When you purchase a home you can approximate the purchase price by evaluating the comparable prices that homes have sold for in your area with like square footage, lot size, upgrades etc…. When you are purchasing an automobile you can easily find the base cost of your make and model and then add on top of the base cost the cost of your upgrades to calculate a fair purchase price. In both of these scenarios, you can make informed, knowledge-based decisions in regards to how much you should reasonably pay.

But what about the Cost of Top Rating SEO services; what should you pay? How much should your Internet Marketing Platform cost? Check out our FREE SEO Training here.

How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

I wish that the answer to these Cost of Top Rated SEO and Internet Marketing questions was as easily derived as the cost of an automobile or a home. It is not that simple however but there are specific elements, parameters of a search engine optimization engagement, like the scale and scope of your intended keywords etc…that everyone in a search for search engine optimization services that dictate the difficulty, length, and nature of your SEO needs which thus dictate cost. Such as, are you looking to rank on Google (1) for a single geography such as Las Vegas SEO or are you wanting to rank for Global SEO Expert? It is rather intuitive that a local versus regional or global ranking will be less costly. Also, if you want to rank for Las Vegas Internet Marketing Expert versus SEO Expert (2) then the degree of difficulty is higher depends on your competitive competition, meaning how many people are attempting to rank for the keywords u have selected. Top Rated SEO companies will certainly price based on these factors. If any SEO provider does not factor in these elements into their cost structure, ‘BUYER BEWARE’.

A very important point to be made is that you should never think in terms of expense when categorizing SEO cost. You should always view the cost of SEO as an investment. Any Top rated SEO expert will provide you with an incredible ROI on you SEO fees. But okay, I hear you, you must budget a $ amount, you must communicate, internally sell/get approval for a $ amount. And how do you even negotiate with a top rating SEO expert without knowing at least a reasonable cost range for their services?

Do You Have A SEO Cost Calculator?

As much as I would like to be able to provide you with a ‘SEO cost calculator’ it simply doesn’t work that way. Base your decision to select and utilize a specific SEO professional based on what you perceive their ability to be to turn your Internet Marketing ‘Expense’ into an Investment. Do not focus on the expense as much as you focus on the return. Be aware of your desired outcomes, revenue gains etc…Understand the ROI that you desire and want designed to benchmark against the quoted SEO cost. Have vision, SEO works best for those who stay focused on the end game not having a singular focus on managing a General Ledger Expense line.

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