Why You Are Not Ranking

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Why you are not ranking

Let me ask you one question. How many results display on Google’s first page and have a fair opportunity of getting clicked? Twenty? Thirty? Nope. Ten results. Just ten. That’s it. Ranking in Google’s search results is easier stated than done. There are thousands of various websites attempting to take your rankings, and, in some instances, several of those rivals succeed. The individuals who fail are the individuals who think that SEO is not that significant. Good thing, you think otherwise – hence why you are here. If you believe that you have done everything precisely and still not ranking where you should be, I may suggest reading below the tips on how to increase those rankings in no time and discover once and for all why you are not ranking!

Tip #1: Do Not Duplicate Content on Your Site

Duplicate content used to be the hype.

However, though it is not as significant as it did before, it does still weigh something. 

For instance, you create content, publish said content, and then discover that your SEO juice has been divided among the original and unintended duplicate pages.

That would make both pages rank mediocrely rather than having that outstanding one-page rank.

Meanwhile, Google attempts to determine the correct page, but it instead picked the wrong page.

All because you did not verify that clearly for Google’s robot.

Preferably, you may want to merge the SEO juice of those two pages and not leave them separately.

To check whether you have duplicate content on your website, visit this website: https://www.seoreviewtools.com/duplicate-content-checker/

why you are not ranking

Tip #2: Use Google My Business

why you are not ranking

Google wants the most effortless and swiftest way to obtain and produce relevant results.

Choosing Google My Business achieves that. 

If you have not joined Google My Business yet, you are missing out on some grave potential.

Don’t worry; it is easy, accessible, and free, which would certainly help your SEO.

It is a simple method to rank in Google with very minimal effort and time.

Registering an account informs Google that your website is up-to-date, you care about ranking, and you desire to collaborate with their systems.

Google loves that and will prioritize your business.

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Tip #3: Leverage Social Signals

You do all that you can, but your rankings are still suffering.

Well, social signals may be the answer.

This way, you will produce more traffic and boost your rankings.

Google utilizes social signals to manage which websites are active or not, informing them which websites should rank higher. 

Yes, social media accounts are one of the factors on how you rank in Google.

If you aspire to enhance your SEO efforts, I suggest you stay engaged on social media and update your business information.

social signals - why you are not ranking

How do you do it?

Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Did you write a blog article? Post it on Facebook.
  2. Did something unusual occur at work today? Tweet about it.
  3. Took a funny photo of an office-hours prank? Share it on Instagram.

You may do everything right, but it would be better if you have social signals.

The more posts you have on your social accounts, the higher your website will rank.

Tip #4: Create Consistent Content

The most successful entrepreneurs have a documented content marketing approach.

The more content you produce, the better – as long as the quality of that content is not lacking.

It will help if you build a strict content marketing calendar and an approach for growth.

Sure, writing, recording, and editing indeed take a lot of time, and it is even more difficult when you do not see instant outcomes.

consistent content - why you are not ranking

However, businesses that blog see more visitors hence get more backlinks and have more pages indexed than companies that don’t.

This is because each bit of content they produce and each new page they issue provides them extra chances to rank in Google.

If you are creating content constantly, then it’s only a matter of time until you begin to rise.

Tip #5: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

People browse the web on various devices every single day.

Hence, it would be best if you catered to all of those diverse screen sizes.

This is so crucial that Google even shifted to mobile-first indexing, which means looking at your mobile site first, then your desktop version.

So, whatever Google cares about, we need to care about too. Start making your website mobile-friendly.

Tip #6: Ensure Google Has Indexed Your Website

why you are not ranking

You want to know about your website’s rankings, so you open up Google and keypunch in your target keywords.

However, you did not see your website on the first page.

So, you click over several pages and still do not see your website.

To be assured everything is working perfectly, you frantically type your actual business name into the search engine and maybe your URL too.

But, still nothing.

You stare at the screen, thinking of reasons why this is happening.

Well, allow me to tell you the reason why: Google has not yet had a chance to index your new page.


If you just made your page, then give it a bit of time before hunting for yourself in the results. 

Also, you may have unintentionally blocked Google from crawling your website.

You may have to undo that and make certain that Google is crawling your website whenever it desires.

Remember, if Google cannot crawl your website and dissect it, you have no possibility of ranking. 

Tip #7: Decrease Loading Time

You want info, and you want it now. Your audience and target market are not any different.

For that cause, Google places considerable ranking weight on how fast your website loads.

They had an entire update that explicitly targeted page speed. 

Nothing is worse than browsing the Internet and waiting what feels like a hundred years before that website finishes loading.

Remember: The faster your website loads, the higher your rankings will be.


Out of a million results, only ten positions matter in Google.

So, how do you claim your spot?

Begin with doing the right things.

Fix your website’s problems by heeding to the tips above, and I assure you that you will be ranking in no time.

Best of luck!

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