4 Tips To Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Reach and Engagement

how to increase social media reach and engagement
how to increase social media reach and engagement

4 Tips To Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Reach and Engagement

Hi everybody. This is Nancy Dent with Top Rating SEO

Okay. So today I’m going to teach you about how to increase your social reach Okay for your business So, Super exciting!

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One question for you. The first question I have for you is how many of you are social media gurus and you’re getting a ton of traffic Okay? So if that’s you please comment below and say I’m a social media Master. If you are like most people, You’re gonna be struggling to get your post seen and to increase your reach…

so if you are struggling to get some engagement and some reach, please comment below and say I am struggling or write: Yes That’s me!

  • 1st tip of the 4 tips to dramatically increase your social media reach is the following:

I want you to go to QUUU (1a) and sign up for a free account. I also want you to go to buffer (1b) because QUUU and buffer work together. I want you to go to buffer and sign up for a free account. You may have to upgrade to the pro account. It will cost you 10 bucks a month but well worth it. What this does is fabulous: because you’re gonna go on Quuu and you’re gonna pick the categories that you’re in: for instance if you are a dentist, you’re gonna pick the dental category or whatever right if you’re an electrician or whatever your businesses it doesn’t matter. So you’re gonna pick the category that is closest related to your niche and what this does when you connect you and buffer together is that it automatically looks for articles to share on your social media on your behalf. How cool is that?  It will take the curated content: curated simply means that it’s an article that has already been written by someone else and it’s going to share it automatically on your social media. Now you’re probably saying: Nancy why would I wanna do that? Thinking like this is a mistake.

You wanna do that because A) you’re not gonna have to post 50 times a day by yourself and come up with all that content and you’re gonna have you’re gonna want to do that because it’s related directly to your industry. And it will make you look like a superstar Which is what you wanna do, without increasing your workload! So yes you’re gonna be promoting someone else’s content and they’re gonna have like a little link or whatever in there but that’s not the point, the biggest part is that you’re gonna be helping you!

  • The 2nd Tip of the 4 tips to dramatically increase your social media reach and engagement is: HOOTSUITE (2)

Hootsuite allows you to post or schedule your own post ahead of time. So you can go on hootsuite and you can produce let’s say seven days of post and post it automatically like 4-5 times a day. It’s awesome because it’s very easy to use and it’s cool. It’s a very cool too cuz you don’t have to remember to go live or you don’t have to remember to post very so often a day. The thing that you need to be cautious about with Hootsuite is because Facebook and Instagram and the social media platforms the algorithm does not like hootsuite because it actually detects that it’s hootsuite posting on your behalf and it doesn’t like it. Although it’s a very useful tool and it’s very convenient the algorithm does not favor Hootsuite so you may want to use it at your own discretion. Understanding that it’s not going to help you when it comes to the algorithm.

Another thing that you need to remember that your reach is going to be about three percent. So all Your post are going to be you’re gonna reach about 2-3% of your audience every time you post unless you go Live and you do what I’m doing here Okay, that’s why I’m telling you guys to be consistent with your Facebook lives because then you’re really tapping into the algorithm… so every time you post, you’re gonna reach about two to 2-3 percent of your audience if it’s just a regular post. So, I am suggesting that you guys start recycling your content every two to three months. Why would you do that is because most of your audience will not have seen your content and the ones who have seen it most likely will have forgotten about it. People don’t remember yesterday never mind three months ago – LOL

You can look at your engagement to and see what people liked and then start recycling that and re-post it. That will reduce your workload as well!

  • Tip #3 of the 4 tips to dramatically increase your social media reach and engagement is: ManyChat (3)

If you are not using manychat, Holy cow, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! But first of all, what is ManyChat? Manychat is a software that allows you to create chatbots. What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a tool to engage your audience and getting the chatbot, to say anything on your behalf so people will go into your chatbot and they won’t actually most of the time unless you tell them upfront. They will not know it’s not you! They’ll think it’s you because you can get it to engage with people and people will click on answers and stuff like that. So make sure to use Chatbots! If the thought of building a bot is overwhelming for you, reach out to me because I have a chatbot builder person that is phenomenal. So get a chatbot built if you can’t do it yourself, reach out to me.

Now, why would you want to get your audience to engage with your chatbot and why would you use chatbots for your business? Remember back in the days like many moons ago the emails were like THE money generating machine because the open rate was crazy high? Remember those days??

Nowadays emails, you’re getting 1-3 percent open rate on average If you’re a superstar and a Master Scriptwriter that converts with juicy headlines, you probably get like five percent at best… With a chatbot, the open rate on average is about 60 percent! So, it’s like emails back in the days!!

So if you’re not using chatbots right now, it would be a great idea to look into chatbots. My favorite platform that I use myself for our business is ManyChat. Manychat is easy to use It’s Super cool and it Really really, really works! Well so looking into it. I think like a pro subscription for manychat is like $10 a month and then you can get up to like 500 subscribers for 10 bucks a month. So well well worth the investment.

  • Tip #4 of the 4 tips to dramatically increase your social media reach and engagement: Buzzsumo

What you’re gonna do in Buzzsumo (4) is you’re gonna go and look you’re gonna put your whatever it is that you’re looking for your niche or you know whatever business you’re in and You’re gonna put your niche and then you’re going to look at the Very top articles for the ones that are getting the most engagement. Say it’s an article with 4 tips… you are going to take that article and make it 100% better. So, instead of 4 tips, you are going to offer 20 tips and post it on your blog. And then you’re from and then you’re gonna share it on social media from your blog. You’re gonna take the link from your blog and write whatever you want to write for your social media post and you are going to include your blog link that way all the traffic that you’re getting from your social media is gonna go back to your website, and on your website, you know that you need to have a pixel…

Are you guys getting this, Now?

This is getting really exciting!!

When you have a Pixel installed on your website, all the traffic that is coming from your social accounts can be retargeted on FB, Insta, etc!! What??

Now, you’re going to want to boost the social media post that has your blog link on it for $1 a day. One buck a day. That’s it… make sure you target the right audience here. Then all the traffic that you will generate from your Facebook ad, will also go to your blog on your website and guess what? All that traffic will be pixeled too!!

Which means what?? You can retarget that traffic too!! OMG!!

Is that exciting or what? This is Super duper cool!!

If you don’t understand because I know I am talking about, reach out to me. We can get this done for you too.

That is all the tips that I have for you today.

If you are looking for an amazing SEO Agency that kicks butt and takes names ? Please reach out to us. We will be honored to help you. Top Rating SEO is known to deliver results.

Our website is: https://topratingseo.com/

My name is Nancy Dent – AKA Queen of SEO (this is such a compliment to me btw)

Talk to you soon,


4 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Reach

4 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Reach

Posted by Top Rating SEO LTD on Wednesday, August 7, 2019
4 Tips To Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Reach and Engagement