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Maximum organic traffic growth via keyword selection based on constant testing of Google’s ranking algorithm

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Transform your website into a search engine magnet with our 80+ point website audit and reengineering

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Drive search engine ranking with scientifically chosen high authority, thematically relevant back links

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Top Rating SEO stands out against all others in the SEO industry. Why? Our unique "No B.S. approach" is built upon trust, hard data, unique engineered solutions, honest communication and informed clients.

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Top Rating SEO has mastered the art of SEO Warfare. We battle the search engines and your competition until your goals are realized. We will be your greatest ally.


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Top Rating SEO is not your typical SEO agency

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We uses data and only data to drive campaign strategy. No guessing games. Ever.

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Never hide behind fake results. Our results are tracked, verified & avaliable for you 24/7

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Our SEO agency is built to serve you. Not just sell you. Our 5 – star ratings on Google are legit.

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We are fixated on value creation – ROI. Our only goal is to achieve your goals.

Examples of very challenging Keywords we Dominate

SEO keywords are some of the hardest keywords to monopolize because we are competing against other SEO Agencies for the same keywords.


People are busy, distracted, multi-tasking, and already bombarded by advertisres. You have split secound to get their attention. We’ll create messaging, offers and creatives that WOW!

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  • Open new channels & expand reach
  • Test new ideas
  • Create new funnels

We build impactful SEO strategies for result-hungry marketers.

Top Rating SEO leverages a wealth of market analysis and testing results to create scientifically-driven SEO strategies. Our proprietary methodology combines the best of process, technology and people to deliver business-impacting results in breakneck speed. We’re driven, intelligent, and hungry for your success in search: ‘We’re driven, intelligent, and hungry for your success in search engine results.


Our mission to alter your view of SEO.

Many marketing agencies carry a nasty reputation…that’s no secret. So, finding the right SEO agency for you is no easy task – it seems everyone claims to have “more page 1 results” or have a better “secret sauce” than the other guy. Every agency seems to look like & talk like the other guy. So how do you distinguish the doers from the talkers?

We employ a no B.S. approach. We always ‘tell it like it is’. In the end we simply deliver on the promises made. We earn trust.


At first glance, Top Rating SEO may seem like all the others but make no mistake. We are different. We are the real deal. TRUST is the singular reason that we are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies out there.


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Vancouver SEO Expert Advise:

8 Attributes to Consider When Choosing The Right SEO Agency For Your Business

Selecting an SEO agency for your business is one of the most crucial investments you can ever make. Blame it on the increasingly digital age, but there are just as many SEO agencies propping up as there are companies in almost every industry you can find. And it can get pretty overwhelming trying to find your way through the maze of scammers and other disreputable agencies offering to put your website on the “top of Google’s list” in a couple weeks or so.

Vancouver is by far one of the busiest cities in all of Canada in terms of businesses as well as population and activities. For the same reason, the art of finding the right Vancouver SEO agency for your business is not only more difficult but also has more at stake than meets the eye. You never know where you’re losing prospective clients if you don’t pay attention. And time is definitely not your friend in this regard.

Hence it is highly important that you do your due diligence before handing over the keys to your SEO ranking to just any Vancouver SEO company.

Here are 7 attributes that you absolutely must consider when looking for the best SEO agency.

Determine your metrics of success first in black and white – This may seem like a basic and obvious point, but interestingly, it is often the most overlooked aspect. Most companies simply join the bandwagon and get themselves an SEO expert without having any idea of what they want to achieve with SEO. Now it’s not the worst thing to leave the nitty gritty to the experts, but it is important to determine your end goal before you set out down the SEO journey, because SEO is a marketing tool that can help you achieve many things to start with.
Be prepared to make your stance known on these points: Do you want to increase traffic to your website via SEO? Do you want more leads to convert by getting great website content? Do you want to intensify your social media presence? Do you want a new face for your online presence via our web design services? Or do you want good reputation management services to handle something that didn’t quite work out for you online?
These are the kind of questions you need to have answers to before you hand over the job to a Vancouver SEO agency.

Identify the key aspects, along with the keywords for which you want to be found – One of the biggest misconceptions that people have when it comes to keywords in SEO is that if you put the name of your service along with the name of your city, then you’ve got yourself a keyword. While this may be true to a great extent, that is not the only way to go about determining your keywords. The key is to first identify the particular product or service that you want to be known for and also the target audience that you want to sell for. Don’t be intimidated by these requirements.

You can discuss these aspects with your SEO consultant to find your best options. But make sure you spend some time with this as it is a very crucial step. Search Engine Bots make use of this information to rank the pages of your website, which determines how easily your website will be found on different search engines like Google.

Top Rating SEO is a Nationally Acclaimed SEO Agency and one of the few Vancouver SEO agencies that take the initial steps mentioned above into consideration and provides a holistic analysis of your current online presence, before devising strategies.
We believe it is important to get a clear picture of where you currently stand in terms of your online influence in order to spell out a customized solution. It is only after careful analysis that our team optimizes the chosen keywords along with additional keywords to help you get better rankings.

And by the way, the Top Rating SEO team will be happy to send you an absolutely FREE website traffic projection report that will help you understand where you are currently and what you can do to increase traffic and get more leads. And, if you are the kind of ‘do-it-yourself’ person and you are looking for SEO tips, please read our blog.

