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Queensland SEO

Is SEO growing as fast as other regions of Australia?

Search engine optimization is growing as rapidly a pace in Queensland as it is in Australia as a whole.

The Australian economy (2) is at near record growth for the past five-year period and this pace of growth is expected to continue. That is of course if there are no more hidden bombs waiting to explode within the United States housing markets as was the case in 2008.

Australia continues to see its trade surplus with China (1) continue to grow and as it grows so does the job creation and wealth creation that comes along with it. In particular, the geographic region that Queensland represents has seen trade with China increased 46% over the past two years and if this trend continues it will see the highest job creation that Australia has ever documented within such a period. It goes without saying that jobs cannot be created without new businesses being created to generate the new jobs.

Queensland Based SEO Experts

There have been 892 new businesses licensed in Queensland over the past 18 months. This represents tremendous growth. Of the 892 new businesses created 28 of them were in the internet marketing field with eight of those being Queensland SEO Agencies. With this tremendous growth of SEO agencies come incredible benefits for the business that contract with them. There was recently a study conducted that calculated that companies that employ an SEO Expert are five times more likely to be profitable after 18 months of operation and are on average 58% more profitable than like competitors who do not contract with an SEO Professional.

There was also a study conducted that looked at the number of the new businesses that had shuttered their doors within 18 months of beginning operation. The findings were that of the 892 new businesses that were opened over the past 18 months 268 of them has closed their doors. However, of the 268, none were a Queensland agency.

Based on these findings it is obvious that demand is extremely high for Australian SEO Agencies in comparison with other businesses starts during this period. It also details that the benefits of utilizing a reputable SEO firm; of note is the fact that of the 268 businesses that closed their doors only eleven of them had employed a search engine Agency. That is a remarkable finding and one that strongly suggests that contracting with a SEO agency is a significant factor in the sustainability and profitability of a startup organization.

So the obvious answer to the question of ‘is Queensland SEO growing at the same pace as other cities in Australia?’

The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, it is growing at a much faster rate. Based on all of the finding that these studies provided I would suggest that you go out and find a SEO agency that aligns with your business needs.

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