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How to Use Voice Tweets

Building interaction via Twitter can feel like an uphill battle, with about 350,000 new tweets emerging on the web every minute. Here’s how to use voice tweets to your advantage.

Twitter carried out voice tweets to improve interaction on the website, empowering people to post snippets of audio on their profile.

Learn more about the options for voice tweets and how digital marketers should use Twitter to their full advantage.

Voice Tweet, what is it? 

Voice Tweets encourage you to record an audio clip of your voice and send it to you in a tweet. Here’s an explanation of how it operates.

• You can record up to 140 seconds.

• If you need extra days, that’s fine. Keep talking and immediately start recording a new voice tweet. Click or touch the dione button to finish recording.

• As you would submit daily tweets, send your voice tweet(s) from the composer’s screen.

• As an audio placeholder, Twitter uses the new profile pic. Clicking on this link helps users to listen to the audio connection.

how to use voice tweets

If you type a comment, upload your post, or press your profile, people will listen to what you have to say and communicate in their favorite way. Think of voice tweets as a way to talk up to make sure that you’re heard amid a sea of 280-character tweets.

You have to keep in mind one thing, though, before you start tweeting your voice. And if you alter your profile image later, the image attached to a voice tweet will not change.

Before you start tweeting your voice, make sure you’re happy with your image. This keeps posts consistent and makes it easier for users to reach you again in the future.

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Can Voice Tweets be used by everyone? 

It’s only available via the Twitter OS app, so don’t worry if you’re running Android or Twitter on your desktop. Your way, there’s a voice tweet coming.

You can’t quote or respond to voice-using tweets, either. It is only available for the original tweets. 

If you have a lot to say, you’re going to need more than one line. Threads are limited to 25 tweets for each speech.

Do you need more than 25 tweets? It’s easier to create and link a short YouTube video to a post.

Voice tweet transcripts are not yet available, either, although Twitter plans to use this functionality to ensure that more users experience voice tweets throughout the future.

Can you use voice tweets for DMs? Not right now, but we may have to expect a roll-out in the future if voice tweets are useful.

How to Use Voice Tweets

Do you want to start using voice tweets, but don’t you know how to start? Here are 15 ways you can use Twitter’s voice feature and tips to create compelling voice tweets.

1. Enhance the brand’s personality 

How can you describe your company in three words? Since these three words are the secret to the image of your company, this is important.

The attitude of your brand is essential. It influences how people see your business, and when someone defines your organization, it affects the words that come to mind.

Will voice tweets help you build the right online personality? Yes, because it boils down to credibility. Eighty-six percent of consumers vote for businesses with an authentic, upfront, and genuine identity, which immediately makes the company sound more natural and sincere with voice tweets.

Here’s how to use Twitter’s new voice feature to boost the personality of your company.

  • To capture voice tweets, select one or two team members. Ensure that their tone suits your values. If you’re a B2B business, for example, pick an eloquent speaker.
  • Check the commitment of your voice tweet. Are individuals posting or referring to your tweets? Consider reassessing what you’re tweeting if not.

How do you like your brand to be represented by people? To demonstrate this, use voice tweets.

2. Advertise Your Company 

You’re losing out on a significant media boost if you don’t use Twitter.

  • About 330 million daily users and counting are on Twitter. That’s a large number of people signing in each day, and if you target the ads effectively, there’s no limit on who you can attract.
  • About 50 percent of users complete a transaction after they follow a company on Twitter.
  • As there is nothing you pay to tweet, it is free publicity.

Here are a few recommendations for integrating voice tweets into your solution.

  • It would be best if you made your case quickly, so keep messages short and simple.
  • Have sound effects or logos to enhance the message of your brand. No reason to restrain yourself!
  • Terminate with a call-to-action (CTA) to lead visitors to your website, for example.

Want to upgrade your profile on Twitter?

Consider a tweet “pinning” to the top of the list. Users will discover your brand instantly with one click and create a link to your company. 

3. Promote the Product 

Approximately 54% of millennials turn on social media product review pages, so voice tweets provide the best way to speak about main products.

how to use voice tweets

How are you maximizing the potential of your tweets? It’s not the actual voice that matters. It all comes down to the brand’s voice, which is why developing an easy, unique, and clear personality is so crucial.

By cultivating a distinctive accent, avoid ringing like any other marketing tweet on the site, and then watch the product demand growth as a result.

What is the ultimate edge of it?

how to use voice tweets

Their Banner is pretty cool too.

By connecting with your audience and relating to them, you can also use voice tweets to promote your products and services!

4. Release new goods or features

To launch their latest products and services, advertisers still rely on Twitter. Strong marketers realize how important it is to stand out from the noise and discover new ways of gaining interest.

Again, voice tweets are sure to help you out here because they’re an opportunity to show what’s impressive about you and your product.

Consider using voice tweets alongside other platforms, such as YouTube videos, to improve the overall user experience. After viewing a video, consumers are about 80 percent more likely to purchase a product, so it’s still worth using video resources in the marketing plan.

Besides, it is best to tweet before 8 a.m., according to Hubspot. And ten o’clock, then between 6 p.m. Oh, and 9 p.m. These are peak hours, which means that there is a greater probability that you can create any user interest than at, say, midnight if you voice tweets.

