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Dental Marketing | Top Rating SEO


The dental industry is changing at a fast pace. Whether you’re a new or old practice, you probably know one thing to be true: you need to stay on top of your customers’ needs, demands, and expectations if you want your practice to stay afloat.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that if you offer professional services and have state of the art equipment, patients will choose you automatically. In this day and age, they expect businesses to provide them with the best solution. Moreover, your competitors have probably also placed their bet on high-quality services and professionalism, so how are you standing out among them?

You see, if you want to grow your practice and thrive in this overly competitive business environment, then you need to walk the extra mile and differentiate yourself from your competition. Your prospects must know that, of course, you offer stellar services, but there’s more to you than just that.

How can you determine your unique selling point and promote your practice?

Enter Dental Marketing also known as dental SEO.

We know what you’re thinking: you are already so busy with running your business, you don’t have the time to worry about developing and implementing online marketing strategies.

Well, that’s where we come into play.

Here at Top Rating SEO, we know the ins and outs of digital marketing and can help you bring your practice directly to potential patients. We offer a comprehensive service package for dental practices to help them acquire new patients.

With us, your business won’t just be booming; you’ll become a true market leader!

The healthcare consumerism is the new imperative. In a world where most people turn to the internet to find solutions to their problems, the way you interact with prospects online can make a massive difference.

The numbers paint an accurate picture: more than 78% of consumers use the search engines to research dental treatment and just as many read online reviews and read the testimonials on your website, before deciding which dentist to choose.

Here’s what most potential prospects look for online:

  • Dental practices near them – Keep in mind that the geographical location of your practice is an essential factor for their decision;
  • The prices and service packages of several different dental clinics to compare them and see who offers the best deal;
  • Online reviews from other patients or recommendation from friends;
  • Any other online mention of your dental practice that may establish authority, such as awards, participation in conferences, etc.

Whether you like it or not, your target audience has moved online. If you want to reach them and bring new leads to your dental practice, then you’ll have to make some changes in the way you communicate.

Don’t think of this change as a burden. Yes, it can be difficult to rethink your entire strategy and adapt it to fit the digital world, but there’s a huge opportunity here as well.

Think about it this way: if prospects have a difficult time finding and connecting with a dental clinic that caters to their specific needs, they’ll choose the option that is readily available to them. And, if that option is you, then you can become an authority in your niche and crush your competitors. If it isn’t you, your potential patients will go to your competitors! It’s that simple!

That being said: to become an authority in your niche, you will need a smart dental marketing strategy to get ahead.


From the outside, it’s easy to believe that marketing is a “one size fits all” solution, one that’s easily molded onto any sector. While some rules are cross-sectional, the truth is that each industry comes with its particularities.

These particularities can make or break your campaign if you are not aware of them.

  • The Regulations on Patient Privacy

 Health providers must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when handling patient information. This federal law determines what health information is private and can’t be used. Overrunning this fine line can lead to potential problems.

 The Importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

 The doctor-patient relationship is crucial in establishing your dental practice as a leader. You need to know how to earn, cultivate, and preserve the trust of your patients if you want them to return to your practice and recommend it to their network.

 Building Your Brand

When it comes to building a brand for your dental practice, you can’t get away with creating a logo and a few marketing visuals and using them throughout your campaigns. Your reputation is the backbone of your business, and you need a marketing team that knows how to build on your strengths and designs a winning branding strategy.

We’re the best team for the job.

At Top Rating SEO, you will find a team of highly skilled marketers that understand the intricacies of the healthcare space and have the necessary know-how to develop a dental marketing strategy that delivers results. We have a thorough work policy that we follow with every new client.

Here’s what we can do for you!


First things first: it’s your dental practice, and we’re completely aware of it. It’s why we won’t just barge in and start telling you what to do. We want to contribute to your brand and create the strategy together. Our first step in this new relationship is to listen to what you want, and what your plans for the future are.

Brainstorm and Give Solutions

After we’ve ensured that we have a good understanding of your goals, it’s time for us to get creative and start thinking about solutions.

Our team of marketers will brainstorm several dental marketing ideas that are sure to fit your practice. We don’t have one-size-fits-all solutions that we sell to all our clients. We understand that each business is unique, so we take our time to understand it and develop a plan that addresses your specific needs. We’re moving onto putting the ideas into action only if and when you are happy with them.

We Will Test Everything before Going Live

Here at Top Rating SEO, we believe that great ideas don’t come out of thin air but after careful and exhaustive analysis. So, we test everything to ensure that the results will help you advance your goals not just drain your budget.

