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In a highly-urbanized city like San Francisco, one can find many SEO agencies jam-packed with amazing talents to help thousands of small and medium enterprises on their venture. Because it is also a home of technology seeking out the best SEO agency can be a challenging task as there were large companies itself that represent online to promote the company’s social presence on different media platforms with organic results. Many of these businesses in San Francisco wanted to work on prominence when it comes to a search engine and brand awareness to have more sales but before we down to a deeper discussion about things let us first know what an SEO company like San Francisco SEO actually do. Say for instance, if I say I am a content marketing adviser and specialist in San Francisco SEO so what comes to your mind that I was doing? Don’t get it wrong, when we talk to different people, though we consider this already a normal thing to do in business there are still few out there who are not so familiar what an SEO really means and so they fire me of many queries and a little discussion starts here.

“So you, guys, are playing computer all day long?”

“How are you earning money on that?”

“That was just being a spammer.”

Sometimes, you can get amused at the confusion of few about how they understand an SEO but to make bring this matter to a clearer understanding we would like to give you some piece of information about how a San Francisco SEO company in San Francisco and like other places actually doing online.

An SEO will actually handle the website like they are the owner of it. How did I say that? Well, they are concern about how to deliver higher rank on the site and stay it like that for a dominant period of time. Like SEO in San Francisco, they keep themselves updated on the algorithm of major search engines to continuously do this and it is not how they basically want the work to be done. They will try to apply things to make the money you pay for them worthy just like an SEO Expert in San Francisco was trying its best to make a site go up in ranking effectively and as sooner as possible by breaking down every part of the site and seek which needs improvement and what is the best strategy to implement. This may include the following works:

    1. Structure the Site For Analysis

Google, Bing, and other major search engines today may emphasize to their users that they wanted the user to have the most relevant search and they simply not doing it for the search engines but let us face this–it is difficult for the search engine itself to rank and bring up your site on the search if it is not properly and suitably structured for the search engine to read the content fast and effectively. These things are what a San Francisco SEO is looking after when they handle the business website and among the task are the following:

  1. The Web Robot Pages

It is commonly known as spiders or web crawlers that is programmed to hide or impede the search engine from indexing website which is also the way spammer use to get information from your page like email address and so on.

  1. The Site Errors

The duplicate content, missing tags, 4xx errors and others web crawlers are the usual site error that can send a warning to the search engine that the company website is unworthy to be in the top rank. That is why San Francisco SEO is checking for it because it is one of the reasons why the site cannot reach the top or premium list position in search engines.

  1. The Status Index Of The Website

The web crawlers for Google will actually get the most relevant search to display on the first page of the search result. This can drive more traffic to the website and one of the things that San Francisco SEO Expert is checking on the company’s site.

  1. The Sitemap Listed

One issue of the website that an Expert in SEO San Francisco will look out is the XML sitemap. If the website makes the web spider confuse then it will signals the search engine not to highlight the page on the search engine result.

  1. The Speed Of The Page

Most internet users are impatient that is why the algorithm of the most search engine will try to look out for this factor of the site. Once the page took time to load, then it will less be rank on results.

  1. The Meta Elements Of The Site

For any duplicate tag and poor meta description of the website, this can badly hurt the SEO ranking of the page to any search engine. A great San Francisco SEO ensure that these elements need to be fit to optimize it to its full potential and to have a great chance of being on top of SERP.

  1. The Analysis of The Website Content

As a content specialist of San Francisco SEO, we will make sure that there will be no issue on the content of the website such as the poor articles, duplication, missing pages and more. The team of content specialist can better join in this job to bring it to the higher rank on Google search.

For any business today, the website is the representation of the virtual world–in short, a business owner or company should understand that it is built to attract more visitors and audience and eventually convert this to become their customers. So, once the company website is handed down to the San Francisco SEO agency and they will be able to get an idea what is the services the company offered to the public then they will work hard and plan strategies for your website to be on up search result. They are equipped with marketing tools and knowledge to contribute more success to your business. Often times, the client gets amazed how the business gets more sales just with the mere collaboration of the SEO agency.

  1. The Analysis of Off-Page

Little did you know that most of the failure of the website is largely contributed by an off page. This means the review site, directories, forums and other sites outside it will have a great impact on the ranking as well as how the potential customer will see your business. Negative reviews are part of the online world and we cannot prevent someone to voice out their opinion and rants on the virtual world even though they are doing it unfairly or when we know that the company is doing good service but when someone give negative review about the site, this will hurt the search result and the business itself, that is why the San Francisco SEO Specialist will look out ways to buy bad reviews and links and optimized more positive reviews for the page.