5. Reveal Your Product by making a Giveaway 

Who does not love free stuff?

Everyone likes a fantastic giveaway, so try using the voice tweet’s strength to inform about the new contest.

• Once you have selected a prize, here’s how you can talk about it on Twitter. Set a target for a giveaway. Are you targeting more followers, or are you focused on growing the number of subscribers?

• Turn the target into a CTA. For starters, people can have to retweet your giveaway tweet to participate, or if they follow you on another social media site, they can get extra entries. It all depends on your objective.

Here is a great example of a Great Giveaway that will get lots of views and ROI

how to use voice tweets

6. Interacting with customers 

Did you know that on social media, 64 percent of clients want businesses to connect with them?

Personalize the experience of the user and respond by voice tweets.

They are more likely to choose you over rivals if you make individual users feel like they belong to your business.

how to use voice tweets

7. Become a Customer Service for Consumers 

Dealing with questions on customer service? More than 70 percent of consumers expect businesses to react within an hour. To support, here’s how to use Twitter’s new voice feature.

• Give the customer care a personal touch by including someone’s name in the reply.

• If you’re just online at the moment, pin your voice tweet to the top of your profile and see how easily you can respond to notifications and where other consumers can turn in the meantime.

8. Clarify Corporate Practices 

Since you have 140 seconds to play it, voice tweets should be quick, sharp, and unforgettable. In other words, they are a unique way to explain business practices easily.

  • Strengthen core policies, such as delivery procedures, customer care hours, via voice tweets.
  • Have links on your website to more extensive social media articles or accounts.

9. FAQs for Response 

They even work for FAQs if voice tweets work for company strategy.

• Run a list of voice tweets in a single thread corresponding to 10-15 FAQs.

• Only pin to make it easy to meet people the line at the top of your Twitter profile.

End the conversation with another CTA, allowing people to answer questions you might have asked in the same forum.

10. Customer Satisfaction Boost 

All the questions that you answer? Are you submitting the answers?

They always pile up.

However, they build trust in your brand and in time, it will improve customer loyalty.

But, over time, your voice will become associated with your Brand and will help grow your business.

11. Welcome Feedback from Consumers 

Why not welcome consumers with a voice tweet to share feedback? You should retweet good feedback or quote them and post them with your fans.

For the target demographic, voice tweets humanize your products and service and should improve conversion rates in the long run.

To develop your goods or introduce new lines, can you use customer feedback? Sure you can, it is a great way, plus it will raise your engagement.

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how to use voice tweets

12. Tell Stories 

There’s power in storytelling.

Here’s why you should use a voice tweet to build your brand, boost your popularity, and even extend your follower count.

Great stories make it easy to connect, like, and retweet, and increase fans’ and brands’ visibility.

Stories are a way for you, as an entity, to stick to what you believe in and highlight topics. This will leave users impressed and encourage them to check out the blog.

13. Connect With Influencers 

The influencers are not called influencers by mistake and for no reason. They can genuinely influence their audience. Consumers typically respond well to them. With that in mind, why don’t you recruit a social media influencer to take over your Twitter handle for the day?

For starters, Your chosen Influencer could:

• Create content that relates to your followers and ask them questions

• The Influencer should be an expert at designing a buzz around giveaways to drive engagement 

• He/She should be able to suggest ways for your Company to follow and be able to increase your followers.

• Forward some of your products to the Influencer and ask them to post pictures of themselves on their channel with your products. Just make sure that you chose an influencer that vibes with your Brand!

14. Audience Entertainment 

Research shows that at least 60 per cent of social media users are interested in entertaining content. The majority of people love a good laughThis is precisely why bringing your tweets to life by using your voice, is so vital.

  • Choose a voice for your brand that is expressive and engaging.
  • Dwell on anecdotes that are brief and unexpected. Know that for each voice tweet, there’s no reason for you to use the 140-second maximum.
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15. Humanizing The Brand 

What’s the easiest way to establish a friendship with your followers? It’s about humanizing the brand.

To accomplish this: use your voice so that consumers will be able to realize that there are the real people behind the name and the Brand of your Company.

• Utilize Voice tweets. Doing this will provide another layer to the company’s personality and your followers will be able to relate to you better.

• Talking makes you show your passion, knowledge, and creativity online.

• Answering your prospects/clients with a voice tweets will undoubtedly make your followers feel special. After all, when is the last time you received a voice tweet from anyone, right? –> this gesture reminds me of how special one feels when you get a handwritten note.

This personal touch may be why individuals prefer your brand over an identical one.


It’s certainly still worth it to use Twitter for digital marketing on many level because voice tweets make it much easier to recognize your brand and find your audience.

Choose a strong, distinctive profile picture before you start tweeting (and make sure you are happy with your profile pic before sending voice tweets cause you won’t be able to change it afterwards) and set your voice for the brand.

Use voice tweets to inspire conversation and humanize your business via social media before you get this part right.

** Note that not everyone has this function at this time but Twitter plans on rolling it out fully in 2021.

Have you started using voice tweets already? If you have, please comment below and let us know what you think of it

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