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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Reputation Management

Do you have a string of negative reviews from a spiteful customer or competitor you wish you could ease? How about an embarrassing picture from your freshman year you can’t seem to scrub from the front page of Google?

In the digital age where 65% of internet users (1) believe online search results are the most trusted source of information on a business, your reputation as a business owner and as an individual is paramount to your success. Did you know that 93% of internet searchers do not go past the front page of Google? Furthermore, 50% of U.S. adults have googled themselves, and the results aren’t pretty. While reputation management for businesses is essential in today’s hyper-competitive environment, reputation management for individuals is equally valuable.

For your business to be successful, you need stellar online reputation management. Here at Top Rating SEO LTD, we care about how your target audience perceives your brand, and we know how to successfully manage your online business reputation so you can build trust with your customers. In the following article, we will explore the three reasons why a substantial portion of your sales is the direct result of your online reputation and what we can do to improve your web presence for you.

What can a marketing funnel do for me?

In 2020, having an online presence for your business and your personal brand is not an option. To be taken seriously as a brand, an online presence is a requirement. And in the digital age, everything is permanent, and nothing can be hidden. Once something hits Google, it’s there to stay. Your reputation as a business owner and as an individual is everything now, and it’s nearly impossible to erase something once it’s online.

But what can you do when spiteful reviews are harming your bottom line, or you’ve got a humiliating mugshot from a night of youthful indiscretion tarnishing the front page of your Google search results? This is where qualified reputation management companies can save your business a lot of frustration and embarrassment. Also, a clean reputation on the front page of Google means more money in your pocket.

Reputation management companies work by pushing down disastrous search results to the back pages of Google. They can’t scrub your reputation clean, but they can help you put your best face forward in the search results. With a professional, positive, and trustworthy SEO strategy tailored to your business reputation or your individual reputation, internet viewers will only see positive reviews and legitimate photos of your brand. Although it is crucial for a business or company to have a positive online reputation, it’s equally important for an individual’s personal reputation to be perceived positively. Consumers don’t want to do business with an impersonal company; they want to know and trust the person or people behind the brand. Not only do you need a clean reputation for your business, you need one for yourself.

70% of employers use social media to screen candidates and 75% of HR departments are required to search for a candidate online before hiring. The job market and the business world will only continue to get more competitive, and if you aren’t standing out online with a good reputation, your competition will. At Top Rating SEO LTD, we understand the importance of online reputation management for individuals and include it in our high-quality services.

A reputation management company will use white-hat SEO techniques and white label reputation management strategies and software to make your reputation whole, from your business to your personal web presence. That embarrassing photo or regretful mugshot from college will become buried behind numerous pages of positive, glowing reviews of your business.

Reputation Breeds Trust

Why do consumers require a business or individual to have a good reputation? Because your reputation breeds trust. Your target customer does not know you on a personal level; they can only make certain judgment calls based on what they perceive from your online presence.

82% of internet searchers will use Yelp when deciding to buy a product or a service. If you have a negative, harmful review but your competitor doesn’t, even if you know you can offer a better product for your customer, the viewer doesn’t know that. All they know is you have a negative review, and the other business doesn’t.

Furthermore, over 98% of internet shoppers will Google a business before they make a purchase. If some spiteful blogger you’ve had a personal falling out with decided to use their soapbox to lambast your company in an article, and that article is ahead of your positive business reviews and web pages, you’ll never gain your viewer’s trust, and will lose out on an untold amount of revenue.

But a reputation management company can bury those negative pages on Google. The cost of a reputation management company is minimal compared to the amount of revenue you’re losing with negative brand awareness. Investing in your reputation with an expertly rendered reputation management campaign is priceless, and the results will keep on giving.

Trust Breeds Conversion Rates

Speaking of trust and revenue, a customer’s faith in your brand will increase your conversion rates. Without trust, they aren’t going to buy from you no matter how great your web design is. Gaining the audience’s trust is the first step down the revenue pipeline. Again, if you can offer the same or better product than your competition, then what is separating you in the customer’s eyes? How much they can trust your brand.

Check out some of these chilling statistics:
  • Businesses with only two negative reviews on the first page of their search results can lose up to 44% of new customers.
  • If you have four or more negative results on the first page of the Google search results, you’re going to lose 70% of your potential customers.

If your online reputation is suffering from negative reviews, your business is going to stagnate and wither. Without a positive online presence and amazing content marketing, your target audience is going to skip over you and go straight to the competition, unless you have a marketing funnel installed that working well.

So, how can Top Rating SEO LTD help your business?

Now that you understand the incredible importance of an online reputation, you’re probably wondering how Top Rating SEO LTD can help you, and you probably have some skepticism about the cost.

First, reputation management requires deep, technical expertise (2). Not only do our experts understand the technical aspects and white label reputation management software needed to get your reputation up to snuff, we know how to listen and strategize for your unique business and needs. We will sit down with you and take the time to comb through your Google results, and understand which pieces of content you want to rank for and which ones you think are hurting your business.

Also, reputation management cost is something you must afford to grow your business in 2018. Your reputation is the first step in the customer journey. If it’s negative or off-putting, they will not trust you, and they will not buy from you. You honestly cannot afford to skip out on this quintessential investment for your business and your brand.

If you want your target audience to perceive you in a favorable light, build trust with your viewers, and increase your sales, contact us at Top Rating SEO LTD and see how we can grow your business with our online reputation management service today.

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