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3 Reasons Why Web Design is Critical for Business

Have you ever visited a company’s website because you were intrigued with their product? If you’re like most Americans, you probably visit a business’s site before making a purchase. But, have you ever gone to a site and the layout was terrible? Busy graphics, or unattractive colors, and an interface that was confusing or didn’t look right on your mobile device? If this was the case, you most likely didn’t follow through with your initial intentions, and the business lost out on a sale.

If you run an online business or offline business with an accompanying web presence, you’ve probably got an inkling and first-hand experience of why web design is vital in building customer trust. Without it, your business looks unprofessional, and if a potential customer’s interest in your product is piqued, but they are taken to a landing page that is hard to navigate or difficult to read, they’ll click off, and quickly.

Did you know it only takes viewers 50 milliseconds to form an opinion (1) about your website? First impressions matter and they happen fast. If your viewers land on an unattractive, unprofessional looking page, they will go to your competitor’s site. Furthermore, more and more people are conducting online searches from mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, those viewers will go to a website that is. Your competitor is going to be eating into your market share and building a relationship with customers that should be yours.

If you want to know more about why web design is critical for your business and how to get your site looking professional and attractive, check out the following tips for web design inspiration. As one of the leading web design companies in the U.S., Top Rating SEO LTD, knows what it takes to get a website looking professional and polished, leading increased conversions and better sales.

First Impressions Matter

Viewers are quick to make judgments about a site, and your website’s visual appeal is far more critical to making that critical first impression with viewers than your site’s navigability. 75% of website visitors (2) make a snap judgment about a business’s credibility based on their website’s appearance. And, almost 90% of viewers will not return to the site if the presentation of it lacks in visual appeal.

If you’re unable to give viewers a beautiful looking site upon their first visit, most of them won’t return. If you’re spending money trying to up your SEO ranking with content marketing, or trying to build backlinks, that money is going to be wasted if you’re not considering your site’s aesthetics.

So, what parts of your website are people going to look at the most when making a first impression?

Studies indicate that viewers look at the following aspects of a company’s site in this order:

  • Website Logo
  • Navigation Menu
  • Main Image
  • Written Content
  • Bottom of the Page

As you can see, the written content is at the bottom of the list. Everything that your visitor will focus on when they first come to your site is design related. Even if you have excellent written content, it doesn’t matter. Your site’s visual design is what will attract viewers and pulls them in to start consuming your content.

So, how can you design your company’s website for maximum visual appeal?

Be Creative But Not Too Creative

While it’s true you want to give your site a bit of branding and some creative flair to convey the type of company you are; you don’t want to stray too far into the artistic territory. What this means is viewers have come to expect specific fonts, sizes, and an overall predictable layout to your web design. Reading on a screen is unnatural and can be hard on the eyesight, so you want to make it easy for your viewers to navigate your site.

Web design is crucial to your business whether you are in a smaller city like Jonesboro, AR, or a larger city like Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis or  San Francisco.

First, you want your menu to be clear, simple, and direct and follow an intuitive route. You don’t want to confuse your viewers or make it hard for them to navigate throughout your site. Think about what they will need when they visit your website:

A home page to come back to

A contact page to get in touch with you

A page that explains the services you offer

Next, the type of font you use and its size is incredibly important. You want a font that is easy on the eyes and clear. Studies indicate that viewers find white text on a black background and flashing text extremely hard to read and they won’t stay on the page.

The font style also conveys a message to readers. Serif fonts indicate a ‘traditional’ feel, while sans serif fonts make viewers think a company or product is more modern. Also, consider the line height and how easy or difficult it is for the average viewer to read.

Also, be careful how you use images. Too big of an image will slow down your site and look unprofessional. Use the rule of thirds when picking an image design. A full-width image that comprises your main headline is very appealing to viewers and looks sophisticated and modern. Check out these impressive headline images for web design inspiration.

Content Sells

While the design is what initially attracts viewers and keeps them on the page, your content is what convinces them to buy.

You want your headlines and taglines for your content to be customer-centric. How are you solving their most profound problems, or answering their most nagging questions? This should be the heart of your content marketing strategy. With relevant content, your viewers will keep reading and interacting with your page. If you can offer them value, they’ll start to trust you and see you as a credible industry expert. This is what will drive your conversion rates and ultimately, your sales. Another very useful tool to drive your sales is marketing funnels.

When formulating a content strategy, make sure your content is focused around keywords that will make it easy for your potential customers to find you, and always keep in mind how to use the proper images and fonts to enhance the reading experience. Regardless of how well-written and informative your content is, if it’s hard on the eyes or the images are too big and slow down your customer’s browser, they aren’t going to read it. And you’ll lose out on all the benefits valuable content can give your business.

Now that users and technology have gotten far more sophisticated, your web design is an essential component of your marketing strategy. Without a visually appealing, clear and direct design, your viewers won’t take you seriously. Poor design severely hampers your credibility in a customer’s eyes and dashes any hope of trust in your business.

More and more companies are starting to understand how critical web design is to their bottom line, and are taking advantage of the numerous services web design companies offer. Here at Top Rating SEO LTD, we design and implement beautiful websites for businesses across several industries, and know what it takes to please a viewer and keep them on the page engaging with your content. Contact us today and see what we can do for your website.

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