Marketing Trends 2021

Marketing Trends 2021
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Do you think you are ready to market your brand? What do we know about the future, what do we know about Marketing Trends 2021? We have the same answer:


We know nothing.

You may have read blog post, watched some YouTube videos and attended seminars but what did you get out of it?

You may have studied marketing trends 2021 that people have advised you, or try to copy the trends that you saw over some video but here is the thing, everyone is talking about the same thing, the same way of marketing trends 2021, the same strategy that it makes it very…. Overrated. 

Sure they gave you a lot of inspiration, ideas that you have yet to explore and courage to start your own business.

Planning is easy; it’s the doing that is hard. It’s the hustle that makes the dream work.

So what kind of marketing trends should you really focus on in 2021?

#1. Upgrade Your Communication Channel

Email marketing is something that we have all been using in this marketing world.

Companies that have been using email marketing as their main source of marketing has seen that their analytics have been going down for the past year.

Open rates stay the more or less the same, but the click rates have dropped 9.4 % as of this year.

Email marketing is not dead, just outdated.

That is why, you have to up your game in marketing.

Update your communication channel.

Chatbots, automated messages, and push notifications are skyrocketing now, these tools are now used by companies as leverage.

Also, leverage your reviews as social proof of your credibility, trust and reliability. Include these in your emails, sales funnel, signature (where appropriate, social media accounts, etc)

Here are a few examples:

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Examples of Chatbot’s are ManyChat and MobileMonkey, and push notifications like Subscribers.

By using Chatbot’s and Push Notifications, this will be your leverage for lead generation and customer service, start now rather than later.

#2. Up Your Branding and Influencer Marketing

In our time, copying marketing strategies are as easy as pie and can be done in minutes.

So think about how you would stand out, think about what will set you apart from your competitors. 

Create an unforgettable image for your brand, because your brand is your beacon.

Your branding must make a memorable impression on consumers, make them know what to expect from your company.

People love to expect, and when they expect, you as the agent, must meet their expectations.

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Branding is what makes a brand famous.

Selling Michael Jordan shoes for example.

People love Michael Jordan, therefore, people buy his shoes.

Even though he has not played in the NBA for years now, his brand is still skyrocketing.

Kylie Jenner but a billion dollar company by using herself and her popularity as her strongest weapon.

Her fame, and her looks are her brand.

She herself is the brand.

The same goes for cars: Tesla has been making waves this past year, with their auto-pilot, their marketing strategy was done by the buyers itself, its spreading like wildfire.

Influencers are big these days; you must find one that is worth every penny.

In the context of influencer marketing, people’s influence matter more than the product itself, so you have to hire those people who you know will fit your brand and that your brand will fit their lifestyle.

marketing trends influncer marketing

Companies have been spending billions on influencers like: Kim Kardashian West, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, etc.

Marketing Trends 2021

#3. Automate Your SEO

Automated SEO can make your increase your page views by 60% and keywords have increased by 21%.

It’s about automating the tedious tasks.

The real SEO work still needs to be done but the tediousness can somewhat be relieved.

As you know, creating a website is easy, but attracting visitors and traffic is a whole new level of difficulty.

As a starting entrepreneur, we all turn to SEO, because we can’t afford to pay ads like our competitors.

And as we may already know, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the cheapest ways to drive highly targeted audience to any website.

There are financing companies that can help you; they can lend you cash for your ventures.

Companies now are starting to integrate AI to their system to give better recommendations; everyone is using AI to make SEO and other forms of marketing easier.

By using automated SEO we can easily handle the dreary and time-consuming tasks.

It is also easier to check for broken links or keyword density, and tags.

Automated SEO can also get accurate and up-to-date data on your keywords rankings.

#4. Do Not Rely On Google Analytics

Marketing Trends 2021

To those new to this, Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks your data and reports your website’s traffic.

There nothing wrong with it, in fact it is a great tool, especially that it’s free!

But in this world we live in, everything is changing, upgrading and it is not slowing down.

New trends are being constantly introduced, such as voice search like Siri, Alexa and Google.

Transactions are no longer are as simple as someone coming to your site from an ad and buying.

There are so many ways that one can generate revenue for your online business, like partnerships, affiliate marketing, and even webinars.

This has pushed companies to start using analytics solutions that can keep up with the system, Amplitude is an example.

