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We will develop a deep understandfing of your goals and help you achieve tremendous outcomes.

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Delivering bottom-line results and keeping our clients happy


Average Annual Traffic Growth

3 to 1

Annual Return on $ Invested

Find it hard to trust an SEO agency?

We totally get it. Don't believe the usual SEO agency smoke and mirrors. That's why we are 100% transparent about our process.


Keyword Targeting

Maximum organic traffic growth via keyword selection based on constant testing of Google’s ranking algorithm

Website Optimization

Transform your website into a search engine magnet with our 80+ point website audit and reengineering

Authoritative Link Building

Drive search engine ranking with scientifically chosen high authority, thematically relevant back links

Client Driven SEO Campaigns

Top Rating SEO stands out against all others in the SEO industry. Why? Our unique "No B.S. approach" is built upon trust, hard data, unique engineered solutions, honest communication and informed clients.

No smoke and mirrors here – just results. START YOUR CAMPAIGN

We Fight For Our Client

Top Rating SEO has mastered the art of SEO Warfare. We battle the search engines and your competition until your goals are realized. We will be your greatest ally.


Informed & Happy ClientsNo B.S. Honest Communication

  • ‘Open-book' performance & activity tracking reporting
  • Monthly 'top to top' alignment meetings
  • You will be informed. You will get what was promised.

Top Rating SEO is not your typical SEO agency

Data Driven Methodology

We uses data and only data to drive campaign strategy. No guessing games. Ever.

Complete SEO Transparency

Never hide behind fake results. Our results are tracked, verified & avaliable for you 24/7

No B.S. or Smoke & Mirrors

Our SEO agency is built to serve you. Not just sell you. Our 5 – star ratings on Google are legit.

ROI Obsessed Campaigns

We are fixated on value creation – ROI. Our only goal is to achieve your goals.

Examples of very challenging Keywords we Dominate

SEO keywords are some of the hardest keywords to monopolize because we are competing against other SEO Agencies for the same keywords.


People are busy, distracted, multi-tasking, and already bombarded by advertisres. You have split secound to get their attention. We’ll create messaging, offers and creatives that WOW!

How we do it:

  • Open new channels & expand reach
  • Test new ideas
  • Create new funnels

We build impactful SEO strategies for result-hungry marketers.

Top Rating SEO leverages a wealth of market analysis and testing results to create scientifically-driven SEO strategies. Our proprietary methodology combines the best of process, technology and people to deliver business-impacting results in breakneck speed. We’re driven, intelligent, and hungry for your success in search: ‘We’re driven, intelligent, and hungry for your success in search engine results.


Our mission to alter your view of SEO.

Many marketing agencies carry a nasty reputation…that’s no secret. So, finding the right SEO agency for you is no easy task – it seems everyone claims to have “more page 1 results” or have a better “secret sauce” than the other guy. Every agency seems to look like & talk like the other guy. So how do you distinguish the doers from the talkers?

We employ a no B.S. approach. We always ‘tell it like it is’. In the end we simply deliver on the promises made. We earn trust.


At first glance, Top Rating SEO may seem like all the others but make no mistake. We are different. We are the real deal. TRUST is the singular reason that we are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies out there.


NEVER…cookie cutter solutions or claims.


You Know Where You Want To Be, Just Not Exactly How To Get There

We’ll Help You Navigate the Changing Digital Landscape &
Find Exciting New Ways to Grow Your Business.

With our help you turn vision into reality. But before that can happen, we’ ll need to start a conversation baby steps right? First we chat, then we conquer!


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End-to-end SEO services designed to generate traffic and build your audience.

Raise your hands if you would like to get more targeted traffic to your website and increase your search engine ranking. Now, raise your hands if you’re constantly struggling to achieve these goals but can barely see any improvement.

If you’re here, then it must mean one thing: you’re tired of ineffective SEO strategies and want to learn how to put your business on the map.

Let’s face it! Consumers are becoming more and more pretentious every day. Something as little as an inexact match or a one-second delay can turn off potential visitors from your website. And, that can be a major problem, considering that over 81% of shoppers use Google and read Google and Yelp reviews to find information about a brand and its products before deciding what to purchase. Every mention, every click, and every increase in ranking represents an opportunity to reach your target audience and build your customer base.

In this overly digitized world, having a sound SEO strategy is paramount to the success of your company. But, with the search engine landscape changing almost every other fortnight, you need professional guidance to help you navigate the mechanisms and technicalities of an effective strategy.

