This is my favorite chair…

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    This is my favorite chair.

    This is no ordinary chair.

    To some this chair is ugly, dirty and should be discarded…

    But to me, I will take it with me, wherever I go.

    Because this is the chair that I rocked my babies to sleep in.

    This is the chair that I cried in when I felt lost and when I felt that I had lost myself

    And this is also the chair that I have been sitting in every morning to work on my mindset to figure out how to scale our business via the right marketing.

    So, its a reminder that yes, things are better now and will keep on getting better… but things can also change in an instant. Nothing is promised.

    It’s a reminder to put your ego in your pocket and get engagements in your work

    A reminder to stay humble and real. That we all start at the bottom and if we persevere, we all find our way to the top

    Yes we have helped all of our clients to the top of Google for their most sought after keywords for their businesses

    Yes we have endless success stories of scaling S-M-L businesses all around the world…

    Yes we are making this world a better place one business owner at a time

    But I always must remember

    The reason that this success happened… is because we put people first… impact first… love first…their business goal first

    This chair is a constant reminder that life.is.good and that anything.is.possible

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