication, and specific vision to know how to craft the right kind of content for your brand that will resonate with your B2B clients. Not only do you need to generate the right ideas for content quickly and efficiently like clockwork, but you also have to know which medium is going to resonate the most with your audience.

Here at Top Rating SEO, we respect your privacy and we understand what it takes to build your brand’s authority within the B2B marketplace with modern content marketing techniques. Our digital marketing professionals are top-notch in the industry and will take the time to sit down with you and formulate a content marketing strategy that will get qualified leads into your sales funnel.

With stellar, highly targeted, and customized content, you’ll be able to reach your ideal clients, solve their problems, and get paid. Contact us today and see what we can do to grow your content marketing strategy.

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