Here at Top Rating SEO, we can take care of your SEO needs so that you can focus on what’s important: growing your business. Do you want to increase your ranking? We’ll make sure to generate more traffic to your website than you have ever seen before! Are you trying to build your links? Using only the best SEO practices, we’ll put together a strategy that will ensure your website will get valuable mentions while remaining in Google’s good graces.

Has some news come out that was not too favorable for your brand or personal name and you need some Reputation Management done? We can help you with that too. Do you need killer content for your website? Yap, got that covered as well. Need a website that will convert and keep your visitors interest? Can do here. Need a sales Marketing Funnel that will boost your bottom line like crazy? Yap, we got that too!

Our experts will ensure that your website is not only visible in search results, but generates better conversions, and lowers your bounce rate.

Let’s work together!

The only thing constant in the world of SEO is change.

What we know to be true now might become obsolete by the end of next year. In fact, Google is tweaking its algorithms (1) 600 times each year, affecting the way search engines behave and the results they generate. As such, marketers and website managers are always on their toes, tinkering their strategies, trying to remain relevant. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve worked hard to develop and implement a complete SEO strategy.

But, here’s the thing: Google isn’t changing its algorithms to make your job difficult. It is responding and adapting to user behavior and their search needs and patterns. Its goal is to provide the best possible result to a search query and so it must tweak its systems constantly.

Search engines and the online marketplace have created a new generation of savvy searchers. With a vast amount of information readily available at their fingertips, they get frustrated if they can’t find what they need as quickly as possible. As such, almost anything that falls below the first search result page is as good as lost.

Not only that internet users are harder to satisfy, but they are searching smarter, as well. According to studies, over 54% of all Google searches (2) are over three words whereas the average search length is 4.29 words. But, perhaps most importantly, studies show that 88% of online consumers will click when they see an exact phrase match.

Search engines are getting smarter, and users know that. So, they expect to find what they are looking for immediately. That’s why algorithms reward quality websites that are optimized for search and have a high level of relevancy. In fact, 89% of users will change their search query if they can’t see anything that will pick their interest.

Your business must anticipate and integrate these behavior patterns into your SEO strategy if you want to remain relevant. The era where you could just stuff your content with keywords, use link farms to build your domain authority or employ other shady practices is long gone.

Now more than ever you need to focus on providing a valuable, relevant, and enjoyable experience for your users. Get on Google’s bad side, and it can take you years to recover from a penalty (3).

And, if things weren’t already complicated enough, SEO isn’t a set it and forget it strategy. As search engines evolve, you need to adapt your strategy constantly to stay competitive. That means ensuring that your website complies with search engines’ best practices and continually changing your strategy.

Keeping pace with everything can be difficult.

Luckily, you have Las Vegas’ Top Rated SEO Agency on your side.

Top Rating SEO LTD offers end-to-end SEO solutions that will give your company the competitive edge it needs. We can turn your website into a lead generation machine that will help you increase your bottom line.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps the best way to put your business in front of your audience, connect with them, and persuade them to choose you over the competition.

In spite of the benefits, a lot of business owners believe that SEO isn’t worth the investment.


The main reason is that SEO is a complex endeavor and wrapping your brain around it isn’t always easy.

But, here’s the problem: by ignoring SEO, you’re not only missing out on a huge opportunity, but you are also sabotaging your business. As mentioned already, search engines have transformed the way people research products and services and make purchasing decisions.

So, before we dive into how our Las Vegas SEO experts can help you, let’s discuss the necessity of a top-notch search engine optimization strategy first.

Here are just some of the ways an effective SEO strategy can help your business:

  • Improve search engine ranking;
  • Increase website traffic;
  • Drive up conversion rates;
  • Reduce bounce rates;
  • Get customers engaged;
  • Improve brand perception;
  • Increase your business’ visibility.

A Special Note to Local Businesses

It used to be that consumers used Yellow Pages and other local listings to find the local businesses that can help them solve their needs. Nowadays, Yellow pages (4) and phone books are dead and Google and other search engines have replaced these services.

The numbers below paint an accurate picture. Consider this and how these numbers will affect your business and ROI by being found on page 1 of Google searches for your targetted keywords:

  • 30% of all searches are location-related;
  • 43% of online users are looking for local businesses;
  • 74% of people perform local searches;
  • 81% of people looking for local companies (like yours) are likely to contact whichever company that shows up in the top 3 of Google’s Search Results;
  • 61% of those will end up buying from that company.