Pay attention to the projected service manifestos of agencies – It is easy to get carried away by claims like “top search engine rankings overnight” or guaranteed rankings for a stretched period of time. Because to say the truth, SEO is by far the most unpredictable aspect of digital marketing, what with the ever-changing algorithms of search engines that are beyond the control of any agency. Hence it is always better to reach out for companies that offer more realistic results than plain guarantees. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

Look for a company that has stellar customer service reputations – You will most definitely have to communicate with your SEO agency almost every day and the partnership will go on for a considerable period of time. Hence, you want a company that has proven its value for its customers. You don’t want to be associating with a company that does not hold this value, as it can get very frustrating, ultimately impacting your results.

A proper plan of action – Not all plans of action can be communicated to the clients because of proprietary methods of the Vancouver SEO company. Nevertheless, make sure the company you choose does have a properly defined and targeted plan of action that specifically touches upon every element contributing towards your digital marketing goals. Also, make sure they can provide regular updates as to the progress.

Hire the “who” of SEO – This is where it can get a little tricky. You may come across quotes that say 8-10 keywords for $550 a month, or other seemingly easy services. However, proceed with caution, because not all Vancouver SEO agencies are equal. There may be a myriad of differences in terms of skills and resources. Some may be SEO Masters while some are simply imitators. It can be compared to the profession of lawyers and doctors, where you will have to sometimes pay up to $1000 an hour for their service. It all comes down to the level of expertise and the masters will obviously cost you more.

The ones that offer you cheap prices are probably not as experienced. And remember, there is no magic potion to easily bring your rankings up. It is a process that takes quite a bit of brainstorming and days of effort to reach the end destination that is the first page of Google. Hence, you should be ready to pay a reasonable price to avail exceptional services of a premium Vancouver SEO company. Do not settle for the lowest or the highest price.

Another thing to pay attention to is the testimonials and reviews left by customers. Check out Google and Yelp to get a bird’s eye view of the client feedback. If you find anything that is questionable in there, then you should be wary. Thankfully, clients and customers are quite blunt in their reviews these days, be it is positive or negative.

Size doesn’t actually matter – Yes we get it, size does matter in most cases, but funnily enough, not in SEO. In our years of experience in the industry, we have found many smaller companies that have totally outshone larger SEO companies as far as the results and rankings have gone. Hence, it’s all about the end result and that’s what you should be focusing on, and not the size of the team.

Top Rating SEO is very particular about being “the real deal” when it comes to SEO, as quoted by many of our clients. We only use tried and tested proprietary methods and we are pretty confident about how we can use them to get things on the road for you. We always believe in being transparent in our communication with clients and for the same reason our clients have time and again labeled us as a Vancouver SEO agency that “they can trust”. That’s practically the one thing that we strive to hear from our clients as we do not take it lightly. Our mission is to earn the trust of more people like you in the future.

Integrity counts in SEO – Last but not least, you need to make sure that the company you’re hiring has integrity. Meaning, make sure that the company shares similar work ethics and values as your business and more importantly, make sure that they take a genuine interest in your project. Passion is always the one driving factor when it comes to remarkable results. And only if the company is passionate about what they do, will they be able to be a part of your project and work with you as a team to reach your end results.

Agencies that consider their work as ‘just’ work, would probably not be able to get you through your particular SEO challenges. Hence, make sure that the Vancouver SEO company that you invest in is passionate about what they do and wants to see you succeed rather than just make money off of their assigned task. Make sure that they have a proper plan and a solid understanding of what you need them to do.

At Top Rating SEO, we consider our clients’ success as our own success. We always follow through on our promises and we strive to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and we only do exactly what we claim to do. As mentioned before, SEO rankings can never be guaranteed owing to their dynamic nature. But rest assured, timely results are 100% guaranteed.

Being on the first page of Google’s search results is extremely important for your business, and not being on there is probably costing you tons of money as your prospective clients are being directed to your competitors.
We totally understand that and Top Rating SEO can help you get the organic traffic that you deserve and rise ahead of your competitors.
You have worked very hard to see your company succeed and reach where it is today. Hence, you don’t have to be settling for the third or fourth page of search results.
Sign up for a FREE consultation and a FREE website traffic projection report with Top Rating SEO to analyze where you stand and to get an idea of what you can expect from our company in terms of improving your business.
Having been rated as the Best SEO Company in 2019, Top Rating SEO offers customized search engine optimization solutions to help your customers find your brand easily.

We work both on a local and a global level with businesses, to help them maintain a certain competitive edge and visibility over others. And as mentioned before, we are completely transparent and we have a fairly simple mission; to help businesses like yours establish a powerful online presence and to help you attain maximum visibility where it matters most. And for this, we follow advanced strategies carefully formulated to give you the digital boost necessary to put your company on top as a credible industry authority.
Considering the competition that is currently prevailing in all industries along with how the way people discover, interact and shop with companies is constantly evolving, you definitely need the help of an expert to come up with innovative solutions and use advanced SEO tools to keep up in the competition and let customers see your value above others.

Count on Top Rating SEO to shine a spotlight on your business, and make your business visible to customers in plain sight.

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