Honestly, it’s perhaps one of the only parts of the process you don’t have to worry about at all. We’ll handle the focus groups and the test ads. Your job is to review the results and tell us what you would like us to change.

Act and Deliver

Now, it’s about time we get to the fun part of our work: putting our ideas into action.

However, don’t expect us to disappear at this point. We hang around to monitor the campaign and track the results to see if everything is up to par.

Our Style

Every marketing agency has its particular views on how to approach an online marketing campaign, and because we value honesty and transparency, we want to share ours up front.

We Are Data Geeks

Numbers can paint an incredibly accurate picture, and we shy away from guessing what the results will be. If we promise something, it’s because we have the data to back it up.

We Will Keep You in the Loop

When we join you and start working on your dental marketing strategy, then we have a responsibility to keep you in the loop. With Top Rating SEO, you can expect a lot of meetings and discussions on performance reports.

We’re a Team

There is no “you” and “us.” If you succeed, so do we. That is why all you’ll get from us is an honest opinion.

We’re Dedicated to the Cause

If your objective is to increase the number of patients of your practice, then it’s our goal too, and everything we do from now on will be to make sure it happens.

As we said, you don’t just need a team that knows how to promote a business. You need one with the know-how in the dental marketing niche.

At Top Rating SEO, we have the necessary skills to take your dental practice and make it an authority in the industry. Our marketing strategies can help your business bring in new patients, grow in popularity, and increase its annual revenue.

Here are the services we offer:

Competition Analysis

It’s the first step in creating a digital marketing strategy: you have to look at what your competitors are doing.

We have a rigorous analysis method in place to identify your practice’s strengths and potential. We’ll also take a look at what strategy your competition is using and provide recommendations specifically tailored to your practice.

Content Marketing

You may have heard that content is the king of any digital marketing plan. Not only that high-quality content will attract prospects to your practice, but it will also indicate search engines that you care about providing patients with valuable information. It’s a win-win situation: the more people read your content, the higher search engines will rate your practice. And, the higher your website appears in search results, the more people will find your practice.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to improve client retention. Similar to how an e-commerce store routinely sends their customers emails with information regarding sales or new products, so do we.

Don’t worry; we aren’t doing this manually. Email marketing software allows you to create different campaigns for various purposes, so you leave that to us.

Social Media Campaigns

Your existing and potential patients want your practice to have a social media presence, and so do you.

We can create a great social media communication strategy for your dental practice that will achieve two things:

  • Make you appear accessible: Traditionally, social media is seen as an informal communications platform, so you have a great chance of getting closer to your patients through it;
  • Use social media ads, such as Facebook and Instagram to grow your audience and promote your brand.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 If you don’t have a search engine optimization strategy in place, then it’s rather pointless to worry about developing a digital marketing strategy for your dental practice.

SEO is the backbone of all marketing endeavors. It’s not only a great way to ensure you get at the top of search engine results but also connect with your audience.

We have a multitude of tricks up our sleeves to improve your SEO, and we will do whatever it takes to help your practice grow and reach your marketing goals.

Let’s be honest for a moment: we know that a lot of marketing agencies are in the business of making empty promises about how they can increase your practice’s visibility overnight, double your patients in just a few days, and other similar guarantees. But, we’re here to tell you that’s not going to happen. It’s simply not true.

So here’s the best advice anyone will ever give you: don’t opt for the agency that makes the biggest promises.

We said we believe in honesty and transparency, remember? So it’s only fair to clarify that a dental marketing strategy won’t have impressive effects instantly, no matter how convincing other agencies might be.

Our in-house ethical code doesn’t allow us to make these promises, so we won’t. We are upfront about everything we do, including our capabilities. So, with Top Rating SEO, you won’t get instant results (like other agencies might promise you)

However, you will get:

  • An experienced team that knows exactly what dental marketing is all about;
  • An honest and direct relationship with no hidden agenda;
  • A strategy for short-term gains and long-term growth, the only thing that matters.
  • We have been very successful in dental marketing with other dental practices and we are ready to deploy our skills to help you dominate your competition and turn your goals into a reality. Here is one of our dentists that agreed to make us a video testimonial 🙂

Lastly, we have another thing to say. We don’t know if our words have convinced you or not, but if you call us now at 888-658-6444 and set up a meeting, we assure that you’ll want to listen to what we have to say.

So contact our dental marketing team at Top Rating SEO now, and let’s grow your dental practice together!