Here’s the thing: when a person is looking for a local business, they have a set intention – they either want to buy a product or contact you about your services. They have an immediate need that they need to fulfill and are now looking for the best options. You don’t need to convince them that they need your products; they already know that. You need, however, to convince them that your products are better than your competitors.

There’s a major difference between these users and those who are just scoping the market. People with generalized searches are usually just looking for information about a product, without a clear purchase intent. Local searches, on the other hand, are of great value to your business and you must include them in your strategy.

Here at Las Vegas SEO, we understand the importance of developing an SEO strategy that considers your local audience as well. We can help your business improve its local rankings, drive qualified local traffic, and increase your bottom line.

With Top Rating SEO LTD, you can forget about your search engine optimization worries and frustrations. We are always up to date with the latest news and best practices and know what it takes to rank your business high. We love statistics and data and strive to maintain a scientific approach to SEO. We also know that search engine optimization means more than just technical expertise, but also commitment and creative skills. At Las Vegas SEO, our experts can help you strike the perfect balance.

Please review our client testimonials and read our Google reviews. We are proud to report that our clients say the following about us: ‘Top Rating SEO is the real deal’. ‘You can trust these guys’. We do not take these words lightly because we are aware of how many ‘not-so-honest’ SEO agencies are out there. Our mission is to gain your trust as well.

Here’s what you will get if you choose us:

  • Great Results: Our track record in getting lead generation and organic growth speaks for itself.  Our Las Vegas SEO experts can make a significant difference regarding your business’ online presence.
  • Expertise: We have the right technical expertise, and we know how to put it into practice. Our reputation is earned by consistently delivering excellent results;
  • Strong Client Relationship: Taking your company to the next digital level can’t be done without strong communication. We will involve you in every step of the process, and take your needs to heart. Transparency and accountability aren’t just two concepts we throw around. Our process is an open book, and you can read it anytime you want.

We bring our experience, expertise, and professionalism at the table for every client, and offer solutions tailored exclusively to your needs:


With Las Vegas SEO, your website’s ability to reach your intended business goals will improve. We can handle everything from strategy development and keywords research to site optimization and link building. Our focus is on helping you generate new leads and grow your online visibility.

When you work with our team of experts, you can rest assured that we will always consider your unique needs, the market you’re in, and your business’ particularities when optimizing your website.  We do not employ cookie-cutter approaches with any of our clients. Each client has its own engineered solutions to reach their digital marketing goals and increase their online presence. The tactics that we employ and keep in mind is not only Google’s guidelines but your audience’s expectations as well.

Research & Strategy

Our Research and Strategy department brings to the table a balanced combination of creativity and practicality. Before we start making suggestions on how to improve your website, Top Rating SEO | Las Vegas SEO experts first collect, analyze, and assess market information to understand what approach best fits your business.

We understand very well that a complete strategy doesn’t ignore what the competition is doing. After all, your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and your competition’s actions could influence the outcome of your tactics.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Establish your position in the market in comparison to your competitors;
  • Identify the best industry practices and determine how we can apply them to your business;
  • Identify potential critical points in the strategy and prepare contingencies;
  • Supervise the process to ensure proper implementation.

Website Traffic Projection Audit(Get your Preliminary audit FREE here)

Here at Las Vegas SEO, we take the following steps to ensure you will get a comprehensive audit:

  1. We review the current state of your website. Our Las Vegas SEO experts will provide a detailed analysis of how the platform is performing online – from search engines to social media.
  2. We establish what needs to go, what can stay, and what needs to be tweaked.
  3. We offer solutions that you can integrate into your overall SEO strategy.

The rules of SEO are constantly changing. With an SEO audit, you can stay ahead of those changes and remain competitive and relevant.

Las Vegas SEO will analyze how your website is performing and tell you what you need to tweak to maximize your chances of success. That way, you won’t waste money anymore on ineffective campaigns that affect your rankings and drive everybody insane.

Effective Link Building

When it comes to link building, people have a lot of different opinions. Some deem it obsolete; some say it’s harmful and others claim that your website won’t rank high without it. The truth is that link building is still a valuable component of SEO. There’s just one major twist: you must be very careful and implement a proper strategy if you want to reap its benefits. Otherwise, it may wreak havoc on your entire efforts.