This year, people will see more companies adapting business intelligence solutions and new software systems from paid ones to free ones like Google Data Studio.

Marketing Trends 2021

Go check out Data Studio, you have to start now because it will be easier for you to pass in all of your business and marketing data into one place.

You can pass in more granular data from your Facebook campaigns into Data Studio, which would be difficult to do if you are using Google Analytics.

marketing trends 2021

Almost everyone has been using voice search for years, Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and Google are now mainstream and has almost every device flagship voice command and voice search.

Voice search allows us users to use a voice command to search the Internet, a website, or an app.

In a broader definition, voice search includes open-domain keyword query on any information on the Internet.  

Optimizing for voice search is a great way to get your brand to outshine your competitors.

There hasn’t been many solutions so far when it comes to capitalizing on your voice search traffic, so far, there is, makes it possible for people to buy from your site using voice search.

It doesn’t matter if it is Alexa or Siri; they work with the most popular devices.

What’s great about is that it can learn from each customer and personalize the interactions.

For example, if you keep ordering the same brand of diapers from a specific store using voice search, keeps track of that so you can keep ordering the same product again and again with little to no traction.

It is even easier than logging into your computer, going to the website and purchasing or pulling out your phone to make a purchase.

#6. Optimize for Marginal Gains

marketing trends 2021

Most businesses were built by using just one marketing channel.

Dropbox grew through referral marketing, by inviting more friends, you get more free space.

Facebook was built off your email address book, the team used to tap into your address book and invite all of your contacts to use Facebook on your behalf.

Quora and Yelp were built off of SEO, their rankings really helped drive their businesses to the top.

But now, new entrepreneurs can no longer build a business through just one marketing channel.

Good channels get saturated really fast like Facebook’s organic reach.

Even if they workout and cause extreme growth, it will only last for a while before your competitors jump on and make it harder.

Marketing and lead generation will soon be all about “marginal gains.”

Dave Brailsford, a british Cycling Coach, believed that if you improved every area related to cycling by just 1%, then those small gains would add up and become a remarkable improvement.

He is right, that is how you win a race. The same thought will be true with your marketing.

There will be a big change from people focusing on one channel, to trying to find the “Holy Grail of Marketing”.

While slightly working on improving each area of their marketing.

That is what you have to add up to win.

That is what you have to shift your mind to in order to win, not just this 2021, in the future.

#7. New Marketing: Depersonalization

marketing trends 2021

The problem with marketing today is that most visitors do not become customers.

If you are lucky, you would probably get 5%.

Chances are you are more likely looking at 95% or more of site visitors leaving without becoming customers.

The reason is not that your marketing sucks or that most visitors are unqualified.

It’s that your message does not fit every single one of your visitors, they do not feel like becoming a customer because your website does not fit their wants.

Personalization allows you to convert more of your visitors, into customers.

Website personalization is a process of creating customized experiences for your visitors to your website.

Rather than providing a single, broad experience.

Website personalization allows companies to present visitors with unique experiences which is tailored to their needs and desires.

Here’s an example

marketing trends 2021

For instance, Amazon.

When you go to Amazon, they know what you typically purchase, so they show you what they think you’ll want to buy to boost their conversions.

It actually works, I, myself fall into the trap of website personalization, I see post about household materials and not dog food, I instantly become a customer.

Businesses are also trying to personalize every single experience.

Companies like Amperity are trying to create a customer relationship engine so you can better serve your customers.

Marketing is now a game of personalization.

With ad and marketing costs rising, you have no choice but to figure out how to convert the 95% of your customers.

Customers are getting wise, knowing that companies now use the same website personalization technique, and that’s the problem.

This is why depersonalization is going to be big.

Stop using names in an email, brands need to dial back the fake personalization efforts.

Your readers see through this and most don’t like it.

You need to focus on transparency and writing like a real, live person.

Write stories they can relate to with emotions they can feel.


These are some of the marketing trends in 2021 that will come true, and you need to be prepared to handle them.

Here is the beautiful part, now that you have a chance to act on the information before your competition.

Make sure you get in ahead of the competition. We want to see you succeed; our goal is for you to beat your competition.

All of us believe you can, whether you are a big company or just starting off, with very little to no money.

What do you think of the trends that are listed above?

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