So, the Expert in SEO San Francisco will strip down and search the entire result about what type of publicity the company is getting. What are people talking about it? This includes making adjustments on set to see all the result since a Google search engine varies the display page according to some factors like location, and your activity. The main goal of a San Francisco SEO agency is to respond the negative review appropriately to make amends to former clients and sometimes, they bury the bad comments down to bring up the more reputable presence that one can trust and continue to patronize. To do that, they will use tools and get more results like the following:

More traffic to the website (1)

Bring focus content (2)

Fresh tags and meta elements (3)

Constant and consistent NAP (4)

Genuine and trustworthy reviews

Get it to online directory list

Make the page responsive to any device used

Build authority


The little difference they can make will immensely bring the result to the search ranking of the company page and this is so helpful especially if you want to prolong and keep your online presence on a prominent position on the search results.

So, let us check that does it mean when we mentioned about optimizing the page? We had thought that we already mentioned that earlier and this time we need to bring it to the table. So for the purpose of clearer, we can site the following:

  1. To optimize the structure and code of the site

A Specialist in SEO in San Francisco along with its team of talents can tweaks code to correct minor set up. Let us be real, sometimes we put the code on our website that is not in proper place especially if our knowledge on the impact is just limited so the SEO team can optimize it for you as well as its structure. Making it clean will help the navigation process of the page so internet user can easily maneuver on the site and can look for the things they want fast. Another task a San Francisco SEO focus is on removing errors that search engines can pick up and as well as to add internal links and make it more visible for the user so they would not leave to research for another website.

2. To optimize the page content

The fresh and unique content helps the website ranks on Google. If there is one thing that one should keep in mind in creating the landing page is to fill it with stuff that is of good quality. If an SEO found a duplicate content on the website then they will rewrite or remove it and bring on the new content. They will also stuff keywords that have a high rate of search to allow more audience and traffic coming to the website. They will check the format of the text, add properties and elements on the images and even use colors to make it look clean and professional.

Now, there is two type of pages for the website; the off-page and the on the page. The off-page are those outside the website this means the directories, forums, press release and etc. that tells about the website and will direct people to view it. The on-page content, on the other hand, refers to the content of the website per se. Whatever written on each page of the website then that is the on-page content. The off-page of the website is very helpful over time. This includes guest posting, commenting on forums, doing backlinks, do follow links, distributing a press release for the new service or product of the company and in order for the business to create a bang on the internet world considering the tight competition among billions of website today. An SEO agency will help that work and even more just to maximize the potential progress of the traffic and sales. Once this is done properly, the company will benefit from the traffic which brings them more sales and popularity to the people.

3. The Process Continues

One cannot just stop optimizing the website and keep seeing it in the top search result. Of course, the San Francisco SEO Experts will keep the continuous work on it and point changes that could affect or hurt the data. Their job can better be explained the simplest work– Tweak, test, track, and repeat! They will keep track on the ranking and conversion, doing this to ensure that the site will stay on top search and bring more traffics and sales. This SEO job should not be stopped if you wish to have further development and progress of your business.

If you own a business and you want to get on the top rank, we can give you some advice on what you should look out for an SEO agency especially in San Francisco district. See to it that you will not fall for the promise to bring more traffic fast because driving leads and traffic overnight is not definitely a good choice. In order for the agency to do that, they might be enticed to do some tricks that could badly hurt the ranking of the page that is why it is better to do it gradually. In addition, we want to stress out that ranking itself is not the gauge for success and believe it when we say that there are agencies doing unethical practice just to get lot money on this field. For one, they can buy links from random websites or use programs that give trash pages, or use duplicate contents. This is signs of black SEO which has a high risk of Google penalty. If you think that you had mistakenly allowed this on your business website then we suggest that you talk to San Francisco SEO agency to clean it up before Google founds it. Despite the slow act of Google to these sites, we could not risk having our business website shut down because the search engine had lost its trust on the site while you spend a lot of time and money to build it.

What a content marketing analyst can give advice to people out there who are engaged in online business and those who are dealing with their website is to make sure that an SEO company that you deal with should not retain copyrights of all the meta elements they edited for your website. We are telling you this since they can use it to strip your site once you decide to stop hiring them for another agency. That is bad, right but everything should work out fine for you and your business forever once you are with the right San Francisco SEO Agency.

In addition to what we have discussed earlier when you are seeking out for an SEO agency, you should ask yourself first–how will you want the internet user to see your website? We have foretold already that the company website is the representation of the company. It is their mirror of how they do their services and of course, you do not want your company or business to look like a scam just because you let the marketing team do unethical practice. San Francisco is one of the progressive states in the United States and there are thousands of business that has their website. A business owner from this district cannot just neglect the impact of the online world, if you keep doing business the traditional way then your competitors will bury your business and this will definitely could hurt your sales not to mention impedes the growth of your business too.

The SEO agency like Top Rating SEO LTD have the talents and skills to implement and help the business flourish. If you are looking forward to making use of the advantage of the online presence to gather more attention towards your business or services, then you should hire a service of an SEO agency. A good SEO agency can help the startup business gain new market and create brand awareness online that will surely be beneficial for the growth of the business so that expansion and success are possible.