At Top Rating SEO, our experts understand that not all links are created equal. We steer away from low-value links that do more harm than good.

We guarantee:

  • Authoritative links that are relevant to your platform (1)
  • Smart placement (2)
  • An effective guest blogging strategy (3)

Customer Care

Our Agency cares about each client equally, regardless of how small or big it may be. We don’t just throw a couple of suggestions and then disappear into the online mist or stop answering email as many SEO agencies do… We know how important a healthy relationship is, and our company policy is to keep you involved every step of the way.

We have five crucial rules we live by:

  1. Honesty is the best policy. Half-truths or misleading promises are not part of our values.
  2. The customer is always right… until they’re not. We want to keep you engaged, and your ideas value a great deal to us. However, staying true to rule number 1, we’ll tell you if something doesn’t fit right. Our goal is to help you grow your company, and we’ll do just that. Although sometimes you may not completely understand what the heck we are up to… and that’s totally ok. You don’t need to understand how SEO works all the way. you just need to see results, right?
  3. You are a priority. Your success also speaks volume for our success, so know that we have just about the same interest in seeing your business reach its potential as you do.
  4. We keep in touch. Sure, we’ll offer a plan and implement it, but our work doesn’t end there. We’ll keep an eye on things and report monthly on your performance
  5. We deliver excellence. And we do that by offering digital solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We don’t operate under a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. For us, each client is unique and each approach is custom-tailored to each individual clients. No cookie-cutter ‘one size fits all’ approaches here.

The Right Team

It’s a fact: our team of experts has the necessary tools and just the right amount of insanity (though we like to call it creativity and thinking out of the box) to increase your rankings and help you get new customers.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding work ethic:

  • We have the right experience: We’ve been at it for a while, so our team of experts knows what needs to be done.
  • We are trustworthy: Collaborations are always better when they’re built on a sense of mutual trust.
  • We are punctual: Our workflow is completely optimized, so we’ll always push to deliver results on time, without delays.

We usually operate under a “don’t brag” policy and like to let the results speak for themselves. However, we want to make sure you understand why this Las Vegas SEO Agency is the right team for you.

Our company has a long history of working in the digital marketing industry. We’ve worked with businesses from various sectors and enabled them to grow and deliver quality results. Our experts can help your company level out its needs, visions, and guide you to achieve your goals. Again, please check out our testimonials and read our Yelp and Google reviews.

What You Need: A company that has the technical know-how, creative edge, and the necessary time to nurture your website and allows it to grow its visibility.

What We Offer: A team that will work directly with your company to help define an action plan for your website.

When you work with our team of experts, you can rest assured that they will always consider your unique needs, the market you’re in, and your business’ particularities when optimizing your website. The tactics that we employ and keep in mind is not only Google’s guidelines but your audience’s expectations as well.

We also understand how vital it is to make an informed decision. Here are a few tips to use when considering hiring a firm for your SEO:

  • Research the Market: There are a lot of companies out there claiming to deliver outstanding results in no time. Check every promise they make before hiring them;
  • Compare the Costs: But remember that the lowest cost isn’t always the best in SEO. You see, SEO experts are rare. SEO imposters are a dime a dozen. If you want expert quality SEO, expect to pay higher prices. After all, you wouldn’t expect to buy a Ferrari with a Ford’s price tag, right? The same analogy applies for SEO. Those who are great at SEO know they are great at SEO and also know that the cost of investing in their SEO services will pay off in exponentially.
  • Evaluate Their Strengths and Weaknesses: Make sure the company is right for what you need;
  • Check Their Professional Experience: We’re all for giving rookies a shot at the limelight, but your website’s SEO would benefit more from an experienced company;
  • Ask about Customer Service Policies: We said it before, but it bears repeating. You need a company who will create a healthy client relationship, keep you in the loop throughout the process, and check in even after delivering results;
  • Don’t Rush into a Decision: The digital world is changing rapidly, and you need someone to help you as soon as possible. However, make sure to take your time and get to know the agency, its services, and success rate before hiring them.

Here at Top rating SEO, we guarantee high-quality work, and we always deliver on our promises. In short, we give you the backbone on which to grow your customer base, develop your business, and increase your profits.

Here’s what we promise:

  • Help you attract more customers;
  • Increase your revenues;
  • Get more exposure;
  • A true, lasting partnership;
  • High-quality services and expertise;
  • Thorough reports to keep you in the loop.

Get in touch with is today. We can’t wait to connect with you!